Vol. 2 Chapter 13: Even Though I Don’t Understand Her, She Seems Pretty Strong

Although this is an academy, there are still large spaces of land allocated for residence and business districts.

Gray Magical Academy is located at the center of the continent, and when compared to the Magic Schools in their own countries, it is considered as an elite school. As such, it has deep relations to every country on the continent, and thus, there’s a need for a small city to exist in the academy.

Several low-class students live at the outer part of the city. For example, the 7th Student Dormitory, where I currently reside in, lies at the border of the city.

There are also many families living in the city. After all, it will be more convenient for the students and teachers to visit them if they’re near the school.

In the city, other than providing daily necessities and entertainment facilities, it has its own unique market as well. After all, in the academy, the students interact with magic tools on a daily basis. Hence, these tools, along with magic crystal balls, are mass produced and they sell considerably well in the city.

Usually, the transactions of these items are managed by the school. However, there are also people like Lanya who import materials to create their own products. When compared to the prices set by the academy, Lanya tags her items with more reasonable prices.

Of course, as her most frequent customer, I won’t ever tell her this fact. Otherwise, I will no longer be able to buy her potions in large bulks.

And because a small city surrounds the academy, it’s dead quiet at this late hour. After all, there are no one in this world that will train this freaking late in the night. At the very most, there are only a few people who are currently studying in the library.

Of course, I won’t ever do something like that. Through my skill list, I can view all of my magic skills’ status and special effects. As such, I don’t even need to memorize any of the theories at all.

However, as I did not learn about the knowledge on the uniqueness of these magic skills… Because of that, my test scores on magical knowledge had always been terrible.

Other than the street lights, there were no other light sources on the streets. When I glanced around, the names of all the people in the city were not moving at all, and only Falan’s name was moving unceasingly.

Is she thinking of leaving the city area? What is she actually planning to do?

A Necromancer who killed more than a thousand people… Even if I try to think about it, it’s impossible to accurately predict what’s she trying to do this late in the night, as there are too many possibilities.

The most terrible thing she could do is to turn all the people nearby into zombies. After all, my Undead’s Wing have the same zombifying ability. As for an Advanced-Grade Magician like her, it should be easy for her to do such a thing, right?

However, if she were to actually do this, then I have no choice but to stop her. Let’s put aside the fact there are many beautiful girls living here, if everyone here were to turn into zombies, this will no longer be an RPG, but a biohazard, or Nobita’s Biohazard.

Although it seems like the latter is an RPG as well, but let’s not dwell in the details.


I forcefully stopped myself, and inspected all the names that I could see in my surroundings.

My mind wandered only for a few seconds, and Falan’s name, which was in front of me just a moment earlier, disappeared when I did not even realize it!

How did this happen? Even if she were to enter a building, her name shouldn’t have disappeared so suddenly! Just how did it disappear!?

I walked up to the crossroad with quick steps. No matter in which direction I look, there were no one around, and I could not see her figure at all.

Did I lose her?

Suddenly, a black mist drifted over from my back, and the retracted wing on my right slightly fidgeted.

I quickly tapped on the Warrior’s skill 【Charge】 and rushed out of the range of the black mist, and tapped on the Assassin’s skill 【Night Vision】.

Behind the black mist, I could somehow see a person’s figure standing there. However… my instincts tell me that it was not the person’s main body. Because if I were to be attacked by the main body, the attacker’s name would have been revealed. Even if I am not able to view the person’s actual name, I would have still been able to see question marks above the person’s head.

However, since I’m unable to see it… it means that the one that attacked me was not an actual body, but something similar to a clone. This fact was something I learnt from my mock battles with Shir. After all, Wind Magicians are able to learn cloning-related magic the earliest. In the previous mock battle, his wind clones attacked me from all directions, and I pinpointed his main body from the name on top of his head, and thus I was able to simply defeat his strongest skill.

Currently, I’m experiencing the same situation. If the clone is right in front of me, then the main body shouldn’t be that far away.

Although I really wish to have a battle with this person, however… I could somehow guess who my opponent was. I wouldn’t be able to earn any experience if I die, and also, there’s the fact that my opponent is not someone I can actually deal with at my current level.

“Alright, Falan-senpai, I can’t find your main body, it’s my loss.”

I loudly declared, and I believed that my opponent would definitely be able to hear it.


She did not have any reply, on the contrary, I could somewhat hear a sound similar to magic particles being gathered. Also, under the street lights in front of me, a black magic circle appeared!


I quickly pulled my skill bar filled with magical skills to my right, and my non-magical skill bar to the left. And after summoning three ice castle walls in front of me, I quickly hid behind them, and drank down a bottle of MP Recovery Potion.

By drinking these potions slowly, although I will not be able to restore my MP as fast as drinking them whole, however, it will provide a more sustained rate of recovery. This is a conclusion I made after doing several experiments.

A muffled sound could be heard from the other side of the wall. The clear white wall was being penetrated slowly, and a black substance was passing through the hole that was created.

【Accelerate】, 【Ice Arrow】!

The opponent was also a Magician, and it seemed to be a Dark Magician. I don’t have any information on Dark Magic, hence it’s not wise to attack the opponent upfront. It’s best to increase the distance between us and find a chance to escape.

Even if the ice arrow does not hit its target, it will still produce an ice fog when it’s blocked. Although it might not fully obstruct the opponent’s vision, it will still be able to hinder his or her sight to a certain extent.

I quickly retreated to the streets behind me. If I recall correctly, there’s a sentry post two districts away. As long as I reach that place, then there will no longer be any problems.

However, while I was running along the streets, I felt that I was stabbed in the back, and my vision turned dark in an instant.


My HP did not drop at all, but I had an additional ‘Blind’ status icon.

In this world, we do not simply lose our sight progressively after getting hit by a ‘Blind’ status, rather, our vision is immediately disabled.

I threw aside the half-empty MP Recovery Potion, and quickly tried to pull out a Blind Dispel Potion. However, before I could finish this action, I felt something grabbing onto my leg!

I’m doomed!

This thought flashed in my mind, and I was pushed to the ground and dragged backwards.

Being dragged along this rough floor isn’t fun at all! And my HP is decreasing unceasingly!

Fine! You forced me to do this!

Since you’re Dark-type, then Light should be your weakness right?

Even if I don’t have a single Light magic spell, but, I have something similar to one.

After I willed for it in my mind, the item quickly appeared in my hands.

After I splashed the Blind Dispel Potion on my face, my vision of the surroundings returned. At the same time, I pushed the button of the other item on my hand, and threw it towards the dark streets.

First, there was a red glow. After that, a bright white light spread throughout the entire street.

“Congratulations. You’re the first test subject for 【Lanya’s Special Light Grenade】.”

Two weeks ago, I went over to look for Lanya, and saw her troubled expression. When I asked her about it, I found out that she was trying out various cheap materials to create magic tools.

Although there are various magic tools of different types, all of them are usually very expensive. After all, even for a low-grade magic item, many materials are still needed to create one. Hence, for high-grade magic items, the materials needed are astronomically expensive.

If magic tools can be made using cheap materials, then they will definitely be a great hit in the market!

Back then, I don’t know why, but I explained the structure of a grenade to Lanya. Roughly a week later, she threw to me a bunch of grenades similar to those used in WWII.

“Test them out, alright ~ Remember to inform me the results!~”

She said that.

“What materials did I use? Obviously, it’s made using those discarded magic crystal powder. The school would have thrown them away or use them to whitewash the walls. If I’m able to use them to create tools, then it’s for the best.”

However I didn’t expect that…

It has such a great effect as a flash grenade.

I felt that the thing that was grabbing onto my leg loosening its grip, and I quickly crawled up and ran.

However, I bumped into something, and then, I was hugged!

“Geez~ Even though this big sister told you that she will accompany you later~ Why are you in such a rush, hmm~?”

The size of this chest, and this voice…


“Ne~ Just call me Kelany when we’re outside~ Or else my little sister will not know who you’re addressing~”

Falan-senpai turned me around, and although she did not release me, but I could see the girl that she was talking about.

At the same time, I received a punch in my stomach.

“Hurry and get away from my big sister, you damn pervert!”

A petite young girl dressed in a standard western witch costume was in front of me. Her pair of blue eyes were tearing up, and her lips were pouting like a goldfish.

Seeing her current form, I seriously could not believe that the person who was fighting with me earlier was such a small girl.

Of course, when I saw her level, I was really surprised.

Enna Momiji LV 25 Dark Magician
[Neutral] [Prideful] [Devil Contractor] [Witch] [Dark Gospel] [Ice Empire Central Army’s Magic Assassin]

Although I don’t understand some of her titles, but she seems to be very strong!

Skill Information:

Warrior Skill
MP Cost: 50
Rush with 5 times of your current speed, lasting 3 seconds. When crashing towards an enemy, deal 150% damage. Targets that are not more than 2 levels higher than you will be stunned for 3 seconds.

Night Vision
Rogue Skill
MP Cost: 30
Improve vision in the night. Allow user to see things clearly within a range of 50 meters, and moving targets within a range of 100 meters. Last 30 seconds.

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