Vol. 2 Chapter 23: Fleeing Live Exercise

Five minutes later, their names finally came into full view. Judging from the distance, as long as we ran for a few more minutes, we will be able to see their figures.

However, if we were to rush out as we are now, it would be troublesome if they were to see our faces. It’s best to not do any flashy stunts in times like this.

After all, this is only the first day of the live exercise. It’s best to not cause any trouble this early, otherwise, we will be marked for the rest of the week.

By crashing into the tree bark in front of us with a high-speed Shield Bash, I made use of the momentum created by the rebound to quickly change our direction.

While I was approaching the group earlier, I already confirmed their direction of movement from the movement of their names. Earlier, I used the momentum from the bash to direct myself to their backs, and immediately dashed out from behind them.

However, the moment I cut across them, I was a little surprised.

These people… don’t seem to be students from our academy!

While I was fleeing, I didn’t really bother noticing it, but after taking a look at them as I ran past, I realized they weren’t students.

At the very least, four out of the six people in the group did not belong to the academy, as they were wearing plated armor.

One of them was even wearing a full-body heavy armor. I only saw it in stores, and this was the first time I saw someone wearing one.

I really don’t understand why these people would even wear plated armor. No matter how I see them, they simply look like high-class tin cans. Although they do have good defense, but their mobility must be severely weakened, right?

Or are these plated armor not considered heavy for a Heavy Armored Knight class?

But, it’s best to focus on what’s currently happening for now, as they have already noticed our movements. Currently, we need to find a place to hide. After all, they have a well-balanced party of Warriors, Rogues and Magicians, and they definitely do not look half-baked.

“What’s going on!?”

Firstly, it was the level 18 Rogue, who wore a black cape, that noticed our movements. After looking towards us, he immediately turned to look in another direction.

That’s right, it was the direction where the Hoppers were rushing over from!

“Monsters… Why are there so many of them? What happened to the surveillance magic?”

The Warrior at the front looked towards the Magician behind him, but he only helplessly shook his head.

“The enemies suddenly appeared within the surveillance area. They were too fast, and they appeared before I could even alert everyone!”

She was a level 20 female Magician with green hair. Although she was covered in a black light armor, but the magic staff she was wielding allowed me to deduce her identity.

“An ambush, huh?”

The Heavy Armored Knight was a middle-aged man, and the expression on his face showed great fortitude. His level was 23, and he seemed to be the leader of the party.

A Hopper leaped out of the trees, but he immediately bashed it head-on with his large steel shield, and he followed it up with a sword slash onto the leopard’s head.

Double damage was dealt when the attack landed on the leopard’s vitals. Adding the enhanced physical strength of a melee class and the frightening large difference in levels, the Hopper could only collapse onto the ground with its head splattered.

Such terrifying destructive power! I would definitely be killed instantly by him with a single slash, right?

I realized I should not hang around the area for too long, and immediately accelerated towards another direction. After all, I don’t wish to be dealt with next after they finish exterminating those Hoppers. Even if I could be resurrected infinitely, I don’t wish to endure the terrible pain which comes with that attack.

Even if I did experience being in a state of apparent death once, I definitely do not wish to experience it again.

Title Unlocked: Trouble Lurer
Within a certain area, if your target, which still holds aggro against you, is exterminated, you will still be awarded a certain amount of Party EXP.

Why do I always receive a title for every single action I take! Aliyah started around the same time I did, and she did not even have half of mine! So, why am I the only one with this many titles!?

And this tsukkomi really pierces my heart. I only did it to protect our lives, so how could it label me as a trouble lurer? Know when to retreat, one step back today for two steps forward tomorrow! I wasn’t trying to push my trouble onto someone else!

Alright, I did push my trouble onto them. However, the lowest level in their team was only LV 15, so they were all people that were much stronger than us. They shouldn’t have a problem with monsters of that caliber, right?

Though, I can’t deny that this title is actually quite useful. From earlier, I had been receiving a series of additional 2,000 EXP. However, this also meant that I had not run far enough.

The moment I stopped receiving EXP notifications, I stopped running. It’s not that I’m not willing to run any further, it’s just I will tire myself to death if I were to continue.

Title Unlocked: Sprint Wizard
Skill Unlocked: Flash Movement

I didn’t even bother looking at the title unlock notification anymore, and immediately scrolled the EXP notification window down to the very bottom. I nodded satisfyingly when I saw my total EXP gain was 50,000.

“Are we… finally safe?”

Shir asked with a confused expression.

“For now. However, it’s best we hide here for some time… No, we should slowly move in another direction. Those bastards might try to catch up to us.”

That Rogue definitely saw us earlier. If they were to chase after us, then it will definitely be a hellish battle.

“Those bastards? You mean the Hoppers?”

When Shir was being carried, he did not seem to have noticed the commotion with the other group earlier.

“…Yeah. We should head for the mountain, though I’m not entirely sure of our current whereabouts.”

Earlier, I was fleeing disorderly, and I did not bother about which direction we were headed.

Right now, the only thing that we could make reference from is the mountain in the distance… Seems like we’re getting closer to it, and I didn’t waste all that effort in running earlier.

“Alright, let’s go. Otherwise… Ah.”

Just when I was thinking of walking forward, my legs became jelly and gave way.

“Fir, what happened?”

Shir quickly pulled me up, and supported me to a nearby tree.

“Nothing, I’m just a little tired…”

I didn’t feel that it was this severe earlier. However, the moment I stopped running, the piled up fatigue overwhelmed me.

When I looked at my status, I realized I was in ‘Decreased Stats’ and ‘Fatigued’ states. Because of these statuses, my movements was restricted as well.

I quickly tapped on the potions needed to alleviate these statuses, and the status icons began to blink. This meant that they will disappear soon.

Also, the fatigue I was feeling began to disappear as well. Seems like I took the right potions.

These effects are probably only exclusive to otherworlders like me, otherwise, I can’t believe that any high-grade potions would be able to alleviate such statuses this quickly.

I’m drinking these potions as if they’re water. I only bought a little more than 1000 bottles of potions. If I were to finish them before the end of this week, I don’t think I will be able to survive long.


Suddenly, Shir muttered out.

“Eh? What’s wrong?”

“Sorry, if I was stronger, then you wouldn’t have to force yourself this much…”

“Geez, what are you saying? Even though you’re stronger than me…”

At the very least, his level is higher than mine.

“If you didn’t protect me, I would have already died, right!?”

After saying that, he actually cried… Oh my god! This guy actually cried!

“Don’t worry, even without me, the teacher would have protected us.”

“However, weren’t you the one who protected me earlier?”


Why is this guy questioning me as he cry… Geez, even though he’s a guy, why is he crying…

All these nobles really are weird, just what are on their minds…

“Ah ah ah, stop crying! As a man, you look terrible if you cry like that!”

As my fatigue has recovered quite a bit, I immediately stood up.

“Wipe off those tears, let’s hurry and get a move on. We still have a long way to go. If you’re still concerned about it, then make sure to properly support me with your magic spells in future battles, and don’t be scared!”


“Then, what are you waiting for!?”

“Un… Understood!”

Geez, why do I feel like this guy is as troublesome as a little brother… Oh well. I was the one who proposed to form a party. For now, it’s best to leave this place as quickly as possible.

After all, I totally can’t predict what’s going to happen next.

Skill Information:

Flash Movement
By using all of your remaining MP, teleport to any designated position within a distance of (MP used x 0.01)km from your starting position. Travelling to the designated place before using the skill is unneeded. However, if you were to teleport to a place you have never been to, you might mistake the teleportation point and be forced into random teleportation. The maximum distance traveled by random teleportation is (MP used x 0.1)km.

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36 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 23: Fleeing Live Exercise

  1. RKain says:

    Man, this guy picks up titles almost as fast as a certain Satou picks up skills. These titles are a lot funnier than Satou’s skills, though.

    My thanks to you, Scrya.


  2. Darkz says:

    Thanks for the chapter and I’ll expecting 2 chapter per day ? But don’t push yourself to hard and take it easy. Ah.. by the way the chapter is wrong, it’s 23 right?


  3. Tcol521 says:

    The Goddest of Knowledge is a sadist.
    He could probably have unlimited titles just like skills since he has no class. So a Jack of All Trade


    • connivinglamb says:

      pretty sure but wasn’t he given a CLASS change to undead holy angel, if not a racial trait :I

      still pretty sure it was a class change though, also shouldn’t he have unlimited skill learning because he has learnt dark, light, ice, water and such. pretty sure he can just continue to gather skills, titles and such with no issue??


  4. Nguyen Gia Thai says:

    I suspect this guy is a quality control/bugtester drop in a VRMMO with amnesia added in. His method is a bit too methodical and risk-averse for a normal gamer. 1000 potions? That’s high level of chem/potion abuse.


    • M.A.D says:

      Him? A beta tester? I don’t think so. 1000 aren’t that much for normal RPG gamers, especially when participating in an Event. He had at least 5 different kinds of potion, so it’s approx 200 each for 7 real-time days, or abour 30 each day. We’ve also seen the princess drinking 2 mana potions after throwing maybe 4 spells a few chapters back, so on a battleground with higher leveled monters, 1000 potions would be on the low side. Furthermore, he neither wear a black long coat nor own a pair of black and white swords, so he can’t be a beta tester.


      • Nguyen Gia Thai says:

        Which letter of A.M.N.E.S.I.A did you not get? The whole point of applying that condition to a powergamer/tester is to ensure (s)he doesnt know own role and just focus in playing their own way to discover bugs/unfinished features. Wearing distinctive equipments would defeat the points.


  5. xias1 says:

    “teleport to any designated position within a distance of (MP used x 0.01)km”
    “The maximum distance travelled by random teleportation is (MP used x 0.1)km.”

    How is it possible for the maximum distance for random teleportation to be 10 times as high as the distance from the magic is when working correctly?


    • Siegberg says:

      You could say that the mana forumular becomes huger when you built cordinates into it so and the huger a Magic Formular ist the more MP it consumes to use.


  6. rosid says:

    wow what a good skill !! a teleport/warp skill !! that so hard to get and he just get it by accident, so lucky!!! ahahaha


  7. Vera says:

    I know that this chapter was posted a while back, but I have to quell my discontent on the fact that the word “however” is far too overused. Every couple sentences uses the word “however.” Great story, but please use a different word or just omit it. It really takes away from the story with redundancy.


  8. yijunding says:

    wtf is a tsukkomi? i googled it and its something about a straight man or something…but obviously it’s being used in a different context here? can someone please enlighten me?

    which brings me to, why is a japanese term being used in an english translation of a chinese ln?


  9. AnimeLover says:

    Its not because he is a noble that Shir is crying…our Mc really lacks…is he dumb? Hes sad that he put the burden you!


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