Vol. 2 Chapter 26: Difficult Future in the Live Exercise

When the elf fled, my plan to touch the elf’s ears was thus left unaccomplished. Although I won’t be giving up on my dream to touch an elf’s ears, however, it’s best to raise my abilities for now.

In many RPGs, as long as you’re able to defeat the strongest boss in the game, then there will be no longer be anyone that could stop you, unless they’re invincible.

Although I’m not dismissing the possibility of someone like that appearing, however, in typical situations, you won’t be able to stop someone that has a higher level than you.

“【Ice Arrow】!”

A Wild Wolf (level 8) leapt into the air as it tried to attack us, however, my ice arrow struck it down before it could even reach ten meters from us. Its body turned into ice, and shattered as it fell onto the ground.

Of course, its companions ended up the same way. However, they did not even have the chance to leap out, as they were already struck down by my 【Ice Valley】, and had transformed into extremely artistic ice sculptures.

3x Wild Wolves defeated.
EXP Received: 1,200

Although one reason they were instantly defeated was because of our huge difference in levels, however, a major reason was that we had already battled with the fastest monster, the Hoppers, in this forest.

Even though we ended up running from them, but, from those battles earlier, we had already understood the fastest speed a monster could achieve in this forest.

Hence, with just the speed of a wild wolf, as long as I have some remaining MP, my magic spell will definitely hit right on target.

“【Nature’s Breath】!”

A green ripple expanded on the other side, and three Wild Wolves could be seen flying into the sky, before ruthlessly plummeting onto the ground.

Their bodies fidgeted for a moment, but they quickly died. After all, their HP were already depleted…

Shir silently looked at the corpses, and heaved a sigh of relief.

“What are you thinking about? They were attacking us with the intentions to kill, and you’re actually feeling sorry for them?”

“Umm… I had never killed living beings with my magic before, so I’m a little overwhelmed.”

“And that’s why I said to not mind it. If you keep up with your current attitude, you’re not going to survive, you know?”


Looking at him, it seems that it won’t work if he doesn’t find the answer by himself. Sigh, I guess I can only let him continue to ponder about this for now.

And on my side, the corpses of the wolves I killed began to dissipate. It seems this phenomenon will only occur to monsters which I killed.

Are these actually respawnable monsters?

Because, right from the start, we had already killed several wild wolves that tried to attack us. Some of them dissipated when they die, while some didn’t.

I have a policy to not comprehend things that could not be understood by logic, so I decided to ignore this phenomenon.

And because of the huge difference in levels, I did not receive any Party EXP from the wolves Shir killed. However, the amount of EXP awarded from these wolves were really too little, to the point where they’re nearly negligible.

Before I realized it, the amount of EXP I need to level up was more than 200,000. Currently, I don’t even have half of my EXP bar filled. If a boss doesn’t appear, I don’t even know how many months it would take to get to the next level. Hopefully, some quests would appear and help me raise my levels.

However, ever since I received my first quest hint, other than my ‘character stats’ and ‘inventory’ icons, a ‘quest’ icon appeared at the side as well.

According to the quest window, the quests I currently have are:

Main Quest: Annual Tournament
Quest Objective: Win the Annual Tournament.
Additional Objective(s): Allow Michelle to deal the last hits for all battles.
Reward(s): 500,000 EXP, 1x Magic Skill Book.
Additional Reward(s): Unknown

Main Quest: Revenge
Quest Objective: Punish the King of Mitchell Kingdom, who framed you.
Additional Objective(s): (Choice 1) Cold-blooded vengeance. (Choice 2) Revolution.
Reward(s): Position as King of Mitchell Kingdom, 1,000,000 EXP

Side Quest: Relic
Quest Objective: Unknown
Reward(s): Unknown

Side Quest: Extracurricular Live Exercise
Quest Objective: Find a Crystal Heart for each party member.
Additional Objective(s): 1. Find the 99 Trials. 2. Find the mysterious person. (Required to unlock other Side Quests)
Reward(s): 20,000 EXP
Additional Reward(s): Unknown

Side Quest: Heart of Momiji
Quest Objective: Complete Momiji’s commissioned quests and raise your position in the Secret Society.
Additional Objective(s): Complete an A-ranked quest for the first time.
Reward(s): Undetermined
Additional Reward(s): Unknown

Even though I could not directly view the details regarding the quests, however, I’m now more worried of my own future.

What’s with the revenge quest… it’s almost something of a level which only a lunatic would do. And I feel that it’s something that could only be done in the far future. And that unknown quest… If there isn’t even a single hint, how am I going to go about starting it?

The Momiji’s quest can be put aside for now. Currently, I have to focus on the live exercise quest.

However, the reward’s only 20,000 EXP. It’s not even a tenth of the EXP I need to level up. Is this quest actually really easy?

I don’t think so though.

And I get more EXP from killing monsters, just what is the point of this quest…? Or is this quest giving me the opportunity to grind in this forest?

No matter the answer, as long as I’m rewarded with EXP, then I will not let it go.

“Umm… Then let’s carry on.”

“Feeling better?”

I looked at Shir, and realized his face was still pale.

“Yes. Although I’m still not used to killing.”

“Ha… I really wonder how you’re going to live among the nobles in the future.”


After hearing these words, Shir’s expression became stiff.

“Sorry, I’m not entirely sure of your situation. If I offended you in any way…”

“No it’s fine, you’re right. I’m the one that needs to change. I’m…”

“Wait… We have guests.”

In the forest, several familiar names revealed themselves.

And those names, are all red!

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25 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 26: Difficult Future in the Live Exercise

  1. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!
    Ah oh, looks like the people he ticked off after coming to get a little compensation…


  2. RKain says:

    >”I have a policy to not comprehend things that could not be understood by logic”
    …Somehow, I don’t know how to react to this line. It’s funny, though.

    My thanks to you, Scrya.


  3. low profile says:

    Yummy~ thx for the Chapter。
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  4. White Devil Era says:

    Michelle’s tournament is a main quest? That’s interesting… He thought it was a side quest when he first got it.

    Definitely looking forward to her arc continuing.


  5. Naeko says:

    Is it really legal to accidentally kill those classmates? That teacher and Shir is going to witness the fighting and be troublesome witnesses to killings. If they are frozen, their statues can fall over and their arm or head might break off during the fall.


  6. Alavaria says:

    Nice, he got a revenge quest against the king.
    Interesting that the quest text clarifies that it was the king who framed him.


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