Vol. 2 Chapter 7: I Accidentally… Died

Although these two girls are indeed kids, but, their abilities are obviously much stronger than mere children.

LV 14 Fire Dual-Swordsman – Enhanced Strength and HP.
LV 15 Ice Magician – Enhanced Mind
Compared to a level 11 No Class like me who has no enhanced stats, they are so much stronger than me.

Hence, to alleviate my situation, I have made several preparations. The maximum amount of HP and MP Recovery Potions, as well as Elemental Resistance Potions of all types are already stored in my Dimensional Storage Ring. Speaking of which, I have tried taking out the ring out of my finger, and the number of items I could actually hold in my virtual inventory was reduced to only 10 slots. So, this Dimensional Storage Ring is actually a very, very useful tool.

Of course, all these potions are bought from Lanya. That girl actually has a very heavy interest in creating these kind of stuffs. Although there are certain side-effects that could happen randomly, but all of them are not harmful effects, so the problem itself isn’t big.

However, even if I’m able to use potions, I’m still under a lot of pressure when I’m battling someone who’s three levels higher than me…

Adding the fact that Aliyah is an otherworlder like me, her way of thinking is different than the rest of the inhabitants in this world, as such it’s not so simple to defeat her.

“Participants, please take up your respective positions. Ready… Battle start!”

This happy-go-merry teacher – Ms. Mari, actually came over to be the referee.

In the battle arena, even if it’s for lessons or duels, there must always be an instructor on-site to supervise and to control the special magic barrier that could limit the strength of attacks and prevent fatal injuries. Or else, it will be a big problem if a life is lost from a battle.

“【Pure White Tornado】! 【Blue Crystal Breath】!”

The moment the battle started, Princess Michelle waved her long staff forward. An ice tornado and a rain of ice crystals covered the entire half of the arena where Aliyah was standing!

At the same time, she took out a MP Recovery Potion and drank it down. Although the earlier large AoE magic spells deal large damage in a wide range, their MP usage was terribly high as well. These were probably her signature magic spells, as I had never seen these magic spells in the library.


Within the white fog, I could see the HP bar beside Aliyah’s name was only reduced by a third, and she began to move as she quickly approached us.

Bad, this is bad! Why did I not realize such an important issue earlier!

Aliyah is a fire-type, so she has quite the resistance against ice-based attacks! Also, even those AoE magic spells deal considerable damage to a group of people, however, if she was not damaged by the core of the spells, then she will not receive significant damage.

Aliyah must have realized this fact, right? Or else she would not have blocked these 2 advanced-grade magic spells without suffering heavy damage.

“【Ice Assassination Spikes】!”

As I placed both my hands on the ground, a chain of chilling ice cone-shaped spikes expanded towards Aliyah.

Every ice spike was about a meter tall, and an attack by a chain of ice spikes can never be dodged!

Our visions was already considerably clouded by the ice AoE magic spells. In the presence of fire-type magic spells, the ice will melt and evaporate very quickly, and the resulting smoke will further hinder the ability to see.

If it’s not a direct attack, but an attack from the ground, it will not be easy to detect in this situation.

“【Berserk Shredding Slash】!”

The cold mist began to spiral around with Aliyah as the center, and at the same time, numerous sword waves were circling around her before being released. Compared to the skill she used to demolish the house, this was similar to using her sword waves to create a hurricane.

Before the ice spikes could reach her, they were already slashed into icy bits. The icy mist in the air was also dispersed by the resulting wind caused by the sword waves.

Things are getting troublesome. If we were to say that my magic spells were unable to deal damage to her because of my level difference, then, the problem Princess Michelle had was that her magic did not have the overwhelming power that it should have.

This problem could also be seen from Shir. In our previous duel, his magic spells did not display the actual power it should have at his current level.

Is this because otherworlders like us can see our skill lists and HP bars?

Then that could only mean that we picked a very dangerous opponent.

The MP Recovery Potion could only recover our MP slowly. In other words, Princess Michelle would not be able to use her magic for a short period of time.

I have no choice but to hold the front lines then.

There are no buff-type magic spells under the Ice Magic skill tree. Although I had learnt magic spells of different types, it will only cause me unnecessary trouble if I reveal that fact now.

At the same time, Aliyah began to move once again. She was wielding her thin short swords as her entire body emitted a red glow, and she transformed into a blur of red light as she approached me.

“【Ice Shield】”

A simplified version of Ice Castle. Even though its defense was not as strong as the Ice Castle, but, its MP usage was small, and I could summon more than 10 of them, compared to only 3 Ice Castles, with my current MP.

Sword waves came from two directions, and I could only summon an ice shield on each of my arms to block her attack.

When the attack collided onto my shields, it felt like two muscular men ramming into me. My arms were numbed by the collision, and I could barely move them right after.

“It seems like you improved quite a bit. Have you not sliced your school into bits?”

“Don’t worry. Their buildings are hard and firm. However, you actually became a Magician. Although I’m not sure why your class is still filled with question marks to me, but, it’s correct to say that you’re a magician, right?”

“I can be considered as one…”

“Although my level is a little higher than yours, it should be possible for us to have a decent battle, right?”

“To think you have the nerve to say that…”

“Come on. You have a level 15 Magician by your side, you know?”

“You do understand that their actual battle capabilities are not that strong, right!? 【Ice Arrow Rain】!”

As the shields appeared on my arms, my hands were free to unleash my magic spells.

And at such a close distance, it was not that easy to dodge them.


Aliyah withdrew her swords and leaped backwards, while I took the chance to increase the distance between us.

However, I could not afford to waste the ice arrows, and if I was to lose this opportunity, it will be troublesome when she finally takes things seriously.

“【Ice Castle】!”

A large ice wall appeared behind Aliyah. Although it was a defensive spell, however, it could also be used to block paths…

Aliyah crashed directly into the wall, and the ice arrows flew after her.

She was immediately sealed inside a block of ice, and she dropped onto the floor.

Though, her HP dropped to only 50%. It was inevitable, as even if all my ice arrows managed to hit her accurately, it was impossible to deal a lot of damage.

“【Frozen River’s Judgement】!”

A giant ice sword appeared in the sky, like a cross, it stayed in the air with its tip pointing at Aliyah, who was sealed in the ice block.


The sword seemed be falling slowly from the sky. However, as it fell, the surrounding air began to freeze. It seemed like Aliyah would not get away with a simple freezing effect when that thing hits her.

“Too slow!’

Just when I heaved a sigh of relief, the block of ice on the ground suddenly cracked apart, and a flash of red light immediately rushed out. However, she was actually rushing towards another direction!

That place… was where Princess Michelle was standing!

When I turned to look, Princess Michelle, who was wielding her staff, was at a loss of what to do. Did she run out of MP? You’re supposed to drink your MP Recovery Potions continuously during battles! Or else your MP Recovery will be too slow, you know!?

Or was it because her MP was drained completely from her earlier magic?

“【Ice Shield】”

I summoned an Ice Shield on my back, and at the same time, I cast another magic on my back.

“【Ice Totem】!”

As Ice Magic does not have any buff spells, if I need a boost in speed, then I have to pay a certain price!

The totem with complex designs smashed into the shield on my back, and like a cannon, I was shot out at a terrifying speed.

Of course, as I do not receive any damage from my own magic attack, I unhesitatingly used this method.

“【Ice Shield】, 【Ice Castle】!”

As I rushed in-between them, I used all of my remaining MP on these two defense magic spells.


A second…

Within a single second…

All of them shattered in front of me. And at the same time, a red light crashed into me, and an immense pain was felt at my abdomen.


And my HP immediately plummeted down to 0.

“This is impossible, right?”

“Why did you rush over!?”

Aliyah looked at me with an expression of disbelief, and my vision began to blur.

A row of red words appeared before me.

You have died.
You are currently in death mode, and the senses to your body have been cut off.
You will be revived in the nearest cathedral in 3 minutes.

Right after that, my surroundings became pitch black, and only the countdown was left in front of me.

I actually… died?

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  1. karami92 says:

    I guess this answers the question of whether he can respawn. Though, it’ll probably take some awkward explaining when he comes back as if nothing happened. Wanna bet that the lightning mage blamed the key being stolen on him as soon as he respawned and noticed he didn’t have it anymore? xD

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  2. koog008 says:

    this guy is just dumb.. hes weak too.. he has the potential to learn everything.. but he doesnt take advantage of it.. hes just strolling along.. hate mcs that do that


    • Moissonneur66 says:

      Wasn’t it said that he’d learnt pretty much everything he could from the library? Besides he’s said before that he’s primarily an FPS player so lets not expect him to know the in’s and outs of a medieval society and how to react perfectly to an RPG world when he has stated that he isn’t an expert on the matter.

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  3. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for chapter 7!
    I was wondering when he is going to experience death, I thought he would died by some kind of trap in a dungeon but instead he did it to save the princess. Not a bad way to go…


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