Vol. 2 Chapter 12: To Get Stronger, I have to Grind Some Levels

Piece of Angel’s Wing LV 1
Restricted to Undead Holy Angels

Holy Wing Unleashed
Unleashed Effects: When this wing is unleashed, usage of Light Magic and Illusion Magic will cost 0 MP.
Effect Duration: 1 Hour
Cooldown: 3 Hours

Holy Wing (Passive)
Effects: Flight LV 1( Piece of Angel’s Wing LV 3 Required)
Effect Duration: 12 Hours
Cooldown: 10 Minutes

Proficiency of skill will improve by unleashing the Holy Wing for a total of more than 10 hours.

Piece of Undead’s Wing LV 1
Restricted to Undead Holy Angels

Undead Wing Unleashed
Unleashed Effects: When this wing is unleashed, usage of Undead Magic and Dark Magic will cost 0 MP.
Effect Duration: 1 Hour
Cooldown: 3 Hours

Undead Wing (Passive)
Effects: Pollution LV 1 (Piece of Undead’s Wing LV 3 Required)
Effect Duration: 12 Hours
Cooldown: 10 Minutes

Proficiency of skill will improve by unleashing the Undead Wing for a total of more than 10 hours.

Flight LV 1: Fly at a maximum height of 50m. Fly with a maximum speed of 50km/h.

Pollution LV 1: Zombify living beings of at least 10 levels below yours, and control them.
Time of control: (Level Difference) Hours
Limit of Polluted Beings: 1

When I read the skill description on the skill window, I was so excited that I could almost jump to space. The effects are seriously too awesome. Even if I had only either one of them, it is still rather convenient for me.

Before, I was still worrying about not having enhanced stats from choosing a class. However, with this pair of wings, it can somewhat make up for my current situation.

However, there’s still a very important problem… I don’t even know a single Light, Illusion, Undead or Dark Magic…

Oh god! Why did it have to be these four Magic archetypes? Why!?

I went through so much to get this pair of strong wings, yet, why am I unable to use them!?

And because I could not use these four Magic archetypes, it’s not worth it to unleash my wings, as their three hour cooldown isn’t a joke. And if I were to unleash them, the only wing I could unleash is the Angel’s Wing. If I were to unleash my Undead’s Wing in my current state, it will bring nothing but trouble.

However, I could now conveniently open and retract my wings through the control window. When I retract my wings, there’s only small bulges on my back, and if I were to put on a cloak, it will be enough to prevent them from being seen.

And somehow, under Falan’s magic, I could not open up my Undead’s Wing at all. Well, for now, this is for the best.

However, I still selected to retract my Undead’s Wing on the control window, to prevent it from opening up after Falan’s magic is dispelled.

I already turned the lights in my room off. After all, with such a huge hole in the wall, the lights would have brighten up the garden outside.

I don’t wish to cause an awkward situation for the couples that intend to rendezvous at the garden downstairs. I’m such a good guy!

After resting on the bed for a good long while, there was finally a sound of the door opening. When I opened my eyes, in the darkness, I could already see Falan’s name floating in the air.

“You’re finally here? I almost fell asleep, you know?”

“Geez, to think you could sleep with such a huge hole in the wall~”

Falan immediately walked into the room, and stood at the foot of the bed.

“Alright, I will be teaching you a magic spell to control your undead aura. After all, I can’t be with you all the time, right? Don’t worry, I have already prepared a magic barrier before coming in, and I will teach you the barrier magic spell as well~”

“Then I must really give you my thanks~”

“I don’t really have a choice, as I’m part of the reason why you grew out that Undead’s Wing.”

After saying that, she threw two small crystal balls before me.

“I recorded the details of the two magic spells in those balls, so view them at your leisure. I have something on tonight, so I will be taking my leave.”

“You have something on? Are you leaving the academy? Wouldn’t that be…”

“Don’t worry~ Just be a good boy and stay here~ Unless you want this big sister to stay with you? Next ~ Time ~ Al ~ Right~?”

After leaving that line, in a flash, Falan’s figure jumped out of the big hole in the wall.

Geez, even though she’s younger than me… I’m talking about our mental age.

When I picked up the two crystal balls, screens immediately popped out, notifying me that I could learn the spells. Obviously, I speedily tapped on the confirmation button.

Spell Learnt: Silent Dead
Suppresses the undead aura of a target. At the same time, it limits the abilities of the target.

Spell Learnt: Dead Silence
Creates a barrier of fixed radius, which prevents the leakage of undead aura.

After confirming the skills’ description on the skill window, I walked towards the hole.

In the distance, Falan’s name was moving further away, towards the west of the academy… If I recall, that’s the direction of the arena. Further away, there’s various other facilities… and then, the school walls? Is she leaving the school?

“Although it’s a little dangerous, but I can’t ignore this scent of a plausible side quest occurring… And I can’t level up within the school compounds at all. I will take a look then.”

I could still use chants to control my Magic spells, however, I could not do that for other skills.

Opening the skill window, I pulled the skill icons to a comfortable position, and speedily tapped on the skills 【Light Steps】 and 【Sneak】 from the Rogue’s skill tree, and 【Accelerate】 from the Warrior’s skill tree. With a light leap through the hole, I started chasing after Falan.

While I passed through the battle arena, I could still see a giant block of ice embedded at the center of the arena. And on the other side, there were still burn marks on the outer walls.

As I expected, it’s quite difficult to remove things that are created by condensed magic.

From the results of my previous experiments, in this world, ice blocks created by magic will not melt like how normal ice do. One way to melt them is by interacting them with fire-based magic, and the other way is to wait for the ice magic particles to disperse from the ice blocks. Even if it’s just a size of a baseball, it will still take at least an entire day to melt. If it’s something created by Princess Michelle, it might even take several months.

When I saw that the red name in front of me stopped moving, I stopped, hid behind the arena wall, and tapped on the 【Hide】 skill.

The moment my entire body turned invisible, under the bright moonlight, I saw Falan, who was further up, cautiously surveying her surroundings. After that, she turned to the wall behind her and tapped on five different spots.

Dull lights began to glow from the cracks of the wall on the spots she tapped on, and after the lights connected, a meter-long five-pointed star magic circle was revealed.

After confirming that there were nobody behind her, she quickly passed through the magic circle. At the same time, the magic circle began to fade.

However, I could still see Falan’s name growing smaller, which meant that the magic circle is a type of teleportation magic.

“Space-Time Magic… Although Falan did not have any titles related to space-time at all… Unless it’s a magic tool?”

I quickly walked over to the wall, and carefully looked at those few bright spots.

I could somehow feel some sharp-hard objects on the wall that was supposed to be slabbed smoothly. It appeared to be several extremely small crystal balls that were embedded into the wall. Space-Time Magic Crystal Balls? Although I heard rumors that you could use magic crystal balls to create something similar to magical mechanisms, but it is actually my first time seeing one.

Though I did also hear that it’s necessary to know the procedures to start up the mechanism, I was too far away earlier, so I didn’t get a good look at all…

When I saw that Falan’s name was going further away, I realized I didn’t have the time to stay frustrated.

“【Ice Totem】!”

The totem that appeared in the air pushed me slightly above the wall, and I leapt out.

Although I do not know why MP is used to activate my Warrior and Rogue skills, but, since I do not have to spend on Stamina Potions, all is well.

I took out a MP Recovery Potion and gulped it down. After that, I tapped on the skills 【Accelerate】 and 【Sneak】, and quickly chased after Falan.

Skill Information:

Light Steps
Rogue Skill
30 MP per use
Reduces the user’s falling speed, and prevent suffering injuries from falling a height of at most 50 meters.

Rogue Skill
50 MP per use
Effect Duration: 10 Minutes
When the skill is in effect, the probability of being spotted reduces by 70%.

Warrior Skill
70 MP per use
Effect Duration: 10 Minutes.
Increases Dexterity by 30%

Rogue Skill
30 MP per use
Effect Duration: 30 Minutes
When skill is in effect, the user is turned completely invisible. Skill is disrupted when the user moves from his stationary position.

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25 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 12: To Get Stronger, I have to Grind Some Levels

  1. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!
    Everything about Falan is so mysterious.
    Cool! So those wings can actually let him fly.


  2. Moissonneur66 says:

    Class is going to be Jack of all trades or something maybe? Oh what if his class was simply called cheat class?


    • Nydestroyer says:

      Well from what I gather all people who have the RPG style reborn from japan have the easy click to learn ability so thats a general cheat. I am guessing he has some type of “Limitless aptitude” trait that when combined with the general cheat is just broken XD


  3. rosid says:

    oh new chapter, thx ^^, btw is not that to OP skill he got from his race IoI, for 1 hour you can freely fire all kind of Light and dark magic without reducing your mana IoI, wow wow wow

    well from dark magic you can certainly can used any kind of Curse , dark type every element and the darkness magic it self

    Curse like: sleep, Slow, Greater slow[AOE], Weakness, Greater weakness[AOE], Dark Poison [AOE,not venom or toxic type but from dark magic], Dizzy, Greater Dizzy[AOE], Paralize, Greater Paralize[AOE], Chaos[make the victim seen their friend/party as enemy, so they will attack each other], Greater Chaos[AOE], Curse that attack 5 sense and even 6 Sense, like Blind, Fear, or all together become 6 Sense Destruction to make enemy lose all 6 sense, can’t see, can’t hear, can’t feel, can’t taste,can’t smell and can’t detect killer intent. or more deathly curse like Stone Curse, Death Curse[death in 60 second, your body will explode to million guts and bloody parts IoI], Comatose, Slave Curse[making the Victim become your slave, you can do anything, edit anything, command anything],
    Dark type element magic like : Black Thunder Strike from the lightning element, Black Water Slicer [poison water] from water element, Black Crystal/stone bullet from earth element, storm of Black wind Blades [poison wind] from wind element, Black fire ball [very hot, corrosive fire that can devour anything] from fire element, Dark Ice from Ice element[more hard and cold ice, and the ice also will drain the victim hp&mana].

    Darkness Magic : Mind Break[make the Victim seen, their deep Fear and Nightmare over and over again],Memories Break[Destroy all memories inside Victim Brain].Black chain series[binding and also attacking type, even chain with sharp end like arrow/knife can kill you], Black Hole, Wormhole[mass teleport magic by opening dark gate to teleport to location you want], Darkness Beam series, Summon undead, Summon Darkness Spirit, Summon demon race, Summon Devil, Summon Fallen Angel, Summon ArchDevil, Summon Satan, Void magic a darkness that consume everything can be used as invincible seal or invincible attack[void magic will devour everything], Gehena Gate, Dark Wave, Posion Fog, Plague, Darkness World[field magic make the sky covered by darkness increase dark magic attack 50% IoI], Life Drain, Mana Drain, Life Drain Field, Mana Drain Field, Life&Mana Drain Field, Dark Explotion [use 90% mana into 1 single deadly AOE, try imagining Magic Dark Emission by Hayate from Nanoha Strike.], Self Destruck.

    Dark magic Buff : Darkness wings[2 pairs], Greater Darkness Wings[12 pairs], Eyes of Hades, Dark Apostle Body, Red Diamond Claw[the hardest and deadly poisoned claw, also the feet and hand transfrom become dragonic hand and feet], Scale of 100 million Years old Demon Dragon God[growing black diamond scale dragon over your skin], Devilish Heart of King Of Death, Satan Horns, Darkness Mode[went active many darkline rune magic appear in whole body], Darkness Dark Aura, Death Aura, Abyss Aura, Undead Rule[AOE Buff], Abyss Rule[AOE Buff], God of Death Law[AOE Buff], Limit Break[10 times stronger], Exceed Limit Break [30 times stronger] , Berserk [curse your self to increase all your stat 50 times fold, but in this state you just can see anyone as enemy], Sacrifice [Burn your life Force to Increase all your stat 100 fold]

    ahahaha that will be amazing if Author can use all those kind of skill for not just 1 minute, but 1 Whole Hours Freely without dropping any Mana,

    btw Undead using Light Magic are they will get the damage while they tried to use it, like about 50% of the damage delivered to the user body when tried to use it?? i think the Author and the MC not know it ?? or know it just ignore it??

    well anyway the story interesting 😀 i will just accept it, if that happened 😀 and it can’t be helped we just a reader IoI ahahahaha

    and looks like the MC now starting using other class/job skill :D, if Only he can have Multiple Class like Harem Slave novel, he can gain Many Stat Boots from each Class/Job IoI ahahaha. like Hero Class Greater boots on HP,MP,STR, INT, DEX, AGI, VIT, LUCK ,Attack, M.Attack, Def, M.def, Dodge, Lucky Dodge, Movement Speed, Attack Speed, Hit rate, Crit hit rate, Fatal hit rate. IoI ahahaha 😀


  4. jacobpaige says:

    He should Unleash his wings at least once a day. Unless there’s some massive drawback to it that wasn’t mentioned of course.


  5. triopsate says:

    Pollution skill is ridiculous… If he gets EXP for polluting a mob then couldn’t he just run into a lower leveled area and gain free exp like that?


  6. wyzan25846 says:

    Damn that angel wing and undead wing is OP no mana cost on light, dark, illusion AND undead magic! XD
    add with his warrior/assassin class skills, yeah~ this is a making of an OP(broken) character XD


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