Vol. 2 Chapter 9: There’s No Point in Using Heals on Dead Targets

“Hey, can you hear me?”

While I was concentrating on that illogical rays of holy light that were falling from the sky, suddenly, I heard an unexpected voice.

“Falan, just how did you…”

“Did you forget? I’m a Necromancer, and talking to the dead is my specialty. Even if you’re in a state of apparent death, you’re still close to death~ So, I’m able to talk to your soul~ Isn’t that so~?”

She smiled as she looked at the me in the sky, no, I should say, my soul.

“I guess so… Speaking of which, just why are they arguing?”

“Well, I can only say that all the people you know are good people. Other than that girl called Aliyah who harmed you unhesitatingly, the rest are all very worried about you.”

“I see, so they’re trying to use magic to heal me?”

The two rays of light that that were falling onto the arena, other than them being healing magic, I can’t think of anything else that they could be.

“That’s right, however, they won’t be successful.”

Falan said confidently.

“They can’t do it?”


Falan smiled at me mysteriously, before continuing.

According to my judgment, currently, you are not considered to be alive, which means, you’re already half-dead. Healing magic will only work on living people, if you’re already half-dead, then you will have to find someone specialized in undeads.”

“In other words, you have a way to resurrect me, right?”


“Alright alright, oh great, cute, beautiful and young Necromancer Kelany, could you please tell me how are you going to resurrect me?”

“Looks like your mind was somewhere else during Magical General Knowledge class. Unless you really have no idea that in this world, only us Necromancers are able to use resurrection spells?”

“Resurrection spells?”

And I was wondering why I had never seen such a thing in books… So resurrection spells are classified under Necromancy?

However, I do admit that I was sleeping during classes related to magical general knowledge.

“However, currently, you can’t do it right? After all, it won’t be convenient for you to use Necromancy in front of so many people.”

“That’s right, however, I believe I can do it very soon.”

She smiled happily, but this gave me a weird feeling. According to what I understand about her, this girl will never take action unless it’s beneficial for her to do so.

However, I’m still quite curious about this resurrection spell. After all, to people of this world, unless their spirits are strong, or else when their physical bodies die, their minds will die along with them.

And why was a miraculous magic like resurrection sealed along with Necromancy? I don’t understand at all.

The situation progressed as how Falan predicted, and not long after, the two rays of light in the sky slowly dissipated. At the same time, the white lines that were coming from the corners of the arena slowly disappeared as well.

“They have realized that light healing magic aren’t going to work on you, and they’re planning to move you to the academy’s infirmary~”

Following Falan’s line of sight, I looked at the people that were beside my body.

Ms. Mari was speaking with an old man with a dark magic cloak, and after that, four strong-looking men ran towards me, and carried my body out of the arena.

At the same time, the old man raised his hand and summoned a magic circle on my body. From the symbols on the circle, it was definitely light magic.

The old man’s face was covered by his beard and hair, and I could not get a good look on his expression. However, seeing how he only cast an elementary-grade healing magic, he seemed to understand that using healing magic on me was useless.

I looked closely at the Magician insignia on his chest… and he was actually a Light True Magician.

Speaking of which, in this world, Magicians have different ranks. Although I do not have much information about them, but basically, most LV 20 Magicians will receive Beginner Magician insignias, and after that, they will progress onwards to being a True Magician. After True Magician, there’s High Magician and Archmage.

However… I currently could not judge this person’s traits at all. Because everything about this guy are all [???].

This is too much! What’s with this row of [???]!?

But, probably because I was able to judge his class earlier, the question marks above his head underwent a change.

??? ??? LV ?? Light True Magician [???] [???] [???] …

Geez, do I actually have to find a magic spell that can allow me to unravel the stats and titles of people? For example, identification and probing magic? Or else, it would be a waste of my ability to see names and titles above the people’s heads.

This somehow explained why I had never seen someone who was above level 30. It’s not that they don’t exist, it’s because I simply could not see their levels at all.

Looks like there’s a restriction on the observable levels. It seems that to view the target’s titles and class, my level must be close to the target.

“I don’t like the smell coming from that guy.”

Falan explicitly said.

“That’s probably because he’s a direct counter to your skills, right?”

“Hmph~ He’s nothing but a haughty bastard! Don’t worry, I will save you.”

“Don’t you think you’re a little energetic today?”

“I just want to use my Necromancy again. It’s been a long time since I last used it after all. ”

Falan shrugged, before following after the group.

Although I don’t have the ability to control my soul’s movements, however, when my body began to move, I felt that I was slowly floating along with it.

Not long after, I arrived at the academy’s specialized infirmary.

Although it is said to be an infirmary, but it is also a research facility for Priests. Even though healing magic could be used here, however, in certain situations, there’s a need to use various other medicine to cure the patient. After all, to heavily rely on healing magic is not good for the body.

Imagine that you were cut by someone, and you use healing magic to quickly close the wound, and you got cut again to be healed once again. It’s simply comparable to capital punishment.

After my body was placed on the bed, the old man ordered the bulky men to leave. He then walked to my side.

Oh my god, could this guy be homo? What is he trying to do to my body!?

From the looks of his moving beard, he seemed to be saying something. However, I could not hear anything he was saying, damn!

After a while, that guy finally finished talking. Is it true that as people grow older, they tend to more things to say?

That guy shook his head, turned and left the room.

His name slowly disappeared as he walked away from the room, and from his opposite direction, another name began to surface.

Undoubtedly, it was Falan.

“【Dead Silence】~”

After she entered a room, she cast a magic on the door, and walked over to my body.

“Alright, in this magical barrier, the people outside will not be able to feel the presence of my undead aura. Of course, I don’t have much time. It will only be in effect for 10 minutes, but it is more than enough.”

A black flame enveloped Falan’s entire body, and the black-robed Necromancer Kelany appeared in front of me.

“Mmm~ As I expected, it feels so comfortable to be around the dead~ Alright, let us b-e-g-i-n~”

Although it was the same smile as before, but the smile she had now was giving me a bad feeling.

Yep, this is too dangerous!

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30 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 9: There’s No Point in Using Heals on Dead Targets

  1. alu098 says:

    Oh boy I wonder if when he gets resurrected he’ll be bound as her slave. Thanks ThatRPGGuy aka Scrya!

    I have two questions for you: who’s your waifu and why’d you choose the name Scrya?


  2. Sanngrior says:

    Reblogged this on Moriah Clan Headquarters and commented:
    And the RPG world finally starts to feel like a genuine RPG, complete with resurrection for our all too important MC :3 many thanks to Scrya (a.k.a That RPG Guy) for translating such an interesting series :3

    now if only the 1st friend he made here acted a little less aggressive and showed a dere side or something xD


  3. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!
    When the dead is brought back to life by some kind of Dark/Undead magic they usually follow the orders of the one who revived them or this is just straight up a resurrection spell.


  4. World’s Fastest Rabbit (Record Holder) says:

    yayyy Q&A time…now we’ll see what makes scrya ticks

    1.boxers or briefs?

    2.panties or thongs?

    3.when you dress, do you put your left foot first or right?

    4.as wealth and income inequalities in the U.S reaching disparities not seen since the 1920’s, does inequality matters for foreign policy in america?

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    5. do you think god is in the rain?

    6. why cant we tickle ourselves?

    7.why does the word ‘monosyllabic’ have five syllables?

    8.if honesty is the best policy, then is dishonesty the second best policy?

    9.how come at a wedding the bride doesnt marry the Best Man?

    10. do burn victims get discounts at a crematorium?

    11. are part time bsnd leaders called semi conductors?

    12.do infants enjoy infancy as much as adult enjoy adultery?

    and the jackpot question, does going to band camp makes scrya a band geek?

    thank you for translating and good night


  5. rosid says:

    Will he become undead race in the next chapter ??

    well that’s not my question, my question are in the future, will he can have multiple class like Novel Slave Harem 😀 that i charakter have a lot of Class IoI ahahahaha.


    • rosid says:

      well there are many class related to Undead Race,
      Knight class = Death Knight, Doom Knight, Chaos Knight, Abyss Knight, Hell Knight, Gehena Knight, Eclipse Knight, King of Death, Abyss King, King of Hell, Gehena Queen, Apocalypse Knight
      Assassin class= Shadow Walker, Executioner, Slaughter , Grim Reaper
      Mage class = Skeleton Mage, Lich, Immortal Wizard, Death, Death Master, Lord of Death. Death Apostle, Mahou Shoujo of the End
      Special & Unique Class =Demon Knight, Devil Knight, Vampire Knight, Resurrection Queen, Abyssall Valkyrie Randgris, Demon Lord, Vampire Lord, Lord of all Devil, Alucard, God of Death,

      IoI ahhahahaha


  6. ??? says:

    Well, guess Alyiah really screwed up this time. I don’t really hate her, she just seems a bit childish to me, you know? It’s as if she doesn’t think there are consequences for her actions, hence why she destroys stuff and uses dangerous skills


  7. Gate says:

    This is a chinese WN right? But it seems like your using japanese honorifics and others for certain phrases, just preference or any other reason?


    • Scrya says:

      The webnovel was written like this, with reference to several animes and rpgs. This was also one of the reasons I didn’t like giving the characters chinese names.


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