Vol. 2 Chapter 4: Princess Michelle

Princess Michelle, also known as the Snow Princess. This is a name that was rather common in many games, and also, all of them were undeniably cute.

However, as for the Snow Princess in this world, I don’t even see a speck of this characteristic in her.

“If your status is below that of a knight, do not talk to me.”

This was what she said when she introduced herself. From then on, other than in the classroom and when I saw her pass by with her knight bodyguards in the school compounds, I had never interacted with her this past month.

This is bad. I absolutely hate politics and grovelling in front of people. Why do I have to confront both of them at the same time? This test that god gave me is a little too hard, isn’t it?

I can forget about the experience I get from the last hits, but to form a duo with someone like her, form our strategies, and have her carry them out, is the most difficult part of this quest. Also… we only have about a month of preparation before the tournament begins. If you want me to sync with her… unless you provide me a place to grind my level up to 30 starting today, this quest is totally impossible. After all, I’m restricting myself to only using Ice Magic, since if everyone were to find that I can learn all the skills in this world, they would definitely dissect me immediately!

Let’s first talk about the situation regarding the Snow Princess. Michelle Afungus, 4th Princess of the Ice Empire. She specializes in Ice AoE Magic. Based on her figure, she could be considered as a loli. She has deep blue drill-shaped twin-tails. Usually, she wears a short robe decorated with blue crystals, and the patterns on the robe were very intricate. As expected of someone from a rich family, I guess.

“Although I’m kinda forced to accept this mission, regarding Princess Michelle…”

“Naturally, you don’t have to worry about this. After all, this is a direct message from her father.”

“Is that so…”

Weird, usually, as the fourth princess, this kind of scenario only exist for political marriages. Even the most unique scenario would only be something along the lines whereby she has to fight to escape from her own terrible fate. However, for the emperor to allow his daughter to get stronger… This is a rather weird scenario.

But, since this has already happened, then I can only accept the facts and do what I need to do. After all, this is a good chance to break through my current situation and start to earn some EXP.

Also, this is a good chance to deeply understand the workings of this world. At the same time, I might even meet people that are similar to Aliyah, Dale and me – people that come from another world.

Leaving that stupid Dale aside, I wonder how Aliyah is doing? She was labeled as ‘Evil’ from the start, and adding her violent personality, she must be having a hard time, isn’t she?

However, it seems that we are transported to random starting locations after we leave the Beginners’ Village. She might be at the other end of the continent… Oh well. We will eventually meet if we’re fated to, right?

In any case, I should think of a way to solve the problem at hand for now.

“Then how am I going to do this? Based on what you said, the tournament this time is in pairs, then I need to at least have a decent understanding of Princess Snow’s abilities…”

Just when I was complaining to Ms. Mari, her office door was suddenly opened by two heavy-armored men with fierce eyes. At the same time, a voice came from the hallway.

“Hence, I will break my rule this once, and allow you to be the only commoner to be able to converse with me. You’re free to express your gratitude.”

Of course, this girl was the Snow Princess.

Michelle Afungus
Ice Magician LV 15 [Kind] [Strong-minded] [Icy and Arrogant] [Ice Empire’s Fourth Princess] [???]

Excluding her last [???] title, I could somehow get some basic information on her. However, some of her titles don’t seem to fit her at all…

Also, the bodyguards beside her are above LV 20. I won’t say anything stupid like ‘there’s only three of them’, as based on these three alone, they might be much scarier than Gray Magical Academy’s strongest trio.

When she realized my stares on her bodyguard, Princess Snow sighed.

“Dan, both of you, wait outside.”

“Princess… This…”

“Don’t worry, I have my reasons.”

The bodyguards looked at me, and nodded to each other before leaving the room.

After closing the door, Princess Michelle seemed to have heaved out a sigh of relief. She shook her hands about without caring for her etiquette, and with a twirl, she fell back onto the sofa and lied down.


Hey hey hey! As a princess of the country, how could you do such things!? If you pull up that short robe any more than that, I will be able to see your underwear!

“You, don’t just stand there with a dumbfounded face, sit. Tell me what you need for the tournament, or what interference you may need from my side. As long as it does not break the rules, I will help you with the best of my abilities.”

And what happened to this girl? This tone of hers is somehow similar to those that yankees that lurk around in the alleys… Is this girl really the same defiant and cool princess?

“Hey you, do you know it’s disrespectful to stare at someone else for so long!?”

Unless you’re telling me that this is her real personality?

“Sorry, I was a little overwhelmed… I didn’t expect to see the the cool Princess Michelle to behave like this…”

I turned to look at Ms. Mari and found out she was actually giggling.

So Ms. Mari already knew about this? Well, she had never done anything she had no confidence of before.

“Hmph! Do you think having imperial power will give you all the rights you want? Many a times we have to suppress our actual feelings and follow the rules that are laid in place. I have already confirmed your abilities. In the battle courses, your magic accuracy and destructive power are of the highest caliber. Although your body is a little weak, but you are able to suppress your enemies with your techniques.”

“It’s an honor to be able to receive such praise from the great princess..”

“Hence, let’s pool together our resources. For the tournament, just what do you have in mind?”

“Before we discuss about this, there’s something I want to confirm with you, princess.”

“What is it?”

I took in a deep breath, and slowly spoke.

“For this upcoming battle, is it of your own will that you wish to attain victory, or is this the will of your father?”

This is something I need to make clear. After all, if she does not have the will to fight… then isn’t she simply buying a teammate?

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22 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 4: Princess Michelle

    • Tcol521 says:

      He already is. Remember he almost started a War, and is now a fugitive.
      I’m betting the key is for a fighting mech, kinda like in tenchi muyo war on geminar. I hope it is, would be funny. 😛


  1. Tcol521 says:

    [You just activated a difficult side quest] xP

    Question in the end was good. Motivation is a key factor in a battle.
    Wonder what [???] is.
    Thanks for the update


  2. alu098 says:

    Wonder what determines what titles he can and can’t see because he could see all the titles for a level 30 but not for a level 15 or his teacher. And once again thank you Scrya!


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