Vol. 2 Chapter 19: Exploring in the Live Exercise

Why does this feel like a forum or a bulletin board? When I, a player, provided a suggestion, the developer actually made changes… Although this world is very similar to an online RPG, but if this really is a game, can someone please tell me where’s the log out button?

Though this world is indeed interesting, but currently, I want to try playing something else already.

Even after waiting for a couple of minutes, the notification window never came. Looks like my poor wish will never be fulfilled.

“Fir, the rest already departed. We should hurry up as well, it wouldn’t be good to have a late start.”

After hearing Shir’s words, I finally realized that everyone else around us already ran into the forest.

The number of supervising teachers decreased, as well. They probably have split up and followed after the different groups of students.

This confirmed everything Shir said earlier.

“I know. However, even if we were to start early, if we’re not lucky, we still won’t be able to find a Crystal Heart, right?”

I looked at the anxious Shir, and let out a sigh.

“That may be so… but…”

“Alright. Since you’re a man, you should keep your calm. Oh right, don’t you get a floating spell early on as a Wind Magician?”

“Yes, although it will only last a few seconds.”

“That’s fine. Do you mind flying up and inspecting the entire forest? Just give me the vague details like ‘there’s a mountain over there’ or ‘the forest is denser in that particular place’. Also, tell me which part of the forest you find suspicious.”


Shir revealed a difficult expression.

“Because it didn’t have any use in actual combat, I have never practiced that magic spell before…”


Oh my god, this guy is… a freaking realist. Even if you’re specializing in certain spells, you can’t just neglect the rest of the spells, right? Especially useful spells like floating, you can’t just stash it away, you know?

Even if you can’t use it to battle, it’s still a pretty good escape spell.

Damn, if I wasn’t hiding the fact that I could use spells other than Ice Magic spells, I would have already flown up and surveyed the entire area already.

After all, if I could get the information on the terrain, it would be more convenient for us.

“Alright, since it’s like this, then we can only inspect our surroundings on foot… Our current target area is that forest, and these plains are not included, right?

Griffin Forest is situated in the plains between the academy and Ice Empire, and had a size of about 250,000 square kilometers.

How big is 250,000 square kilometers? Open the map and look for the Persian Gulf, and you will know its rough size.

Within such a large area, it’s a miracle to actually find one Crystal Heart. If you don’t have a certain amount of luck, it will be simply impossible to find one. Also, this live exercise will only last for a week. The time allocated was really limited.

How I wish I had a mini-map of the forest, as it would make this assignment much more convenient. Although, I’m not expecting it to actually appear.

As I glanced to the top, it seems that the forest was formed by surrounding a mountain. Although the mountain was not very tall, it would still take at least two days to reach its peak.

“According to the information I gathered, that’s indeed so. However, although I don’t have a very detailed map, but, every participating student received an emergency calling magic ball, and a map dictating the boundaries and the sources of water.”


Speaking of which, the supervising teacher earlier gave every student a small bag. I thought it would be used to carry our stuffs, after all, it didn’t even feel heavy.

I hastily opened it up, and indeed, there was a golden ball and a piece of map.

Eh~ It’s actually a map made out of sheepskin! This is my first time seeing one. After all, the paper used by the academy is produced from trees, like my previous world. This thick piece of sheepskin is unlike any other paper I have seen.

It’s probably because it was firm and durable.

Although this piece of map did not have much details, as it only marked out our starting point and several rivers and other water sources, however, I still managed to confirm our direction from reading it.

I, who have played multiple games, am able to distinguish my directions easily. It’s no pressure for someone like me who had never gotten lost before.

“Since we’re entering from here… Yes, I got it. If I can identify the location of this river and note down its distance from our current position, then I can make a confirmation.”

I drew some lines on the map, and confidently made an ‘ok’ gesture with my hand.

“Is that an action to cast a spell?”

And instead, I was replied as such.

“Alright, don’t mind it, let’s go!”

I somehow felt that it would be troublesome to explain to him the meaning of ‘ok’.

No, it will definitely be troublesome!

The moment we stepped foot into the forest, a feeling that I had never felt before welcomed us.

Although I camped in the forests in my former world several times before, however, the forest in this world felt purer.

Even if we were currently at the forest border, the tree beside me was actually only a meter tall.

When I touched it, I could feel wood magical energy being emitted out. This was probably why I felt that this forest was purer than most.

Entering a pure plant elemental area.
Strength of Plant Magic spells increased by 5%.

As I expected, the notification windows and I are so in sync, as I was hinted the moment I thought about it.

However, I had better not waste anymore of my time sightseeing, and start with the search.

Generally, there will be hints provided at certain points for a search quest, so as to aid the players to find the required quest item. Although there are some differences between this world and an actual game, however, since I’m able to see interfaces and such, then there should actually be a hint somewhere…



Other than a mountain and a few river streams, I totally can’t see anything else!

“Do we really have to search the entire forest? It will be tiring as hell! Geez, why is this assignment so troublesome!?”

“Well~ This is for training, I guess?”

“Let’s steal the Crystal Hearts from the rest! Since they are using all available methods to win, then we should too!”

“I don’t think it would be a good idea… Actually, the biggest benefit of this live exercise is that it will allow the students to retake the tests. For those students who failed the tests, other than begging their families for help, the only other way is to participate in this live exercise to earn the right to take the tests again.”


So it was actually like this? Although my theory and knowledge test scores aren’t high, but fortunately, I got a full score for my combat test. Is that why I was not notified about being able to retake the test by passing this live exercise?

Or does Ms. Mari hope that I can take the tests again? Was my theory test scores actually the lowest in class?

I can sense Ms. Mari’s evil intentions.

“Alright, since that’s the situation, then we shall take a lax approach. However, if the rest of the students were to attack us, then we have no other choice. What’s your opinion on this?”

“Yes, if the opponents were to cast aside their honor as nobles, then I will definitely support you in getting rid of them!”

This guy treats the nobles’ honor too highly… Oh well, since we’re both living in different worlds, then there’s no point in lecturing him.

After all, the paths we take in our lives are different as well.

…Wait a minute, paths?

“I think I got something…”

I quickly opened up the map, and cross-referenced our current location and several other locations on the map.

Three river streams were flowing down from the eastern side of the mountain, and they took three different paths as they flowed through the forest, left, middle and right respectively.

Although at first glance, there doesn’t seem to be any problems with them. However…

I looked at the faraway mountain again, and then pointed at a certain area along the middle river.

“Shir, just how do you think this river flow from that mountain?”

“It pass through…”

When we looked at the faraway mountain, although it’s not really clear, however, a small stream could be seen flowing right down from the very peak of the mountain, but, the source itself could not be seen.

“Eh? Just how does the river start flowing down from the peak?”

Even Shir was astonished.

Any illogical places are hints! This applies not in the real world, but in a magical world as well!

“Let’s go!”


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24 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 19: Exploring in the Live Exercise

  1. Zeke says:

    Lol I was thinking the same thing… I was in and out of the capital in less than 2 minutes >>… 20 levels and all of it was just running around and killing monsters. Story sucks too.


  2. Icura says:

    For mmorpgs, we can only look to the future.

    Just like last year and the year before that and the year before that…


  3. libraryrocker says:

    My understanding is that the river on the map is marked as starting on the very tip top of the summit of the mountain, this doesn’t happen in nature


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