Vol. 2 Chapter 31: Shocking Live Exercise

“As I thought, you find my body grotesque as well, right?”

“No no no, that’s not the problem. Even if both of us are men, I will be troubled if you’re suddenly fully naked in front of me…”

And even if you look frail and weak, I wouldn’t treat you as a trap, and you’re not one in the first place!

“Fully naked… That… I don’t mind. As long as you’re able to see my appearance.”

Even if you don’t mind, I do, damn it!

“Whatever the case, please wear some clothes!”



Before I could finish what I wanted to say, Shir suddenly leapt into the tub.

“Don’t worry. You won’t see the thing that you’re thinking of. After all, I’m no longer human.”


No longer human?

I opened my eyes, and looked towards him.

Shir didn’t look any different within the steam… until I saw what was below his chest.


This thought first came into my mind when I looked at Shir’s lower half.

Because below his chest, Shir’s body was metallic and light was reflecting off it, and this continued on until his limbs.

So Shir is a robot?

No, that’s not right. With this world’s technology, it should be impossible to create a robot. So why is Shir…

When I once again inspected him, I then realized the root of the problem.

Even if Shir’s body was metallic, however, in every joints of his body, there weren’t any robotic joints!

That’s right. Even if it’s active joints like the waist and elbows, they looked like regular joints which humans should have, as if his body was made of a single whole piece of metal.


Shir didn’t have that thing between his legs…

Wait a minute… Doesn’t that mean Shir is actually… a girl?


I tried to voice out my thoughts calmly.


“Are you a boy or a girl?”


Shir revealed a troubled expression… Oh my god, don’t tell me you’re only embarrassed now? Shouldn’t this be something you notice before you even take off your clothes?

“Actually, I don’t even know whether I’m a boy or a girl.”


This… What’s with not knowing your gender? Are you making fun of me?

“That, actually, I already lost my memories on how my body became like this. I don’t know what kind of existence I was before I became like this… The only thing I know, is that currently, I’m no longer human.”

“I see… So you’re saying, you could have been boy before… or you could have been a girl as well?”

“That’s probably so…”

I rubbed my eyebrow, and then covered him with a towel I grabbed from the side. After that, I also took a towel to wrap around my important area.

That… I have somehow understood your situation. However, even if you wish to explain, don’t expose yourself completely… What will you do if you find out you’re actually a girl?”

As if he found my words bizarre, Shir looked at me astonishingly.

And after that, he suddenly laughed happily.

“…Hehe, I think only Fir would say something like this. Regular people would have been frightened by now.”

“Frightened? Why?”

I asked as I approached him.”

“You’re not a monster or a devil, so why would anyone be frightened?”

“Because of my body!”

Shir grabbed my hand, and placed it on his chest.

Hey hey hey! You already said you don’t even know your actual gender, so don’t do things like this so casually!

However, I did not manage to say this out loud. Because what I felt was not the softness of a woman’s chest, nor was it the sturdiness of a man’s.

Only the coolness of the metal could be felt, as if I was really touching a piece of metal.

And when I touched his elbow, even though the metal seems to be a complete piece, however, it’s actually pretty hard!

This… Is this really metal? A metal that could actually move?

This is not science, definitely not. Why is there something so weird? Just what the hell is Shir’s body…

When I looked at his titles, compared to before, the question marks that appeared were incredible.

Shir Vologue LV 14 Wind Magician LV?? ????
[Kind] [Brave] [Vologue Household Member] [Wenger Empire’s Nobility] [???] [???] [???] [???]

Two classes?

So the transformation to his body is related to his weird class setting?

Although I don’t really understand, but, it’s best to retrieve my hand for now.

Two of us were facing each other while staying in that weird situation, and I was actually touching his chest. it’s definitely not an interesting posture.

And I don’t know his actual gender either!

“In any case, I know that you’re not human. Don’t mind it. I won’t discriminate you because of this.”

“Really? Won’t you hate me for not being human?”

“Why would I hate you just because you’re not a human?”

I’m not human either, you know…

However, this guy actually began to cry again. This is really making my head hurt.

“Alright, let’s not mind about this problem any longer… Speaking of which, it seems Princess Anne knows of your identity. What’s with that?”

“Ah, about that…”

After pondering for a moment, Shir continued.

“I’m Wenger Empire’s 【Final Diplomat】… In other words, I’m an undying existence.”

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51 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 31: Shocking Live Exercise

    • M.A.D says:

      Probably can’t die, or possible but very hard to do so since he’s incredibly sturdy. I imagine Shir is something like the country’s Strategic-class sentient weapon, which is the same level as an Atomic bomb. He is used not for war itself, but as a war-detergent and a trump card in multi-national negotiations. Hence the nickname “Final Diplomat”.


  1. Est says:

    MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! WHAT A TWIST!!! When I thought it would be a trap then suddenly… BAAAM!!!! A f*cking robot!!!!


    • Lιβεr LεγιΣ (@Razgriz87) says:

      Oh damn, he IS a f***ing robot, Fir, walk with your behind to the wall and moonrun away, Shir “lower part” is only covered by a invisible panel, it will open and unleash its full strength on your sorry ass.
      Jokes aside I thought Shir would be have reverse trap, a gender bender (day=male/ night=female) or a werewolf, the robot twist really got me.


  2. Icura says:

    WTF?! Where’s my trap?! Ahhh, all my expectations were overturned! If you could see my face right now, I probably look pretty funny…


  3. NoTofu says:

    “…Hehe, I think only Shir would say something like this. Regular people would have been frightened by now.”

    Shouldn’t it be Fir instead of Shir? :3

    Liked by 1 person

    • White Devil Era says:

      He has so many titles that it would definitely be a mass of question marks. Any otherworlders who see him are going to freak the fuck out.


  4. White Devil Era says:

    I think he’s probably close enough to Shir that he could get away with questioning him until all those question marks are gone. Maybe offer up some secrets of his own to cement ties.


  5. RKain says:

    Well, I didn’t expect THIS. Fir’s reaction is completely predictable, but… a robot? Seriously? I choose to be impressed by this turn of events.

    My thanks to you, Scrya.


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