Vol. 2 Chapter 8: I Can’t Even Rest in Peace

Aliyah mentioned this before. If I was to enter a death state right after my HP dropped to 0, it meant that the damage my opponent dealt was much more than my remaining HP, and I would immediately die.

And this is my current situation.

The red-colored numbers are slowly counting down, and it seems like I will be reviving at the nearest cathedral from my point of death.

However, a weird phenomenon seemed to have appeared before me. I rubbed my eyes, opened them wide and stared at the countdown timer for a good few seconds, to confirm that I was not seeing an illusion.

The countdown stopped!

That’s right, it actually stopped! 00:02:23, the countdown stopped at this point.

“Is this a joke…? Did the system break?”

Just when I was about to curiously approach the countdown timer, my entire scenery suddenly underwent a change!

The black background suddenly split apart, and the wide ground of the battle arena appeared before me.

However, I was observing the people on the ground from the sky, and they were arguing back and forth as they surrounded my body.

Of course, I was not able to hear anything. However, I was obviously able to discern their reason for arguing, and they looked like they were about to fight it out… If there weren’t anyone between them blocking the both of them, they might have already started fighting beside my body.

Speaking of which, why am I not being resurrected?

Suddenly, the appearance of a screen answered my question, but, it began to confuse me once again.

Due to the restrictions of the target area, it was supposedly not possible for you to die in that target area. However, according to the system, you have already died in that earlier situation. Hence, you have entered a state of apparent death. As long as you do not receive a deathblow in the next 3 hours, you will be resurrected. If someone was to cast a resurrection spell on you, you will also be resurrected.

Crap, although the magic barrier absorbed Aliyah’s deathblow, however, the fact that I was judged that I lost the ability to battle because my HP went down to 0, did not disappear.

And currently, because my HP went down to 0, I was also judged by the system that I died… Geez, so the system and laws of this world were contradicting each other?

However, even if I found out the reason, there’s no point at all. After all, other than watching them from the sky, there’s nothing else that I can do… Speaking of which, just what are they talking about?

(POV: Michelle Afungus)


Is this guy dead?

Fresh blood was leaking out freely from Fir’s back in front of me.

Even though this guy was murmuring some weird stuffs in front of me earlier… Even though this guy was the first person to ask of my true intentions…

Why did you die?

“Dan, kill that girl!”

I pointed at the girl that was standing beside Fir’s corpse, who was staring at him with a doubtful face.

“Hey! He’s not dead yet! Why do you want to kill me!?”

That girl retreated a few steps. Evidently, she feared Dan’s strength. Such a detestable girl… She dealt such a ruthless blow to someone that was weaker than her, and yet she dare not face someone that is stronger than her? Trash!

“He was your friend! Why did you have to be so ruthless!? Dan, what are you doing!?”

When I looked back, Dan who was about to attack, was restrained by Ms. Mari’s magic. At the same time, four strings of white light which came from the four corners of the arena formed an arc and fell on Fir’s body.

“Michelle, calm down, Fir is indeed still alive. Rather than ordering your bodyguards to kill Aliyah, shouldn’t you be ordering them to keep Fir alive!? Even though he’s alive, healing magic seems to be ineffective on him.”

He’s still alive? Really? If that’s true…

“Su, use the 【Rule of the Lesser Angel】.”

“But, princess…”

“I ordered you to use it!”

I stared fiercely at Su. He furrowed his eyebrows, but he still held his hand out at Fir.

A large cross was expanded in the sky, and a ray of light fell on Fir.

The last time I saw Su use this spell, a person who had a large hole in his chest was still resurrected. Fir should be able to resurrect as well, right?

And hence, I prayed…

(POV: Aliyah)

Just what kind of relationship does this girl have with Fir!? She actually said she wanted me dead!

This is just ridiculous! That’s why the people in this world is simply too troublesome! Even though people like us won’t actually die, as we will be resurrected in the cathedral.

However, these people actually forced Fir’s soul back into his body, I don’t even know how to provide a tsukkomi for this anymore…

And what’s with that weird magic? A holy light falling from the sky? As I thought, Magicians are all weird people. Luckily, I already knew that Magicians were hard to deal with, so I spent my entire fortune on equipment with high magic resistance. However, my total resistance was still only at 50%.

Putting aside the princess who was not skilled with her magic, just from the way he used his magic, if we were both at the same level, my equipment might not be able to hold out against his close-range magic attack.

If I knew it would result to such trouble, I would not have used that skill. Hopefully, no one recognized the skill, otherwise my teacher will definitely lecture me again.

I opened my skill list, and looked at the skill description.

Sacred Feather Dance of the Fallen Phoenix
Fire Dual-swordsman’s Unique Skill
By using up the user’s remaining HP, deals damage equal to 150% of the HP used to the opponent.
During the attack, a circular radius of 3 meters around the user will have temperatures raised to 1,000°C, inflicting damage to both friend and foe. The user is invulnerable to this heat.
Cooldown: 3 hours

Fir is still to be blamed! To think he would actually freeze me inside a block of ice!

I did not learn that many skills in the first place. They are also mostly offensive skills. If I did not use that skill earlier, I would have definitely lost!

“Aliyah, you definitely dealt a very heavy blow earlier. Although I do not know what skill that was, however, there are not many skills that are able to break through the restrictions placed by the barrier. Although Fir is skilled with his magic, but, his body is not that strong. That kind of skill is definitely fatal to him, you know?”

Yybril softly said as she walked slowly towards me.

Ah, I really want to explain that this guy can’t actually die! However, they won’t be able to understand at all. People in this world seriously just can’t understand my current plight, geez!

Yybril pulled out her own knight sword, and pointed it to the sky.

“Oh, the goddess of light that governs life, please open a path and shine on this humble man!”

Beside the cross in the sky, another ray of light fell on Fir from beyond the clouds.

Although his body was glowing brighter, however, his HP bar was still not restoring, which told me that what they were doing were useless.

Healing spells are ineffective on people in a state of apparent death. Other than slowly removing the status himself, the only other way is to use a resurrection spell to speedily revive him.


Resurrection spells in this world are considered Necromancy…

And isn’t Necromancy a forbidden art?

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41 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 8: I Can’t Even Rest in Peace

      • aku no madoshou says:

        ‘player’ like fir and aliyah can see name and status above the head
        she just simply see his name above his head


      • Scrya says:

        This wasn’t stated, but Fir dispelled the transformation magic. Or else it wouldn’t make sense for Yybril and Lanya to be that close to him.
        His wanted poster did not have the exact portrait of him anyway, so there really wasn’t a need for a disguise.

        However, even in disguise, Aliyah should still be able to recognize him from his name above his head.


  1. Moissonneur66 says:

    Zombie? ohoho come back as a death knight, yes come back as a death knight, they specialize in ice magic right? they are magic knights right? Okay if he seriously comes back as a death knight ima scream like a girl.

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  2. c4 says:

    why would sensei say that he’s still alive even tho the system already said that he is in the state of [Apparent Death] ??


    • Xias says:

      You know the meaning of “apparent”, right?

      In case you don´t:
      “Apparent” means “Appearing to be”.
      So it means if something is “apparent” it seems to be as it looks but that is not neccessarily correct.

      In this case the state of “Apparent Death” means he looks dead on first sight but if you look carefully you´ll see that he is very close to death but still alive.
      It´s like he´s in a deep coma with very low pulse and heavily decelerated heartbeat and breathing.


  3. moneng85 says:

    whoa, this is crazy man, never in my whole life would i expect to have this novel updated 3 times in a row
    thanks for the chapter!


  4. Xias says:

    Just a question about aliyah´s sword skill:

    “Sacred Feather Dance of the Fallen Phoenix
    Fire Dual-swordsman’s Unique Skill
    By using up the user’s remaining HP, deals damage equal to 150% of the HP used to the opponent.”

    This sentence says it uses her remaining HP.
    Doesn´t that mean it is supposed to be a suicidal attack for normal people as their HP would be reduced to 0 by the attack?
    And Aliyah survived only because even with 0 HP there´d still have to be dealt the fatal blow to her as she is a “player”, right?
    So the reason that she wouldn´t want others to know about this attack is because they would realize that she hesrself should be dead, too, after using it and therefore they would believe her to be an “undead” being or the like because she is still “alive” after using it.
    Is that estimation correct?


    • Scrya says:

      Although her HP will be depleted to 0, she is still not considered dead, rather, to the inhabitants of the world, she will just be completely exhausted. After all, to them, there’s no such thing as ‘HP’. She’s just afraid that her teacher would get angry for using a hidden skill.


  5. Isekai says:

    this Aliyah girl is totaly messed up on the head, serriously even before it was still just a possibility that they would revive, but still not 100% true, and she still goes for the kill, even worse is she was aiming for the princess and he interfered, imagine if she attacked the girl with that skill(the princess level is higher them fir’s but it would still kill her). Thanks for the chapter.

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    • crystalalarmblog says:

      It’s not “real” to her so she is like one of those people who go on murder rampages in town in games like skyrim or fallout, if she was a single player that wouldn’t be that bad but she is screwing things up for the other “players” which isn’t cool. Basically your typical self centered narcissist and i was really hoping the author would drop her from the story as she just seems to screw things up for others.


  6. Phantom Starlight says:

    I used lethal force, but I couldn’t help it righr? I would have lost a mock battle! That would have been unforgivable -Aliyah


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