Volume 2 Afterwords

Note, all the things said in the brackets are things that the author wrote himself. Unless there’s a (t/n)

Also, note that volume 2 was actually completed in November 2013.

A school term is about to end, and RPG’s 2nd volume has ended as well.

Eh? The live exercise ended? Isn’t it supposed to continue? If you have these questions in mind, I can only say that, you wouldn’t want to see a bland EXP grinding session, do you?

Speaking of which, someone asked me, after two full volumes, just who was the main heroine? I can only slightly smile… Not all the casts are here yet, so why the rush? (Stop it)

Of course, I’m only joking. Actually, the main heroine had long since appeared, and she’s Aliyah. However, according to the current scenario, it seems Falan is getting more attention. (Unless everyone prefer the mature older sister figure? Actually, I like her as well. )

Cough cough, I won’t discuss about age and stuff here. If you’re interested, why don’t you take a look at Garden of Words. Quality is always his forte. (And it seems that’s about a student-teacher relationship this time)

It seems I drifted away from the main topic, sorry.

Speaking of which, earlier, there were some people that were unhappy with the “ambiguity” regarding Shir. Actually, I only wanted Shir to be the protagonist’s good partner. However, I don’t know why (probably because I write about too many girls) but it ended up like that. (Although, all hail Lucifer)

And in this volume, some of the protagonist’s past identity was slightly leaked, actually it’s his forgotten memories. The main point of this web novel is for everyone to enjoy a happy read, so I won’t touch on serious stuffs too much. (However, if everyone were to wish that I were to use a serious tone, I would be happy to do so. After all, I did write several fighting web novels for quite a long time.)

Speaking of fights, I stopped writing the fights in the 2nd part of the volume because I lost the feeling of how I wrote the 1st part. Actually, when I was writing the 1st part, there was a time I stopped writing for some time. After all, there was a huge change in environment. It’s pretty troublesome to add logic and politics in a fantasy-setting, you know? It’s pretty tiring to ‘baidu’ everyday as well, you know?
(t/n: baidu = Chinese’s search engine)

So, taking the chance that volume 2 has ended, I will be revising the fights in the next volume, so as to satisfy my old readers. (If there’s a change in writing style, please forgive me)

Alright, enough chatter, the next thing will be to express my thanks.

After all, for RPG to be successfully written, it’s all thanks to the support from my readers and friends.

First off, I would like to thank LOS, the author of Loli-Trans. When I was starting to write, he gave several suggestions, so thanks a lot~

And there’s Qian-kun~ The design of Falan was thanks to him.

Next up is Jingji-san. Everyone should have noticed the cover has changed. (Even though it’s pretty embarrassing). That’s Jingji-san’s drawing of Aliyah (Are you sure this embarrassing play is ok? Jingji-san: I actually wanted to put tentacles in the background. Author: …)
Of course, I must thank Changyue for correcting my wrong usage of words. Wrong words were always thorns on my side, however she’s pretty proud of her inputs…

Next up, I must thank the readers who have placed the monthly votes on this novel~ Thanks a lot~

下腹加农炮、verethra、 LAN`_轇獜、vivdvf 、夜沐黎 、十六夜、淚 、rhygfh 、HackWei 、sad4586 、之后是水、die-king 、弗利克索斯 、神殇澪、叹息时间 、千弦凝夜 、滄浪之狼、as8685074 、54321…讀取中… 、Volk 、花残泪、iiiooo989 、七哥 007 、willie2013 、rhygfh 、is~ 、Npc村民A 、舞刀神、Speed1122、變字001 、qwert54321 、243099581、swovs、方寸我御剑、tltl 、最爱轻小说漫画 、赤色之夜、困了~~~ 、wyy1991 、无归-战异、iiiooo989

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34 thoughts on “Volume 2 Afterwords

  1. jorgelotr says:

    Wasn’t Baidu Microsoft’s search engine? At least, it’s the default search engine in Internet Explorer (yes, I sometimes use Internet Explorer, any problem?).

    Thanks for your work.


  2. Ariki Rastavara says:

    That aliyah, she looks so innocent..
    And so much skin exposure, i don’t know whether to laugh or to cry, uhuhuhuhu~
    Anyway, with this two volumes are done, thank you as always Scrya!


  3. rosid says:

    oh thx a lot for all the chapter 😀 i will wait for the Volume 3 ^^ btw without held the weapon his attack increased by just equip it on menu equipment IoI, that was interesting and OP 😀 , will the effect bleeding , poison and corrosion be applied if he used his hand not weapon when he equiped the OP dagger ??? if that was the case, that was really Amusing 😀


  4. AnimeLover says:

    Aliyah is the heroine, makes me happy that she is. But you barely gave her appearances! I can’t wait till that Fiancé shows up. And Falna character design looks nothing like a Necromancer!


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