Vol 2. Chapter 3: Don’t Complain the Lack of Main Quests, as Side Quests May Make You Cry

When I entered the classroom, our beautiful teacher was already at the podium. As she had not spotted me yet, I quickly sneaked to my seat.

“It seems you’re barely on time again today. Were you doing some late-night studying?”

Crap, I was caught.

“Hahaha, not really.”

I have no choice. If I don’t provide a reason, I will definitely die.

“Actually, I bumped into Shir this morning…”


She stared at me for a while, and then let out a sigh.

“Fine, I will have a word with his instructor. Don’t be late next time!”

“Alright, alright.”

“Take this more seriously!”


After heading to my seat, I took out my notebook and started taking down notes.

My teacher is called Mari Steppe, and she was a LV 26 Ice Sorcerer. Her actual age is unknown, estimated to be within 20 ~ 30 years old. Her 3 sizes cannot be estimated, as she wears a long robe. I don’t know her titles as well, since all of them are [???].

She has light blue hair, which gives a very hazy feeling. It’s probably a magic of hers. However, she usually hides her hair in her hood. Geez, why must you hide it when it looks so beautiful?

However, her biggest fine point isn’t her beauty, but it is the fact that she is a Sorcerer, which is pretty impressive. A Sorcerer is different from a regular Magician, as it is an advanced Magician class. Magicians only use Mana to channel magic, while Sorcerer use both Mana and Spirit. In other words, Sorcerers can use a separate category of magic using Spirit, and regular Magicians will not be able to hold themselves against Spirit Magic.

Of course, our teacher is an Ice Sorcerer, and she specializes in Ice Magic. However, if it’s a duel between Magicians, if the opponent manages to deal a spiritual attack and cause the other party to lose focus, then the rest of the battle will be a breeze.

In any case, I tried getting hit by Spirit Magic once, and it felt worse than a hangover. Of course, there’s a type of Magicians that will not be affected by any spiritual attacks, and they are the Undead Magicians. But unfortunately, there’s only one in this school.

“You bastard! Have you been talking to Ms. Fournights about me again!?”

Sitting beside me was an associate of mine, and his name is Kechjen Kali. He seems to have feelings for Lanya, but a level 13 like him will only be killed if he approaches her.

However, this guy is rather optimistic. If he can’t approach her, why not find someone who can? Hence, he begs me to buy him Lanya’s breakfast every day, and of course, he pays for my portion as well.

Although this guy isn’t a noble, his family runs a rather successful business, so he never had to worry about money since young.

“That girl… only thinks about money all the time. She won’t even make an effort to think about anything else.”

Other than pranking people, of course.

“That’s true… hahaha!”


Crap, our teacher is about to explode!

“It’s not my fault that this guy is smiling weirdly to himself!”

“… Meet me in my office after class!”

“Ha… alright.”

Oh well, even if I don’t go, the moment I try to escape out of the classroom, Mari-sensei would probably control me with her magic.

After giving Kechjen a fierce stare, I reverted my attention back to the podium. After arriving at this school, I finally have a firm understanding of the technological level in this world. That’s right, technological level. This does not include things like Dale’s self pioneered equipment.

In this world, there are actually equipment similar to computers. They call them the Explanatory Device and Information Terminal.

Normally speaking, these two equipment can only be used in the academy. However, it is still possible to buy these equipment off the market.

But, their structures are too big. As such, there are no handheld versions of them.

And behind the classroom’s podium, there is a big screen. Image of magic circles, data comparison and statistical graphs are all showed on the screen. Hence, the lessons here give me quite the sense of familiarity.

Also, the latest technological equipment can be found be in the library. Before, Falan used one of such equipment to check the details regarding my bounty.

With the school as the center, messages can be sent between central libraries in the surrounding cities. Hence, this was how my bounty details were sent here.

However, this does not pose much of a problem, as I did not leave behind any traces of magic. Or else, it would have been rather troublesome.

It’s also not possible to use the computer here to play games. Since the processor is slower than the calculator I had in my former world, it’s totally impossible. And the forms of entertainment in this world are not that high-tech yet.

After all, the peace created by the East Continent Alliance, established by several countries and organizations with Gray Magical Academy and Doge Military School as the center, is barely fifty years old. Also, there are occasional appearances of war fanatics like the King of Mitchell Kingdom.

Peace or whatever, is only written on a piece of paper. It can be easily destroyed by various unidentifiable reasons.

Eh, I hate times like these. Even after I gathered all these information, the only Main Quest I can think of is to spark a war. Other than that, I can’t think of any plausible questlines that I can follow.

It’s not like a demon lord will randomly appear…


Actually, it might actually be possible. For example, a retarded demon lord may have retired and went off to work, the hero who had lost his objective went off to find something else to do, and the demon lord’s daughter went to work as well, and I somehow chanced upon her. This weird scenario could occur…

Stop joking, this will never happen.

Ah ah, oh God of Main Quests, even if there isn’t any available Main Quests,at the very least, let me have some Side Quests! I want to level up and learn Advanced Grade Magic! Even if they’re not Stealth or Quick Movement skills, at least give me some Flight magic or something like railguns that could get me excited over! Every day, I’m only throwing ice arrows and fireballs. No matter how I see them, they are just cheap-looking magic.

Also, I found some several interesting information in the library. In this world, there are various other races, like elves and beastmen… The rest of the races don’t matter, but I must definitely find myself some elves and catgirls!

After all, when I’m in a world like this, there’s definitely a need to see things that I cannot hope to find in my former world.

Whenever I think about this, I get a little excited. Unfortunately, I do not know when I will get the chance to see any one of them.

Since, according to my information, elves live in the western forests, while most beastmen live in the eastern mountains. And these two races… how should I put this, one of them actually despises the human race. As to why, the reasons were quite obvious, so I skipped over them when I was reading through the information.

However, it seems the areas there are quite dangerous, and I would be courting death if I were to head there at my level.

So, for now, it’s best to take my time to study and level up in school, and tackle this problem later in the future.

“Alright, with this, we’re done for today. I will see you guys later at the battle arena. Fir, follow me to my office.”

“Wish you luck.”

Kechjen said as he patted on my shoulder. I slapped his hand away and clicked my tongue.

“And whose fault do you think this is!?”

“I’m giving you a chance to spend more time with our beautiful teacher.”

“Tch, I’m not so desperate that I will even chase after my own teacher.”

“What if I tell you her actual age is only twenty-one?”


I thought for a moment, and then nodded my head.

“Now that’s what I call a brother.”

As my classmates looked at me with their sympathetic eyes, I walked into Ms. Mari’s office.

Just like Falan’s, her entire office was in a horrible mess.

Oh? I think I just saw a purple lingerie under a pile of books… But I think I should calm myself down for now. I will decide whether i will bring that back once I confirm her actual age.

She… No matter how I look at her, she does not look like she’s only 21 though…

After entering the room, she walked over to her seat with big strides, and then, she pointed to the sofa at the side.

Naturally, I immediately went over to sit. This was not the first time I came over in the past month, after all. However, those office AV scenarios never happened and will never happen. The worst thing that she ever did to me was to run 10 rounds around the field after emptying out my mana. However, it was truly painful when I ran that much without any mana.

“I only have one reason for calling you here today. It’s simple. Win the upcoming Annual Tournament.”

“It shouldn’t be a problem… Unless I’m against a Fire Magician.”

I replied immediately, as ice is weak against fire.

Although my level is on the low side and my theory is weak, however, I don’t really have any problems in actual battles.

“You sure replied calmly… We’re talking about the Annual Tournament, you know?”

Ms. Mari said unhappily.

“Oh, you’re right.”

I nodded, took a few steps back, and revealed a shocked expression.

“What!? The Annual Tournament!? Are you sure someone who just enrolled into this school a month ago like me is ready for such a task!?”

“Alright, alright, this is so fake that I can’t even watch it till the end.”

“Even though you were the one who asked for it…”

Ms. Mari helplessly shook her head. This past month, I already had several retorting interactions with her, and both of us were already used to it.

“I know that you will definitely be fine. However, this time… you will have to form a duo with Princess Michelle. Also, the last hit on the opponents must be done with her own hands. Don’t look at me like that. You should know this. It’s politics.”

“Can I not join the tournament?”

“No, you can’t. This concerns my job. Who else in our class do you think have the same crazy combat strength as you? It’s not much, you just need to win one match. Oh right, before I forget, if you don’t participate in this tournament, I will stick with you every single day, and I will make sure you won’t be able to walk normally ever again.”

With her magic, it is definitely something she can do.

“Teacher, why did you become a teacher? I think you would have no problems apprehending bandits.”

I said sincerely.

“I’m thankful for your sincere thoughts, however…”

She gave me a smile.

“As a teacher, torturing my students is not against the law.”

“Alright, you win.”

My god, isn’t this side-quest… a little too hard?

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