Vol. 2 Chapter 30: Lucifer Live Exercise

“I’m really sorry for crashing in your room tonight. I will be lying on the floor then.”

I apologized to Shir.

Because of a certain irresponsible teacher who threw me into this live exercise without explaining anything, I ended up bringing only a change of clothes and battle necessities.

Fortunately, Shir allowed me to live in his room, otherwise, I would have to sleep on top of a tree.

Of course, I originally expected to sleep in the forest, so sleeping on a tree wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen at all. However, when the sky grew darker, and looking at the forest filled with many dangers, I realized that sleeping outside was a whimsical decision.

Angil and Elan? Are you serious? Their noble attitude is at a much different level from Shir all together. I only managed to converse with them normally after flattering them for half a day. Unless I am willing to do something of ‘that’ nature, I wouldn’t be able to live in their houses at all.

Of course, that would never ever happen.

You’re saying Princess Anne is a very friendly and approachable person? Are you kidding me? She’s a princess, you know? Even if she allow you to live with her, will you dare to enter her house? Aren’t you afraid of her fans who might rip you apart when they hear about it?

I had already encountered these incidents when I first entered the academy. As the strongest trio, their fan group numbered up to a third of the entire academy’s population! If Yybril had not stepped in and taught a lesson to one of the fans, I wouldn’t have survived in the academy till now.

Fortunately, all these have gone to past, and I don’t wish to give any more troubles to myself. Just by being a fugitive is already enough to make my head ache, and I don’t want to be marked by anyone else.

“Don’t mind about it. Fir, you have saved me several times before, so you don’t really have to mind about sharing a room with me.”

Shir said as he walked out of the bathroom in his pyjamas.

This magic house is rather convenient. It is equipped with a bed, tables and chairs, and a bathroom, like a typical hotel room. Of course, this room made out of compressed space does not have a kitchen, otherwise, the people inside would definitely choke from the fumes and smoke.

And this isn’t something that a regular person could afford. The framework itself costs 50,000 gold, if we add the furniture in, then it would be at least 70,000 gold. After all, this isn’t the same as a regular house, as anything related to magic would have a ridiculous price.

For some reasons, I find that the 500,000 gold I received is no longer worth much anymore. If I were to find a day to go shopping for magic tools near an empire, my wallet would definitely be emptied. That’s because I heard that a desktop computer was recently pioneered. I wonder if there was something wrong with the technology tree in this world, or someone who majored in computer science was sent here.

However, I really want to buy one.

“The shower is open now, feel free to use to it.”

“Ah, thank you.”

To tell you the truth, I actually have a habit of bathing at least once a day. Although I’m fine with not showering for a few days, it would just feel a little uncomfortable, you know?

Of course, in this world, there exists magic that could instantly clean clothes. However, these magic spells are only restricted to clothes, as that high speed water pressure is not something to play with on a person’s body.

Although it would seem to be a waste to use water magic crystals to create water, and then heat it up with a fire magic spell, however, so as to enjoy the bliss of having a hot bath in the wilds, it’s worth the money.

Especially after emptying my MP several times from running entire the day, having my body soaked in a tub of hot water feels like I’m in heaven.

Although there are no extravagant add-ons like flowers in the tub of water, but, the moment I stepped into the tub, my muscles resonated as one, and an extraordinary feeling of comfort took over my body.

“This is too blissful, I can’t think of anything else…”

After relaxing my body in the tub, my muscles slowly began to loosen.

“If there was a fatigue meter, then it would definitely be fully filled right now.”

When I uttered this sentence, I immediately regretted it. Because I just remembered something really frightening.

However, there’s no medicine or tool to cure regrets in this world, as a notification appeared right after I said it.

World System Upgraded.
Fatigue System Added.
‘Stun’ status when MP or Stamina fully depleted, removed.
When the Fatigue Meter reaches 0, user will immediately enter a ‘stunned’ state. Damage will be reduced to half.

Oh my god… I’m sorry, it’s my fault. God, can’t you at least take a break? How about taking a nap? Can you please stop spying on me for like a minute or two?

Unless, in the future… Oh whatever, it’s best not to say anything else. If I were to say more, I feel that something else other than the fatigue system would be added…

In less than 10 seconds after the notification appeared, a new bar appeared below the HP and MP bar, and its color was gold.

And at the same time, the bar was slowly recovering.

Alright, if you really wish to upgrade the system, why don’t you have a battle mini-map system? Isn’t it a little too stingy to only have mini-maps appearing in cities?

However, this time, there wasn’t any response. It seems something as convenient as a battle mini-map cannot be realized in a short period of time.


Suddenly, the notification alarm scared me, and I thought it was another upgrade notification, but it turned out to be something else.

Oh? Isn’t this the window for unique skills?

Speaking of which, I have already raised my level to 13, and I have a total of 3 skill points. However, I have not spend any of the points yet.

The main reason for that was the sacrifices for the skills were too great, so I stashed them aside.

However, just when I thought of this, that window jumped, and on it, a golden arrow was pointing at a particular skill.

Dominator’s Hawkeye
Acquire the mini-map of every map. (Details can only be seen on a hard-copied map)
Mini-maps cannot be seen when on the move.

The first half of the skill’s description… I admit… I almost jumped out of the tub from the excitement. However, when I saw the second half, my brows furrowed.

I can only use the mini-map when I’m standing still? Isn’t that ridiculous?

Doesn’t this mean that I will have to stop moving whenever I have to check the location of my enemy? Just what the hell is the designer of this skill thinking…

However, I can pretty much make a guess. A system that will occasionally drop a tsukkomi on me… The person who designed it must be someone that’s plotting to hurt a society or a government.

However, since I already saw it, I guess it’s fine to put a skill point into it.

I tapped on the ‘confirm’ button, and after a flash of light, a mini-map which I could only see in cities previously, appeared. However, currently, it only had a square chart, and the black arrow showed my current position and the direction I’m facing.

Very good! With this, I’m able to confirm my enemies’ location and direction of movement in battles! This is really wonderful!

Oh right, I should take this chance to look for skills that would allow me to see through a person’s titles. Since I’m able to use this sort of voice-to-text feature to look, then there isn’t a need for me to scroll down this list of several hundred skills.

Just when I was about to continue investigating the skills, the corner of my eye seemed to have caught something weird.

That’s right. I didn’t notice it earlier, however, on the mini-map at the top-right corner of my view, other than my black marker, another green marker was facing me from somewhere really close to me.



The person seems to be just beside me?

Crap, was I too focused earlier that I did not notice my surroundings?

I hurriedly looked towards the person’s position. Within the hot steam, there was indeed someone standing there.


I tried speaking up.

There’s a reason why I asked this. Although the name above him was indeed ‘Shir’, however…

There were several additional question marks…


He started walking towards me, and when he was approaching, I realized… The guy was completely naked!!!

“Shir, wait, although our relationship is really good, however, that… I don’t have any interest in picking up the soap, really!”

This guy isn’t homo, right!?

Why did he enter without making any sound!?

“Picking up the soap? What does that mean?”

“Umm… Why don’t you wear something, and we can talk about this outside?”

I shrank to the corner of the tub, and shivered as I asked.

“Originally, I planned on doing so. However, I came to the conclusion that it would be easier for you to understand me like this.”

I don’t want to understand you! I don’t want to have a philosophical discussion with you! Although I was once fascinated with Lucifer’s world, however, I had already turned into a new leaf!
(t/n: Should be a reference to the BnP review.)

However, Shir already began to slowly approach me. I shut my eyes, and almost cast an Ice Shield…



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      Apparently there’s a religious series called ‘Lucifer’s World’, and it talks about the mystery of iniquity, or immoral behavior. I haven’t watched the series myself, but I don’t really recommend it either.


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