Vol. 2 Chapter 29: Convenient Live Exercise

Since we’re already working together, it’s natural to share our information.

And, I already received some good stuffs from Princess Anne, so it’s best not to continue hiding whatever information we have.

After explaining to them my guess using the simplified map, I immediately received their approval.

Although I could see that the other two were just following the princess’ decisions, however, as long as someone understood, then it’s fine.

“We brought a magic tool that can track our locations, so we don’t have to worry about getting lost~”

Princess Anne demonstrated the use of the location tracker, and it felt like GPS. However, it has too many weaknesses. It actually requires an entire storage ring to store it, and it uses up the magic storage crystals too quickly. By just activating it once, it would require an amount of crystals enough to cover up an area of 3 square meters. It’s basically a money burning machine.

However, we now know the position of the river, and I did not have to pay for the usage of the machine. Otherwise, I would have definitely puked blood.

“However, this weird phenomenon did not just happen at the start of our live exercise. According to the information provided by my sources, that river already began flowing fifteen years ago.”

“Fifteen years ago…”

It’s not possible for it to be not found for fifteen years… Unless my judgment is wrong?

“Aaah, if that’s the case, then I really have no other clues.”

“Yes… but don’t worry, it’s fine to head over there and take a look. After all, encountering a 【Crystal Heart】 could happen at any time and place. Since, we got our 【Crystal Heart】 from sheer coincidence as well.”

“Coincidence? Speaking of which, how did you find this 【Crystal Heart】?”

“Ah, that… It was actually Angil who found it.”

Placing down the map, Princess Anne pointed at Angil and said. When he heard the princess saying his name, Angil shook his blue curly hair, and did a noble’s bow.

“It’s my honor to be of help to the princess. Ahem, alright, I actually got this 【Crystal Heart】 from a monster.”

I pinched the point between my eyebrows, and then looked at him seriously.

“Sir Angil, do you mind elaborating?”

“Of course.”

Ever since I spoke to him courteously, I was able to communicate with him better.

“At that time, after Elan, Princess, and her aid went into the forest, I somehow felt something was following us. After that, I turned around, and realized a weird black being was staring at us from afar, behind a tree.”

“So you killed it?”

Following from behind… Isn’t that supposed to be your supervising teacher? A poor little animal probably just happened to appear at that time.

“No, that thing was really too fast. Even after we cast our water arrows together, it easily dodged all of them.”

“A monster with high agility, huh…”

In this forest, other than the Hoppers, there are several other monsters with high agility that pack quite a punch as well. However, the Hoppers are still the most dangerous.

“Then, how did you guys exterminate it?”

“Hm hm! That was because I used a spell that was specially designed to stop this kind of high-speed opponent.”

After saying that, blue particles began to speedily gather at Angil’s body. However, on his body, there weren’t any magic circles or lines that should have appeared when activating a magic spell. What replaced them was, a thin layer of blue membrane surrounding his entire body!

No, it’s not a membrane. Because, in the next second, a blue shadow with the figure of Angil walked out of his body. And this shadow is three-dimensional, however, it does not have facial features, it’s like a silhouette of Angil.

“【Blue Phantom】. One of Pompeii Household’s 4 Great Illusions. Although the Pompeii Household do not have significant standings in business and politics, however, they are famous for their illusory abilities. They are the strongest household in regards to water illusions.”

Shir, who was beside me, explained.

“Shir, you sure know a lot.”

I astonishingly said.

“Not really, I just happened to read about it before.”

The summoned water illusion moved at a surprising speed around the forest, and its speed was comparable to Yybril’s!

Illusions… So illusions can be added into magic? Before, I thought it was rather common to see classes like Magic Knights and Magic Assassins. However, if illusions could be added into magic… then is that an actual entity or an illusion?

Just when I was about to touch it, the blue shadow suddenly dissipated into magic particles are disappeared in the air.

“Ten seconds is my limit… Although this thing is fast, however, other than surprise attacks, there’s no other use for it.”

Angil said as he let out a sigh. Looks like this thing uses up a lot of MP, and it depletes his stamina as well.

“In other words, you used 【Blue Phantom】 to defeat the monster, right?”

“That’s right. Although it only lasted for 10 seconds, but, I used 【Blue Phantom】 to immediately knock it unconscious. After that, we quickly rushed over, and found a 【Crystal Heart】 in its appearing location.”

“I see, so you did guys did not see the monster’s corpse?”


A monster that gives 【Crystal Hearts】… That’s really bizarre. Why didn’t we encounter such a lucky situation?

It’s similar to everyone’s beloved angel sheep in a certain trail. If you did not manage to kill something that rare, you would feel sorry for yourself.

“Although I’m not sure what kind of living being it was, however, since we now know such a monster carries a 【Crystal Heart】, then we just have to keep a look out for such monsters in the future.”

“In regards to that… It seems that it’s impossible.”

Princess Anne heaved a sigh.

“From then on, we had never encountered a similar monster. Rather, we did not encounter any other regular monsters either.”

“None at all?”

I looked at Six, who was standing beside Princess Anne.

“Did you tell Miss Six to retract her killing intent? If she had continuously emitted such killing intent, even if it was a monster like the ‘Hopper’, it wouldn’t even dare to approach.”


“My greatest apologies, Princess!”

Six immediately kneeled down.

“It’s my mistake for not considering this! I’m really sorry for all the losses I caused for you, princess! Please punish me!”

“Haa… Geez…”

Princess Anne helplessly shook her head.

“What’s the point in punishing you?”

“Princess Anne, Miss Six did it with your protection in mind, so…”

“I know. I know that.”

Princess Anne heaved another sigh as she interrupted my sentence.

“I knew Six since a long time ago, so I won’t punish her. Don’t worry.”

“Princess… I…”

“It’s alright, you just have to do a good job as my bodyguard. Unless someone was to attack me, don’t emit your killing intent.”

“I understand, princess.”

Six said as she stood up. She then positioned herself behind Princess Anne, and she once again revealed her standard smile.

Is she actually wearing a mask? Although her expression shows a friendly smile, however, doesn’t this feel a bit weird…? Ah well, whatever. Let’s not mind about this.

“However, if we have to search, then we have to look out for unique monsters, right?”

“Fir’s right. After all, there are a lot of monsters in this forest. If we’re looking for 【Crystal Hearts】, then they will only appear on unique monsters.”

I didn’t expect Elan to be the first person to agree to my opinion. He took out something similar to a dictionary from his pocket, and after flipping a few pages, he handed the book to me.

“These are the list of names of the monsters that live in this Griffin Forest. It was last revised five years ago, so the data in this book is rather reliable.”


When I saw the detailed report of every monster’s features and weaknesses, I was really surprised.

So there’s actually something similar to a guidebook in this world! This is wonderful!

“Simply speaking, this Griffin Forest can be split into two portions, the inner and outer area. The outer area is this forest we’re in, and the inner area is that big mountain. The fastest monsters in the outer area are the ‘Dark Green Hoppers’, and the strongest monsters are the ‘Evil Wind Familiars’ and the rare ‘Giant Land Turtle’. As for the inner area… It seems we will encounter many different types of monsters, and the area can be said to be a mystery-filled place.”

“Then from the looks of it, if we were to reach the mountain top, our chances of meeting an unique monster with a Crystal Heart will be higher, right?”

“It seems so.”

So we’re still going to climb the mountain… Geez.

“The sky is getting darker. I don’t wish to travel in the night. Everyone, prepare the items needed for your rest.”

After the princess said that, she took out a square box from her ring and placed it on the floor. She then tapped on it with her magic staff.

In the next second, a small house of about 2 meters in height appeared before me!

Oh my god… There’s actually such a convenient item in this world?

When I looked at the others, they were taking out something similar, and Shir was no exception.

“Fir, what’s wrong?”

Probably he saw me in a daze, he walked over and asked.

“That… Why do you guys have such a convenient house?”


Shir looked at me weirdly.

“The school did give us a notification that we could use a 【Magic Portable House】. They even allowed us to buy some. Didn’t you take a look at the notification?”


Ms. Mari did not pass me anything like that!!!!

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