Vol. 2 Chapter 25: Imagining About Elves During the Live Exercise

I have never understood this.

Why do some people like to wrap themselves up like rice dumplings?

For example, the person in front of me, whose body was totally wrapped with a black cloth. Even if he’s trying to hide his identity, then isn’t a need for him to wrap himself that much, right? It’s as if he’s a pervert trying to prevent others from knowing he’s wearing a corset underneath.

Of course, this person wasn’t just ‘wrapped’ with a black cloth, he donned a black cape as well.

And because of that, I can’t distinguish his gender at all.

However, I’m not interested in that, rather, I’m more interested in his race.


It’s actually one of those elves!

Although I’m not sure if it’s a plain elf, forest elf or a dark elf, but at the very least, it’s an elf!

According to the records in the academy, on this continent, there are very few interactions between elves and humans. Other than the valiant and powerful few, and forest elves with forests as their domains who have trade relations with some human merchants, the rest of the elves with human relations are mercenaries.

From the records, the physique of an elf is weaker than that of a human’s, and they are also fewer in numbers. However, they are blessed with longevity, and have high affinity with the natural elements.

Although I’m unsure whether the records were exaggerating, but, according to them, elves are able to use magic the moment they’re born. If they were to use their long lifespans to improve their abilities, then their combat ability is something which cannot be laughed at.

Also, they have superb bow marksmanship skills, hence, elves are basically a bunch of ranged killers!

If it was me, I wouldn’t make them my enemies. Because, the only way to defeat them, is to have people with melee-classes like Rogues, to approach them silently, and kill them in one nice swoop. Otherwise, if they were to maintain the distance and kite us, then we will be totally wiped out.

Hence, both Magician and Archer elves are welcomed in any mercenary guilds.

However, these are not the only things I care about. After all, I have seen the battle prowess of elves in hundreds of games. Currently, what I want to see, is whether if the legends are true… Are all male elves handsome!? Are all female elves beautiful!?

Of course, I prefer looking at beautiful women.

Delicate, smooth and silky skin, as if it might break with a simple touch… And the pointy ears which would make people want to stroke it… I must let you know, Young female elves are No. 1 in my monster girls ranking!

Before, I even wanted to venture into the southern plains, and hope to find an elf. After all, dark and forest elves are close to being ghostly existences.

However, plain elves are not really that fond of humans.

Oh, right, I’m not human anymore. That’s good. When the time comes, I will just wear a mask, open up my wings, then I won’t be treated as a human, right?

Unfortunately, I’m unsure of how well-known Undead Holy Angels are. Otherwise, it will be quite troublesome if they are not able to recognize me.

No no no… It’s best not to think about this too much, after all, an elf already appeared in front of me. According to my previous experiences, another side quest will definitely appear right after this!

As I managed to find the ‘route’, then the day when I will find elves will just be around the corner!

Even if god were to appear, he will not be able to stop me! If I’m able to touch a young female elf’s ears, then, even if god were to block my way, then I will grind enough levels to exterminate him!

“Fir… Fir…”

“What’s wrong? Quiet down. It won’t be good if we’re noticed.”

Fortunately, the distance between us is quite far, otherwise, the elf would have definitely heard us. After all, their hearing ability is said to be stronger than that of humans.

“Umm… We should hurry and flee. That guy doesn’t look like a good person at all.”

Ah ah, if you aren’t my good friend, I would have instantly turn you into an ice sculpture… Oh right, Shir is not able to see that person’s title.

“Shir, listen carefully. I think that guy there is an elf.”


This guy lost his cool and almost let out his voice. Luckily, I managed to quickly cover his mouth, otherwise, something bad would have definitely happened.

“What are you doing! Quiet down!”


He struggled for a little, but when he realized I was not going to release him, he managed to calm down.

Seeing that he no longer struggled, I released my hand.

“What were you thinking!? Why were you so worked up for!?”

I really wanted to shout, but I instinctively kept my volume down.

“Elf… That guy is an elf, you know!?”

“So what if it’s an elf?”

“You don’t know…? Oh right, you’re not a noble.”

“What does this have to do with nobles…”

This guy is really making me anxious. Even if you’re trying to do some foreshadowing, don’t do it so hesitantly. This feels like a huge chunk of text you really want to skip, however, there’s no ‘skip’ button at all.

“Because… Actually, among the nobles, elves are actually auctioned off as goods, so elves have a deep hatred of us, humans.”


Wait a minute, even though I have already predicted a scenario like this, however, I never read such a thing when I was looking through the records. Hence, I thought this never happened in this world…

Oh god, why does such a scenario exist…? Unless my upcoming side quest requires me to exterminate the nobles?

However, if the nobles are indeed despicable, then god will still forgive me for exterminating them, right?

“Also, we still have to look for the 【Crystal Hearts】. It’s best that we stop pursuing him.”


Even though I don’t agree with him, why do I feel what he says is correct?

Damn, so will my wish of touching elf ears be left unfulfilled? Why? Are you punishing me, god?

However, this guy did remind me. Landur-sensei is still following behind us. If I were to proceed with the current scenario, then, the future will be quite worrying.

Fine, I will take a gamble!

“Hide here. If anything were to happen, you just have to turn and flee. Mr. Landur is currently behind the thickest tree, in that sea of yellow flowers behind you.”


Ignoring his words, I immediately jumped out of the bushes.

That elf had been walking around aimlessly, and when I suddenly jumped out, he was clearly surprised. Then, he violently turned around, and transformed into a flash of light as he ran.

He’s… fleeing?

Isn’t that person a shaman? What’s with this weird fleeing skill!?

And the problem now was… I realized it was impossible to catch up to that sort of speed…


I turned back and faced Shir.

“Do I look scary?”

Shir looked at me for quite a while, before replying.

“Not really.”

“You should have replied instantly! To think you would seriously take so long and answer me!”


He was clearly at a loss. However, it’s definitely impossible for regular people to simply throw tsukkomis left and right.

“Fine, let’s talk about this later. I actually planned to only greet him. Since he doesn’t trust me, then we can only continue with our task. Speaking of which…”

I stopped talking, and listened closely to my surroundings.

“I can hear water flowing, we should be able to find the river again. Our plan resumes!”

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  1. RKain says:

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    My thanks to you, Scrya. May your finger get better and not worse.

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    Thanks for the chapter, Scrya! Also, thanks for translating even while injured… pain is just weakness leaving the body! 😛


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    Also, I wonder what kind of title he’d get if he actually killed the nobles.


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