Vol. 2 Chapter 27: A Slow Day in the Live Exercise

“And I was thinking who it was. To think it would be the weakest party.”

Originally, I wanted to ignore them. However, after hearing such words, anger began to swell inside me.

The person’s name was labelled above his head, and I couldn’t just refrain from seeing it. And even if I did not see it, it was quite obvious just by looking at him. He was one of those stupid nobles.

Of course, I don’t really plan on discriminating them. After all, there’s still my dear student Shir, who’s an oddity for a noble. If all the nobles were like him, then the world would truly be peaceful.

However, that will never happen.

Let’s leave all those things aside. If someone were to talk to me using such an irritating tone in another time and place, I would definitely teach them some manners in place of their parents.

The person who spoke was Angil. He had curly blue hair, and he was carrying a frivolous smile. I don’t know why, but somehow, his expression really makes me want to punch him.

And he’s actually wearing a formal attire filled with jewelry and ornaments for this exercise. Just what the hell is he thinking?

Angil Pompeii LV 12 Water Magician [Evil] [Domineering] [Witt Empire’s Nobility] [Pompeii Household Member]

Even without looking at the expression of his face, I already fully understood his character… If there’s an opportunity in the future, I will really want to improve this ability.

“Angil, don’t underestimate them. They are much stronger than you think.”

When I heard these words, I was curious of the person who said them.

When I looked at her, the first thing that came into view was her purple hair which extended to her thighs. Not only did it not disorientate her image, her hair actually fits her tall figure, and she gives a dignified feeling.

This girl… She’s not a saint-like existence, right? Not just anybody could exude both a domineering and friendly aura.

Anne Claudia LV 14 Water Magician [Neutral] [Genius] [Witts Empire’s Princess] [Member of the Claudia Royalty Household] [Ice-Blue Maiden] [Forbidden Spell Possessor]

After examining her titles, I finally understood. So she was actually a princess… Before, I have already met Princess Michelle of the Ice Empire. I did not expect to meet another country’s princess a few days later.

However, this princess looked more sturdy than Princess Michelle. This should be the disposition that a princess should have.


She’s the only person in this 4-man party that did not have a red name. In other words, she did not harbor any killing intent towards us. Even if she could lie to me, she wouldn’t be able to lie to the system, right?

“Princess, you speak too highly of them. Even though Shir is one of the Vologue, however, the other person is just a commoner. If he doesn’t have our noble blood, then he’s basically not even our match.”

Brown hair, with a face so scarily pale. The person who said this noble speech was a noble named Elan.

Elan Siqbel LV 13 Water Magician [Neutral] [Arrogant] [Witts Empire’s Nobility] [Court Magician Preparatory Personnel] [Siqbel Household Member]

Yep, even though I can’t get any other information, but from his body figure alone, he seems pretty strong. However, he’s also another of those self-righteous nobles.


The last person gives me a very bad vibe.

????? LV ?? ??? [???] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???]

Even though she’s smiling, and looked just like a young girl with wavy deep blue hair, however, I could not even see level or any of her titles. In other words, she is the strongest person here!

This is pretty bad. This girl has a smile on her face, but her name is red as well. If she decide to kill us in the next second, it’s not totally impossible.

I looked at Shir, however, I realized he was looking at Anne with firm eyes, and then, he began walking over.

What is this guy trying to do?

“Good afternoon, Princess Anne. Do you still remember me?”

Shir said as such.

“Insolence! You do not have the right to talk to our princess directly!”

Before Princess Anne could say anything, Angil, who was standing beside her, spoke up instead.

And, that guy actually took out his magic staff immediately, and deep blue magic particles already began to gather at his staff’s core.

At the same time, magic circles began to form at the top of his staff… Looking at the inscription, it was actually 【Water Arrow】!

“Shir, look out! 【Ice Shield】, 【Ice Arrow】!”

I hurriedly rushed over, cast an ice shield between them, and threw an ice arrow over to the top of his staff.

Under his shocked gaze, Angil’s magic staff began to freeze, along with the half-completed magic circle.

Hmm… If I wasn’t worrying about an attack from that mysterious girl, I would have instantly pierced this person’s heart with my Ice Arrow. From my distance earlier, I would have been able to do it!

After carrying Shir to a safe location, I placed him down.

“Are you alright?”


Shir finally began to regain his senses. To think his wariness for unprepared battles is this little…

“You… You dare to attack me!? You mongrel!”

Angil threw the frozen staff aside, and pulled out another similar staff.

This guy sure is rich! If you don’t want that staff, give it to me! I’m still using the only magic staff I bought from the academy!

A magic staff is actually 3,000 Gold each, and is unimaginably more expensive than a mere sword! And this guy is a noble, he would definitely be using one of the best goods available. The price of the staff would definitely cost much more than that.

Blue water type particles began to gather, and at the same time, the magic circle began to form on his staff… Oh my god, just how did he reach his current level? His chanting speed was actually half of Shir’s.

“Are you filming a comedy show?”

With a single rush, I immediately threw a punch to his face.

“This is for Shir, you don’t have to thank me.”

Although my Strength is pretty low, however, the pain was definitely delivered.

Angil, who was struck by me, retreated a few steps back. He did not even bother about the staff in his hand, and actually pulled out a mirror to look at his face.

“Oh my god… My face…”

“You damn homo.”

I didn’t have any other words to express my current feelings. Is this guy an idiot? After getting hit, he would actually first tend to his face…

“You bastard, I’m definitely going to make you suffer!”

Saying that, this guy actually took out another staff.

Eh? That doesn’t look like the staves he used before. Does this guy actually have better equipment?

“Six, stop him.”


Suddenly, Princess Anne spoke up. Just when I was about to turn to face her, I felt a gust of wind passing through me and rushing towards Angil’s side.

Angil’s staff fell off from his grip, and that gust of wind disappeared, and returned beside Princess Anne.

It was actually that mysterious girl! At that moment, she was holding onto Angil’s magic staff, and was handing it over to Princess Anne.

“…Incredible. The magic circle was directly inscribed onto the magic staff, and it was concealed by the magic stone on the top of this staff. This magic tool costed at least 10,000 Gold right? Wasn’t your household famed for their integrity?”

“This… Princess… That…”

Even if he’s an idiot, he should know he did something he shouldn’t have. Currently, Angil’s face is filled with several wonderful expressions.

Using this opportunity, I slowly retreated back to Shir’s side.

“Next time, don’t do something so dangerous. Earlier, that person’s subordinate was about to deal a ruthless blow.”

That’s right. Using a 【Water Arrow】 at such a close range is very frightening. How strong is a water arrow? Have you ever got hit by a water pressure hose used to wash cars? That’s something that could immediately scrape off some of your skin.

“Sorry, I didn’t think they would attack me.”

“Haah, it’s also my fault for not warning you… Other than Princess Anne, the rest all harbors… hostility.”

I felt that this entire situation would end up pretty bad if I had said ‘killing intent’ instead.

“Oh~ Six, were you emitting out hostility?”

“… I’m sorry Princess. I certainly did not retract my killing intent.”

Ah, she said it. The mysterious girl called Six actually said ‘killing intent’.

“Is that so… Then let’s do this.”

Princess Anne walked up to us, and passed something over to Shir.

“Shir, I will give this 【Crystal Heart】 to you. Would you mind if I use this to borrow your companion?”


It wasn’t just Shir who was shocked, everyone else present let out a shocked cry.

Princess Anne… Just what are you thinking?

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32 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 27: A Slow Day in the Live Exercise

  1. moridain says:

    I suspect it is the author being funny and giving nobles effeminate names.

    He did check his face in the mirror after all.


  2. Gzer says:

    Much appreciated, i would binge read this whole story if you didnt limit me to 1 per day or the very lucky double releases….


  3. flame says:

    If only they attached a gender symbol :3! Like…
    ♂[name] LV [level] [Class] [Titles]
    ♀[name] LV [level] [Class] [Titles]


  4. Scarecrow says:

    Hou.. suddenly, an unexpected drama enfold the live training exercise field?! Will Shir exchange his beloved partner for the crystal ball? Will he falls to the temptation?!


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