Vol. 2 Chapter 15: Entering the Forces of Evil

Because I’m generated by the system… Who am I kidding? Even if I say this out loud, there won’t be anyone who will believe it, right?

However, seeing the black sphere in Falan’s hands, It seems I can’t actually lie my way through, either.

Oh god, are you challenging the limit of my linguistic skills?

Looking at Falan’s approaching smile, I could feel my brain cells reaching their very limits.

Before, I have already understood several times that the black sphere has the ability to detect lies. However, there’s no need to answer her questions directly. As long as I am able to answer by twisting my words, I can still pass the test.

However, I can’t give a good answer to this question. Though, it seems that I stepped on a landmine, and I won’t be able to get out of this easily.

“Because I, myself, don’t even know what I did between the time I was born to this world and when my actions were recorded.”

I gave a helpless expression as I answered.

However, this was the truth. Because before my current identity was generated, there were no records of my existence in this world. Hence, in this world, that supposed period of time between when I was born and now, I did not exist at all, and thus I obviously do not know what I did during that time.

“…Hahahaha, this is so interesting!”

Falan dispelled her black sphere magic, and laughed happily.

Although I don’t know what she just thought of, but since the immediate danger was gone, then there’s no problems.

“As I thought, you’re a very interesting guy. As expected of the guy I have set my eyes on!”

A guy she set her eyes on? I can’t just ignore that, can I?

However, I can’t just let my imaginations go wild. Because what she actually meant was probably something along the lines of being her target.

“Do you want to join the ‘Momiji’?”

As I thought, she has her motives. How did she realize that I have powers beyond an average person?

Oh right, I grew a pair of wings in front of her just yesterday.

“Big Sis!”

Though, before I could protest, little devil interrupted our conversation.

“It’s too dangerous for a person with an unknown background like him to join us! He might even be a spy who underwent modifications!”

“That’s right. I too believe that your suggestion is a little dangerous, as I don’t even know the details of my own identity. Oh right, little devil, aren’t you a citizen of the Ice Empire? Are you sure you can take up the name of ‘Momiji’ at the same time?”

“Tch, you retard! Even if we, the ‘Momiji Secret Society’, disappeared, however, we are still continuing our operations behind the shadows! Don’t underestimate us!”

“… Falan-senpai, your little sister’s lips aren’t tightly sealed at all. Are you sure it’s alright?”

“It’s fine~ She’s just a little bitter after not being able to beat you in a direct combat earlier~ Usually, there’s no problems~”

“Big Sis!”

Her thoughts were seen through by her own sister, and the little devil’s eyes already began to tear up. She then buried her face into a pillow.

This little creature is really cute, huh. If this goes on, a certain trait might awaken inside of me.

“Ne~ You already learnt too much. Choose. Join us, or die.”

“Hey hey, these choices are little too much!”

Isn’t this forcing me to join the forces of evil? I had grown up under the influence of hope and love, so how could I fall into despair because of a simple death threat!

And don’t I have the ability to resurrect?

“If you put it that way, then I have no choice but to join you. However, I will say this first, I don’t kill people.”

Yeah, I’m not seeking death, after all.

“As I thought, everything went just as ‘he’ predicted~”

Falan nodded her head satisfyingly, and stopped the little devil beside her from speaking out.

“For now, you’re recognized as a member of the ‘Momiji’. However, the actual ritual will have to wait till later… Oh right, according to my information, you’re participating in the live exercise next week. There will be someone coming over to help you, so don’t worry.”

Details of Faction, Character Information and Skills updated.

Faction Updated: Nature of Momiji Secret Society – [Neutral-Evil]

Character Information Updated: Enna Momiji, Kelany Momiji

Skill Unlocked: Heart of Momiji
Skill Unlocked: (Not selected)

Enna Momiji LV 25 Dark Magician
[Thorn of the Momiji] [Neutral] [Prideful] [Devil Contractor] [Witch] [Dark Gospel] [Ice Empire Central Army’s Magic Assassin]

Kelany Momiji LV 30 Fire/Undead Sorcerer
[Word of the Momiji] [Evil] [Concealed] [Dead Hand] [Killer of 10 Thousand] [Fugitive] [Gray Magical Academy Student] [One of the Academy’s Strongest Trio]

After sweeping my gaze through the information windows, I quietly shifted them to a side.

It seems that the information can be updated. So, it also means that I won’t be able to judge the true nature of my targets by just simply looking at the information windows.

If there is a magic that could see through everything regarding my targets, and add that magic to my ability to see their traits and titles, then I would be able to get a comprehensive list of information of my targets with only a simple glance.

After all, know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated!

Sorry, it’s just that my OCD acts up whenever I see a row of [???].

“Alright, you should return to the academy for now. There’s only two hours left till daybreak. You’re a very important figure right now. If you were to disappear so suddenly, there will definitely be trouble.”

“Important figure?”

“Am I wrong? Who do you think grew out an odd pair of wings just yesterday?”

“Oh right.”

Growing wings out or whatever, as I thought, it’s a very serious matter huh.

But why was everyone so calm back then?

“At daybreak, the Church of Cade will probably contact you. They will most likely be people from the Saint Church. When that time comes, you better be careful. Don’t reveal your bone wing, or else you will definitely be tried for heresy.”

Listening to Falan’s casual tone, why do I have a feeling that being tried isn’t that much of a problem for her…

“Can I ask a question? Other than myself, is there anyone else who can grow wings?”


Falan’s expression was filled with doubt, as if she was looking at a weird creature.

“Are you acting dumb? Do you actually not know that growing wings is a light magic spell?”


I’m sorry, but I really didn’t know of that!

Skill Information:

Heart of Momiji
Distinguishes the user as a member of the Momiji Secret Society. When forming a party with a member of the Momiji Secret Society, increase all attributes and stats by 5% with every member added in the party.

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  1. alu098 says:

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    Thank you for the chapter!

    The bonus stats for partying members of the same organization is quite OP isn’t it? even if there is a maximum number of people in a party they could form a raid for a huge stat gain.

    I guess this also explains why there are country alliances and few wars has broken out.

    I wonder if Lin Fir’s lovers organization stack with other party buffs~


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