Vol. 2 Chapter 10: It’s Tough to be Human

Falan placed her staff at the side, and took out a red item.

The top of the item was slightly reflecting light. When I looked at it carefully, it was actually a red crystallized skull! For her to possess such a tool… as expected of a Necromancer, I guess?

She placed the red crystallized skull on the top of my chest, and she started to chant.

“Anger, towards life, rage, towards the world. The boundary between life and death, connected by the hands of Els Deymond, the Immortal God that governs death, shall also be severed by the hands of God. Shatter the boundary between life and death, 【Banquet of the Undead】!”

As Falan was chanting, black smoke began to flow out from the skull’s eyes and nose, and it slowly seeped into my body.

This is scary, that’s not a wraith, right?

At the moment when the black smoke entered my body, I felt my soul being pulled into the direction of my corpse.

Slowly, bit by bit.

I felt that the pull was getting stronger as time went by, and immediately after, my soul sped up towards my body. Then, I felt my entire body shake, and a strong wave of nausea flooded in. And right after, I had a strong headache, and a heavy sense of fatigue!

I remember the last time I had a feeling like this was after I went drinking, but this is much worse than that.

I don’t know why, but this proves a certain fact. I have returned to my physical body!

I forcefully opened my eyes, but everything I saw were in a blur. When I wanted to move my body up, I found out that I could not delicately control my own body. I initially wanted to get my body up, but I ended up falling back onto the bed.

Damn, what’s happening? Am I inflicted with a stunned status? But why isn’t there a status icon appearing?

Forget about the stunned status icon, there’s no appearance of any status icon at all. However, not only do I not feel better at all, rather, I feel a weird force surging in my body.

This is getting unbearable…

Why am I feeling like this…

“Fir! Fir! Are you alright?”

Falan grabbed onto my shoulders, and shook me back and forth.

“Totally not alright at all…”

I want to escape from this shaking that’s making me more uncomfortable, but I don’t even have the strength to raise my hands.

Just what in the world is happening to me?

Why do I feel like my body is burning up…

After that, that force moved from my chest to my back, and I could feel that there was something piercing out of my body. The piercing was so painful that I don’t even have the strength to shout at all.

Pain. The only thing I could feel right now, is pain. It feels like my heart is being crushed.

At the same time, the blur in my vision began to fade, and the surroundings began to become clearer.

Falan was currently directly in front of me, with an expression full of disbelief, as if she was looking at a freak.

Just what’s going on…

Just when I was still thinking of what’s happening, other than pain, I could feel something strange from my back…

When I tried to feel it, suddenly, something from my back moved to the front of my eyes!

White… bones!

“Aaaaaaaah, what the hell is this!?”

“I have no clue either, but this is something that grew out from your back, you know?”


When I looked at it carefully, the white bones seemed to be connected. It had a structure where the sharpest points are at the tip, and since it grew out from my back, there’s only one possibility…

“This… Is this actually a wing made out of bones?”

“Yeah, seems like it… However, other than the Skeletal Dragon, I don’t remember any other undead that could grow bone wings… And not only the bone wing, something different grew out from your right as well~”

Something different?

“Wait a minute, you’re saying my right side grew a wing as well? But why do I only feel pain from my left?”

Just when I commented on this, my right back began to have a similar feeling as my left, and when I tried to control it, a white wing came into my view.


“Oh my god! What is this? An angel’s wing? Why!? I can put aside the bone wing on my left, but why is there an angel’s wing on my right!?”

The two different wings began to flap under my control, and it signified that these contrasting existences did indeed come from my back, and were currently in my view. Just what the hell happened?

“Falan~ You better give me an explanation~ Just how did your resurrection spell change me into something like this~”

I asked as I looked at Falan with a forced smile.

“Well, about this… I don’t know either.”

“At this moment, do you think I will actually believe that?”


Falan smiled embarrassingly, and apologized.

“Umm… If I use the resurrection spell on a dead person… although the person will be brought back to life, but he will be revived as an undead. In other words, the person will become an undead when the resurrection spell is used.”

“And here I was wondering…”

So was this why this spell was categorized under Necromancy? That’s rather appropriate.

Just when I was frustrating about this, that weird feeling began to surge again!


I painfully cried out, and at the same time, a white and black aura began to emit out from my body, and it enveloped my entire body.

“Crap! Time’s up! Hurry and retract your wings!”

“Retract them?”

I looked at the pair of weird wings and the coexisting black and white aura, and curiously asked.

“How do I retract them?”

“Are you serious!?”

Just when I told her that, the black fog that was initially surrounding the walls of the room began to dissipate. This was probably a sign that the barrier she designed was losing its effect.

“I will help you suppress your undead aura. You just have to act that you just woke up!”

After that, she raised out her hand.

“【Silent Dead】!”

Three specks of white light shot out from her hand, and they seeped into my bone wing. Instantly, my bone wing was quickly retracted, and only my white wing was left open on my right.

“And there’s still this thing. Why don’t you go back to sleep again~”

After saying that, she smashed a black ball onto the floor, and the black fog from within it rushed into my body.

My vision immediately turned dark, and I felt that I collapsed onto the floor. A ‘Fainted’ status and its countdown timer appeared in front of me.

Are you joking… I only just managed to wake up, and I had to go back to being unconscious once again. As expected of an evil Undead Magician…

At the same time, a message window appeared once again.

Race Change
Your race has been changed from Human to Undead Holy Angel.
Title Unlocked: Angel of Death

Just what the hell is this? Even my race underwent a change? Just what the hell is happening?

Geez, I can’t even be a human being?

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68 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 10: It’s Tough to be Human

    • AFlappyTeddyBird says:

      It’s his own damn fault… Yes, trust a necromancer to handle your resurrection when you could’ve just waited for a few hours and revive at a cathedral, I bet it’s 100% safe…

      Liked by 2 people

  1. rosid says:

    oh damn Death Angel Race :D, close to Valkyrie Randgris from Ragnarok, are the Author someone who has played this game online before??? ahahaha it’s looks like not coincidence from powerfull MVP Boss Valkyrie Randgris IoI even though her Property Holy and angel race ,but her appearance wearing gray-black armor, black wings, menacing blood red grand robes, left monster arm and right ghostly gray-black magic lance arm. it’s understable that it’s so powerfull, beautifull and majestic appearance that the very opposite her race and Property, can be connected to this new Race Undead Angel :D, i really like this Unique Race


      • Scrya says:

        亡灵 = Undead 圣天使 = Holy Angel
        I shortened his race to just “Undead Angel” since it still means the same.

        His title= 死亡天使
        I intepreted it as simply Dead Angel. Though if you guys like Angel of Death, I don’t mind changing it.


  2. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!
    Oohh, so I was right last chapter about him being an undead. But this sure took a turn for the better cuz he’s alive but not exactly totally alive at the same time…


  3. Tcol521 says:

    Lol, feel bad for him. Bet his luck is negative. Though with this race he should become much stronger. Now he can visit hell and heaven xP
    This is an interesting race. Though doesn’t this mean that he would have later became an angel. I’m guessing the gods are trolling him.

    Hidden God (author): “Hey guys wanna troll this noob?”
    Light God: “Yea, I’m bored.”
    Death God: “This should be interesting.”

    Three sinister grins appear from another plane watching this boy with no luck.


  4. moneng85 says:

    scrya-sama, can you give me the raws for this series? just want to know how far it is…
    and if i’m not mistaken, this is a chinese novel and still on-going right?


  5. Moissonneur66 says:



      • Moissonneur66 says:

        But have you ever seen an undead angel that is also a deathknight? that could kind of be calssed as an angel death knight you know? more an embodiment of death than an angel of death cuz its words are longer.


  6. synthous says:

    Haha, he only needed to wait a few hours. Why didn’t he just tell her “I have a once use item that if I don’t die, I will be revived in a few hours”. Lol


  7. ZaX says:

    Oh man, what an unexpected event. I was thinking he would be stuck in his life/death situation but didn’t expect a race change. Well played!
    Thanks for the chapter!


  8. AnimeLover says:

    What the Hell? All he needed to do was just die and return to the Cathedral!! So why? It doesn’t make any sense…


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