Vol. 2 Chapter 16: The Saint Church and The Dark Mantle

The atmosphere in the academy’s reception room was heavy. That was because in this room, there was a guy staring at me, and I’m feeling rather uncomfortable.

I was actually sitting on a luxurious sofa that was worth at least 300 Gold, but I was unable to enjoy it’s comfiness because of his gaze.

After all, his stare was like that of a wild beast’s, and I’m feeling the chills all over my body.

The bone wing on my left seemed to be fidgeting from this pressure. I used the control window to keep it at ‘retract’, and cast ‘Silent Dead’ on it before they came. If I did not do so, my bone wing would have probably revealed itself at this moment.

However, I did spread my right wing out. After all, this guy used a very dangerous tone when he commanded me to reveal it, I had no other choice.

Fortunately, the short cape on my back is not attached to my clothes. Hence, I teared open a hole on the back of my clothes, and usually, my cape would be able to block the hole from sight.

Resist him? Are you joking? When he arrived, Yybril greeted him by kneeling on one of her knees, which meant that this guy had a much higher authority than her.

And because I could not see anything else other than his name, I did not dare to act rashly.

George Bayl LV ??? ???
[???] [???] [Saint] [Darkness of the Saint Church] [???] [???] [???] [???]

“A single wing… this sure is a rare case. However, since you specialize in Ice Magic, it’s understandable. After all, ‘Wings of Absolute Zero’ is a magic that can only be used by those who have obtained the rank of Archmage…”

After a long while, he finally spoke up, and at the same moment, he closed his cold eyes.

George was about 40 years old, and his face was thin and pale to the point where it was scary. His pair of sharp deep green eyes was as if it could pierce right through your heart.

The moment I met him for the first time, I realized that, if I were to do battle with him, I wouldn’t even have the chance to flee.

“However, from how Yybril described you and from my own observation, it’s impossible to command you to join the church, am I right?”

“About that…”

It’s only a single magic spell, so why do I have to join the church? Geez, just what kind of high level boss is that Goddess of Light? To think she’s being worshiped by so many people…

“Don’t worry, I won’t force you. However, since you’re someone who have received the goddess’ blessings, if you have the will to join us, you can always visit the church at any time. We will always be there to welcome you.”

“Yes… Understood.”

However, this guy seemed to be quite direct with his words. After he finished speaking, he immediately stood up and went out of the room.

“I hope we get the chance to meet again.”

Just when he left such words, a pair of wings that was twice as large as mine opened up on his back, and in his instant, his body turned into a blur of white light and flew towards the heavens.

I could hear screams coming from the school compounds, after all, the number of Magicians that could fly in this school were a small minority.

Although Magicians could use magic to float in the air, however, unless you have excess MP to spare, it’s impossible to fly at such high speeds.

But, it’s different for Light Magicians, as they are able to grow wings.

“Although I don’t know whether a piece of wing will be able to do it, however, truthfully, it’s not really useful, so don’t mind it.”

When I heard her voice, I finally realized Yybril had always been leaning against the wall next to the door. Just when I turned to face her, she already started to walk over to me.

She only said those words earlier because she saw me staring intently at George’s flight, huh. This girl is actually quite considerate.

“I won’t force you to join the church or anything, so don’t worry. However, if you wish to learn Light Magic, it will be complicated if you don’t join us. But, as your friend, I will try to ask around.”

And she actually value friendship as well. If I were to use a term to describe her, she should be a manly girl, right? However, she’s a very beautiful manly girl.

“Yes, thank you very much.”

“Oh right, Lanya told me she’s looking for you. It’s about the experimental magic tool from before.”

“Is that so?”

She actually realized that I used that magic grenade?

“However, just when did you join her in her research? There’s not many people that could keep up with her strange thinking, you know?”

“Didn’t you mention to George that my way of thinking has always been strange as well?”

“Geez… Even though Uncle George is very strict, he’s actually a good person.”

Even though when she said as such, she had a smile on her face, but it was actually a bitter smile.

That was because she understood that given George’s personality, he would not accept such a refusal for most people.

“Is that so…”

However, his expression alone could actually kill someone, you know!? I could not see how he could be considered as a good person, rather, he is more like a big boss.

“Ai~ I don’t have time for leisure chat anymore. Afternoon classes are about to start.”

“Good luck, fortunately, I don’t have classes today… Oh, she sure moves fast.”

Before I could finish, she already disappeared. This was not the first time she did something like this. Can’t you at least wait till I finish what I want to say?

Oh well, since I don’t have anything going on, I should first look for Lanya.

Lanya’s laboratory was located at the north-east corner. Originally, it was a small discarded warehouse that once belonged to the Alchemy School. Although I don’t know how Lanya managed to get it, in any case, that place was now her private property.

Even if that place was not marked with a ‘Danger Ahead’ sign, people would not even risk going inside there. That was because whenever Lanya enters that building, the weird smell and various colored sparks that come out from that place discourage everyone from approaching.

After putting on the fire-resistant cape that I bought from a medieval-looking shop, I opened the door and went in.

“Aaaaaah! I failed again!

It seems that my luck isn’t good today, as I somehow arrived when one of her experiments failed. After quickly putting on the hood that came with the cape, I rolled over and hid behind the wall. Right after, a heat wave was produced. The back of my hands which were not protected by the cape, suffered a terrible burn, and my HP immediately plummeted at an astonishing rate!

I speedily hid my hands in the cape, and tapped on two Quick HP Recovery Potions in the inventory window. Fortunately, by doing it like this, I do not need to take out the bottles of potion, and I could still receive their effects by simply tapping on their icons. Or else, I would definitely get a stomachache from drinking all these potions.

After all, these things aren’t juice. They don’t taste good at all.

Geez, this girl is living in such a dangerous place every single day. Is she really not afraid of death?

After the heat wave disappeared, only black smoke filled the room. I immediately opened up the doors and windows to air the place. If I did not do so, I would not even able to see anything clearly, let alone find Lanya.

As I believed that no one would be able to see it, I casted ‘Whirlwind’ near the windows. Like exhaust fans, the black smoke immediately dispersed out of the building.

As I walked over to the inner section of the building, I opened every window in the hallway and rooms, and I finally reached the room on the second floor, where Lanya, who was covered in soot, was.

Geez… This girl actually looks like a panda right now.

Her entire body was laid on the ground, and her HP was nearing red. It seems she received quite a bit of damage from that explosion earlier.

After looking around, I poured a bottle of HP Recovery Potion and a Stun Dispel Potion into her mouth.

However, her current appearance was simply too tragic to look at. I had no choice but to use a cleanliness technique on her body to remove the dirt and soot, and I managed to recover her cute and small face.

I carried her to the sofa at the side, and I finally managed to have a chance to look at the room carefully.

Hai… The room looks as if it was hit by an actual missile… If the building was not protected with any reinforcement magic, it would have already been blown apart, right?

Oh right, you’re asking me why I’m not doing anything to the currently unconscious loli? Are you joking? First off, I’m not a lolicon. And, as a standard gentleman, protecting such a small and fragile girl is my life duty. To do those kind of things to her, is not something I would do.

In addition, this girl is a loli who would auction things that she had used before in the black market joyfully. She was almost the same as a certain little witch, so why would I risk my life to commit such a crime?

There was a circular burnt scar in the center of the room, which meant that the thing that was placed there earlier was burnt into crisp.

It seems like this girl was researching some strange things again. Can’t you just manufacture a grenade without any problems? I’m still waiting to use them, you know?

“You’re really useless as a guy, huh. To think you would forget about an unconscious loli after leaving her on the bed. Unless you’re already satisfied with that princess carry?”

Just when I was deep in thoughts, that joyful poison-tongued loli unexpectedly woke up.

Before I even turn to look at her, she already ran over and squatted at the center of the room with the burnt scar, as she began to carefully analyse the results.

“Yes… So it’s completely burnt. It seems this material can only resist attacks of the ‘Ragefire’ level. It can’t resist flames of ‘sacred’ level, huh? It seems it’s best to find some other materials.”

As she shook her head, she went over to the table at the side and took up a board covered in soot. She shook some of the soot out, and began writing on the board.

It seems this girl actually kept a careful record of her experiments. I underestimated her.

“Speaking of which, just what were you experimenting on? If you continue like this, someday, this building will definitely blow up into several bits… Not only that, you almost died earlier. If I did not come over, you would have definitely died.”

“No problem, no problem~ It doesn’t matter as long as I’m still alive, no?”

Has she ever seriously considered the safety of her life?

Speaking of which, compared to Falan, I could not find anything in the library related to the name ‘Lanya Fournights’. I never managed to chance upon anything related to the ‘Fournights’ household either.

It seems that this girl has an even scarier background than the Momiji’s. However, I really can’t see such a thing from her…

“Alright, these are my new experimental products. Please help me test them out.”

She said as she took out something similar to a purse from the drawer and threw it at me.

“Inside, there’s Fire, Light and Lightning grenades. It was really troublesome to manufacture these, so you better test them properly!”

“Oh right, the Light grenade you gave me earlier was really effective.”


The girl’s eyes immediately sparkled brightly, as she grabbed my hand and dragged me outside.

“Hey hey, you…”

“Alright, it’s time to start mass-production! I don’t have time to entertain you anymore!”

After saying that, I was already thrown outside the room, and the door immediately slammed shut in front of me.

Geez, can’t you at least save me some face…

However, since I already received some tools for free, I will just leave it at that. I better prepare for the live exercise that’s happening next week.

POV: Lanya Fournights

What an interesting guy. To think there would be a human that could evolve into an Undead Holy Angel… I guess the academy will begin to liven up, right?

However, is it even possible for humans to evolve into something like that? Unless that guy wasn’t human in the first place?

Impossible. In this world, there’s only a few people that could escape my eyes.

Looking at that guy’s helpless face as he left is really hilarious. Does he actually know how scary of an existence he had turned into?

Oh well, it’s best to not bother about things like this. After all, wouldn’t it more interesting this way?

“However, that guy could actually use Water Magic as well, just what secrets is he hiding?”

For now, I will just wait and observe what happens. First off, I need to earn some money~

After all, in these three thousand long years, I had spent quite a bit of my fortune~

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