Vol 2. Chapter 2: I’m Frustrated with School Life

And hence, I became a part of Gray Magical Academy. Although I don’t know how Falan got me my transfer certification, since I achieved my objective, then I won’t mind about it.

Regarding these kind of things, I only care about the results, after all it’s sometimes best not to know about the process.

Also, the library is basically a treasury. There’s all kind of magic skill books there. Although I’m currently only in the Elementary Class, and hence I can only learn elementary-grade spells, but since I can read all the different type of skill books, I managed to open up many new possibilities.

Though, I didn’t really get to learn all of the different types of magic. After all, I couldn’t find any Light, Dark Magic or Necromancy skill books in the library.

Regarding this matter, I have approached Falan before. I then realized that these 3 types of magic do not have any elementary grade magic spells, even the most basic light magic spell is at least of the intermediate grade, and most of these skill books are found in the Saint Church.

Dark Magic is exclusive to the ruling class, as these magics are known to only destroy, they are regarded as weapons and are only taught to special individuals.

Necromancy? Unless you wish to be hunted down by the entire world, it’s best not to learn it.

However, I still wish to learn it, of course.

Once, I asked Falan if she could teach me, but she insisted that she would not do it.

“A newbie like you will probably leak out the undead aura accidentally, and it will be troublesome for both of us if you’re discovered.”

She explained it that way.

Although I don’t know whether I will leak out such aura, it’s still best not to stir things up in the academy for now.

In any case, other than mingling with the school’s strongest trio, I have been keeping to a low profile…

Tch, I can’t keep a low profile if I’m always with those three! Whenever I talked to someone else, I have a feeling they were looking at me with fear in their eyes! Just what the hell did the three of them do in the school!

However, it was because of this that I was able to quietly look at all the magic skill books in the library. Not only that, I managed to learn several Warrior, Knight and Thief skills as well. After all, this is a school, and it should have several basic reference books.

As such, I managed to collect over fifty different type of magic spells and 20 other types of skills. Since I haven’t reached the limit in my skill list, it’s fine to learn them all first.

The only unfortunate thing is that this method of learning does not increase my EXP. In other words, I did not gain any levels ever since I came here a month ago.

Although there are battle courses, however, I don’t get any EXP from them. Though I managed to raise the proficiency of my skills, I did not gain any EXP at all.

However, it’s good to increase my skill proficiencies. After all, if I were to chant out my magic, there are times when it will be unsuccessful. But, if I were to use the skill by tapping on the skill list, it will always be 100% accurate.

Though it’s still very much needed to raise my control and proficiency of my skills, as it’s not possible to tap on the skill list when I’m slashing with my sword, right?

Of course, there’s still one more problem. My magic theory test scores are not improving at all.

I dislike studying in the first place. If you were to ask me to accept and understand a magical world’s logic when I came from a materialistic world, even if I’m smart as hell, it will still take me several years to do so. It’s simply too hard to absorb everything within a single month.

What can be celebrated, however, is that my combat test scores are the best in the class, and there’s no one in the class that can take me down.

After all, I only needed to tap on the skill in my skill list to use it, while the rest of the students had to spend time chanting. As such, I had the advantage.


“It’s my first time seeing a student who is better in combat than in theory.” When the instructor gave me such a comment, I was a little frustrated as I felt that I did something I shouldn’t have done.

In conclusion, my life in this past month is rather fruitful.

“Ah, Fir. Good morning.”

When I was walking to my classroom, I heard someone called out my name from behind me.

This voice… is definitely Shir.

“Morning, oh? Aren’t you supposed to be in your classroom at this hour?”

Shir Vologue. He had green short hair, and was about 168 centimeters in height. He was a level 14 Wind Magician that belonged to the class beside mine. I met him in one of the battle courses, and since he was the best student in the Wind Elementary Class, we fought in a mock battle before.

Although his level was higher than mine, he who was not proficient with his magic could only lose to me in battle.

However, as such we gotten close, and this guy thought I was a magic genius. After all, he and I are different from each other. He is an actual magician.

If I were to put it another way, he’s a nerd.

“Right, fight me again after school!”

“Oh? Even though we already fought once yesterday? You only need to practice on your aim, that’s all.”

Just to point this out, my specialty isn’t this type of RPGs or action games. Of course, even though I have a little experience in puzzle games, my favorite is still FPS games.

As long as the target is in my line of sight, my magic will never miss. Of course, if my target is too fast, then I can’t help it if I miss.

“However, out of all the people I know, only you can teach me how to improve my aim! Take it as compensation for teaching you those magic theories. You should know that your magic theory scores are barely passing, while I got full marks for them!”

“Yes yes, nerd, then I will count on you~”

“Nerd? What is that?”

“Umm… King of studying, I guess I can explain it that way?”

“King… is someone I can’t hope to become.”

He smiled, and then he said with a serious expression.

“I wonder how are you battle scores better than your theory scores. Just how do you improve your abilities?”

By grinding proficiencies… Of course, even if I say it out loud, no one here can understand it.

“I wonder~ In any case, a simple citizen like me will never know~”

Speaking of which, ever since I enrolled into this school, I came to fully understand the concept of class distinction.

The royalty and nobles, even if they are not strong, they are not people that I can simply mess with. If they are nobles from a small country like Mitchell, then it will still be fine. However, if I were to see nobles from a large country with a large population, then it’s best to turn away.

And my current identity is a citizen of a small country called Roth, that is not far from here. So, class-wise, I don’t really have any power here.

However, it’s not really a big issue. After all, there are still nobles like Shir who wish to further improve their abilities. Including my occasional meetings with the school strongest trio and my low-profile lifestyle, I did not have many interactions with the nobles this past month.

However, bullying was still a common sight. Even though I had the feeling to help those in need, the scary high level bodyguards hiding at the sides stopped me from intervening.

Although I can’t see their figures, but it was obvious where they were hiding with those floating level 25s and stuffs that are supposedly above their heads. They are all people that can demolish me in an instant.

“That’s rude, you know? Although there are indeed some nobles that are a little too much, but most nobles still show proper etiquette that nobles should have!”

“Yes yes, not only do they show proper etiquette, but also their large pride, right…”


I have no choice. Even if my relationship with Shir is pretty good, this guy is still a noble.

“Alright, let’s stop here. I need to go, otherwise, I will be late for class.”

“Okay, I need to head to the library as well. I will look for you later.”

Looks like I won’t be able to run away today.

“Alright, I will contact you later.”

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24 thoughts on “Vol 2. Chapter 2: I’m Frustrated with School Life

  1. Moissonneur66 says:

    Hmmm wonder if he will suddenly gain a class? the system hasn’t been fully explored yet so the author can basically do whatever he wants in regards to how the RPG mechanics work. Keep up the good work ;P


    • FaiZ says:

      His class suddenly made me remember games like skyrim. You know, where the character can learn any skills, but the only problem is the stats and proficiency.


    • Siegberg says:

      They said the first kingdome was pretty small and low level in miltary strenght this are noble bodyguards of the greater kingedomes in this world as such they pretty much stronger


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