Vol. 2 Chapter 5: Aliyah’s Return!

When she heard my question, she fell silent for quite a while. This was understandable. After all, a question like this will somehow or rather reveal the state of their country’s politics, and it wouldn’t be too good to reveal it to some random outsider like me.

“If you’re not comfortable with answering…”

“No, attaining victory is of my own will, you should be able to understand now, right?”


Princess Michelle’s expression was serious. Although I don’t know why, but I could somehow feel her intentions flowing out. This was probably what they called a royalty’s aura.

I smiled.

“I understand. Let’s find a time to confirm your battle style, and then move on to forming our battle strategies.”

Though, I’m not sure whether the PvP experiences I got from playing my games in the past will be helpful. Although this is an RPG world, but, the degree of reality is too high that I somehow doubt my previous experiences will be useful.

“Let’s start this afternoon, then!”

Princess Michelle immediately said.

“This afternoon…”

Even though I already promised Shir…

“I will inform Shir, so don’t worry.”

Ms. Mari immediately assured me.

“… Alright, then I will be counting on you. Then let’s meet up later, Princess Michelle.”

I bid her goodbye with a Magician’s greeting, and quickly left the office.

“Annual Tournament? Looks like it’s time to earn money again.”

After I just finished explaining to her about the Annual Tournament, Lanya excitedly shouted out.

“Stop joking around! Aren’t your dangerous magic tools against the rules?”

“Nope~ Every participant is entitled to one magic tool per match. Hahaha, I will be going on ahead to prepare the necessary materials~”

After saying that, Lanya ran out of the Activity Room like the wind, and the door was slammed shut.

In the end, the people in the room were only left with me and Yybril, who was reading a book.

Just to add on, this is a rest lounge created by the academy’s strongest trio. Yes, this place is called a rest lounge, as they only spend their time resting in this Activity Room, and that is the only activity in this room.

Of course, within the student population, they like to call this Society as the ‘Strongest Blue-White-Pink Society’, and this is somehow an appropriate name.
(t/n: Lanya: Blue, Yybril: White, Falan: Pink. Honestly, it sounds better in mandarin.)

“A school competition itself isn’t much of a big deal. However, if politics and business were to interfere in such a thing, then the competition will lose its meaning.”

Yybril said without raising her head. She must be referring to the pairing between me and Princess Michelle.

“I don’t have a choice, and this is the reality of the situation. Speaking of which, has Ms. Saint ever participated in the Annual Tournament?”

“No. Because it hasn’t even been a year since I enrolled into this academy.”

“Not even a year?”

“Yes. As you can see, I’m a Holy Knight, and this is a magic academy. I’m only here to improve on my magical knowledge, and not to learn magic. I come from the Light Church of Cyde, and not from any other schools. Also, I don’t even belong to any class, so I don’t have the right to participate.”

“Then that’s really a pity. If Ms. Saint were to participate, I bet the rest of the participants will not even have the slight possibility of winning.”

“… Can you please stop calling me ‘Ms. Saint’? Just call me Yybril like how Lanya and Falan do. ‘Ms. Saint’ sounds very weird, you know?”

“Yes, Ms. Yybril.”

“The point is to drop off the honorifics!”

“Ms. Yybril, you’re acting up again.”


She shook her head as she diverted her attention back to her book. She’s probably trying to ignore me.

However, I also gave up on throwing tsukkomis. After all, compared to other people, Yybril is more still and inflexible. She lives her life bounded by rules, and it is hard to joke with her. Our relationship only managed to progress this far because of my hard work this past month, however, she will also get mad if I go too far.

Also, even though this girl is usually expressionless, but…

She flares up very easily. If she ever enter such a state of fury, as long as I say ‘the way you’re acting right now is against god’s will’, she will immediately calm herself down.

Although I hate to admit, but I have to say, god, your name is really useful. I will definitely use your name to the fullest.

Only an hour was left till the opening of the battle arena. From now till then, I will just spend my time resting in the Activity Room.

I opened my skill list, and tapped on the Meditation skill.

Increases the rate of HP and MP recovery.
Will be interrupted when attacked.
Additional effects: Every hour of continuous meditation will permanently increase your Max MP by 2 points.

As I do not have the additional stats from the Magician class, I could only rely on this method to increase my Max MP, or else my MP will be depleted instantly after using a few spells.

Do you really think I can keep using magic as long as I have the willpower to do so? It’s not I’m like the man who carries a drill.

Hence, I closed my eyes, and began my meditation. However, to me, it was just sleeping. After all the skill activates by itself, and what I actually do does not matters. This is probably a benefit of being me.


“Oh? Why are you here?”

“You’re still sleeping? Are you serious? Even though you’re just an idiot…”

“Seems like I can’t wake you up normally, I have no choice then…”

Suddenly, I heard a strange voice. However, as it hasn’t even been an hour, I will not be able to gain any MP if I wake up now.


My meditation was interrupted, and at the same time, I felt like my face was burning.

“Are you crazy!? I was meditating!”

I roared at the person in front of me.

“I tried to stop her, but… there was nothing I could do. She said that it wouldn’t matter even if she interrupted your meditation.”

Yybril, who was standing at the side, said apologetically.

“What do you mean by it wouldn’t matter… You wasted an hour of my time…”

Eh? If Yybril is standing at the side, then who is in front of me?

I turned my head back, and what entered my vision was glimmering white hair.

And also that familiar twin-tails.

“A… Aliyah?”

“Hahaha, it seems you still remember me.”

The person who appeared in front of me, was actually the girl I met in the Beginners’ Village – The Fire Dual-swordswoman, Aliyah!

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22 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 5: Aliyah’s Return!

  1. Xias says:

    More important than her behaviour, what´s her level?
    For some reason I can´t help but think her level will be between 20 and 30.


  2. flame says:

    Thanks for your hard work ~! Just think of it this way… if they keep moving at a chapter a day.. then we’ll(you included) will never hit a wait wall : p


  3. alu098 says:

    Well at least the author isn’t dropping characters, maybe we’ll have a chance to see his waifu again. Thanks Scrya!


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