Vol. 2 Chapter 6: Quarrel Between Kids are so Annoying

The author is a lolicon. Though he did not make his protagonist a lolicon, he’s obviously a lolicon.

Speaking of that title which I have absolutely no control of, and the one who placed the entire blame of her crime on me was this girl who was currently standing in front of me!

She demolished a house in the Beginners’ Village with a single strike, and the crime was placed on me. She was a professional in selling out her teammates.

Also, it seems like she leveled up quite a bit.

Aliyah LV 14 Fire Dual-Swordsman [Evil] [Low Profile] [Village Destroyer] [1 Hit Sure-Kill] [Leader of the 27th Squadron of Doge Military School]
Relationship: Friend

“Speaking of which, what’s with your titles? They are all over the place.”

“You still dare to ask? Some of them were bestowed by you.”

“Thank me then.”

“Thank you? Let me thank your little sister instead!”

“You’re actually interested in my sister?”

“Forget it. One of you is already scary enough, if another one appears, the world will be destroyed.”

“Don’t compare me to a Demon Lord.”

“You can actually consider taking up that job.”

“We can talk about that some other time.”


Yybril, who was at the side, didn’t know how to react when she heard our conversation, as she looked at us with a weird expression.

“Sorry, Yybril-chan~ I was actually here to see you, but I didn’t expect to find this idiot here~”

“It’s okay… Speaking of which, how did you guys know each other?”

“Well~ We met once a long time ago.”

Aliyah gestured me to move to a side, and asked.

“When are you going to return to the military school?”

“About this…”

Yybril furrowed her eyebrows a little.

“Yybril was a student of Doge Military School?”

“Yes. I’m actually studying in both schools. After all, I’m a Holy Knight, and can be regarded as a Magic Knight.”

“I see. Oh right, since we’re all here, let’s take a late night stroll later!”

“I can’t do that.”

I shrugged.

“I have to prepare for the Annual Tournament tonight.”

“Heh~ You actually participate in such activities?”

“I was nominated by someone else, so I don’t really have a choice.”

“However, the battle arena should be open by now. Are you sure you shouldn’t be heading over?”


When Yybril pointed this out, I finally realized the sun was already setting, and the battle arena was already opened for quite a while.

My god, I wouldn’t have kept that princess waiting for too long, would I?

“I will head over there first, we can talk about this later.”

After saying that, I rushed out of the activity room like the wind, heading towards the battle arena hastily.

From afar, I could see several people standing on the ring. One of them even was even wearing a glimmering dress. Needless to say, it was Princess Michelle.

“Too slow! What the hell have you been doing?”

“I slightly overslept……”

You actually slept in the middle of the day… What are you actually thinking! Wait, who is that behind you?”

“Behind me?”

I turned my head in confusion, and saw Aliyah and Yybril standing right behind me.

“Why are you here?

“There’s no problem if I’m just here to take a look right?”

Aliyah pursed her lips as she said.

“Since Magicians’ battle capabilities are only so much, even if a few of them were to come at me at the same time, they still wouldn’t be a match for a Swordsman like me.”

“What did you say!”

“The moment after Aliyah stated her words, A blue magic circle appeared beneath her feet, and in the next second, numerous ice shards spiraled out from her feet like a tornado, engulfing her.

“Hmph, you’re pretty quick with your sneak attack.”

Aliyah’s figure appeared from the opposite side, but she did not appear very relaxed as her hands were actually covered by a layer of frost.

With a flash of red light, the frost on her hands fell off in an instant. Immediately after, she pulled out her dual swords.

“Since you’re like that, how about I accompany you guys for a battle?”

“That’s what I would like to hear!”

A crystal staff that was taller than herself appeared in her hands and she pointed it towards Aliyah.

Why do I feel such joy from looking at these two girls, whose height were barely at my shoulder, as they point their weapons at each other…

As I expected, these two……

are definitely little kids!

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24 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 6: Quarrel Between Kids are so Annoying

  1. Limoe says:

    In this case, it is more like 2 annoying characters fighting each other. Same feeling as watching 2 annoying individuals or group fighting each other.


  2. maracas says:

    more than a lolicon, he would find heaven if he meets the nutcracker from re ghoul (well if she was a loli it wold not be enough to say he is in heaven,…)


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