Vol. 4 Chapter 50: Everyone Seems to be Good People

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It seems I have greatly underestimated Gabriel’s abilities. I didn’t expect that this guy actually had such good social networking skills. After the battle, he would frequently chat with the other four A-Rank mercenaries, and he seemed to be enjoying his time.

Especially the Broadsword Wielder called Sai, he was acting as if he was Gabriel’s long lost brother, and had been talking to him constantly. It seems after Uncle Gabriel saved him, he’s really treating Gabriel as one of his brothers. Was this due to the unconstrained personality of a mercenary, or was he just a simpleton?

Oh well, this is a good development as well. I will just let them be…

“Fel, come over here. This is your father’s new brother, Sai. Come over and greet him.”

Hey hey, couldn’t you have ignored me?

I bit the bullet and walked over. Though, with this opportunity, I was finally able to get close to these few A-Rank mercenaries.

LV 36 Broadsword Wielder
[Kind] [Unrestrained] [Arrogant Warrior] [Broadsword Wielder] [A-Rank Mercenary] [???]

LV 33 Berserker
[Neutral] [Strong] [Raging Mangler] [Berserker] [A-Rank Mercenary] [???]

LV 31 Heavy Mace Wielder
[Neutral] [Courageous] [Shatterer] [Heavy Mace Wielder] [A-Rank Mercenary] [???]

LV 34 Spear User
[Kind] [Firm] [Piercer] [Spear User] [A-Rank Mercenary] [???]

They were all above LV 30, and their ages were in the thirties. Though, as European-looking men, they looked older than their actual age.

“Hello fellow uncles. Today… Thank you very much for saving everyone.”

Although I’m not really against you calling me over here, why did you not call Dale over as well?

“Haha, we didn’t do much. If your father had not helped me, I would have already been killed by that bastard!”

Uncle Sai laughed heartily as he patted on Gabriel’s shoulder.

Why did I suddenly think of Billy Herrington? It must definitely be my misconception, though I did slowly take a step back.

“Our father is really incredible! He had always been protecting us.”

I said ‘proudly’, and then winked at him.

“Hahaha… You’re flattering me too much…”

He started to laugh embarrassingly.

“Speaking of which, why do you know of the recovery spell? If I recall, it’s the Church’s…”

“I was a priest in the past. But I have grown old, and my wife was… And I still have three kids to take care of, so I decided to hand my heavy responsibility to the younger generation, and return home to take care of my kids. But there’s no benefits to gain when one retires from the Church, so I have no choice but to earn some money myself.”

Whoa, as expected of one who worked in the Church in the past. To be able to spout out such believable nonsense in an instant, and he did not even forget to add in a bad remark about the Church at the end. Did your previous superior know of how incredible you are? If he knew, he definitely wouldn’t have let such a good salesman like you go right?

“Brother, you really have went through a lot, huh. Why don’t you… join our Fenced Cage Guild?”

“Hey! Fellow Sai, that shouldn’t be the case, right? If he has to join a guild, he has to join our Soul Eater Guild!”

The Berserker called Nedo, who was sitting at the side, suddenly stood up and said.

“Hey hey, what about me! Are you guys ignoring me, Odin!?”

As usual, Priests are a favored class, no matter where they are. Everyone hopes to have one in their team, huh.

Looking at them fighting over Gabriel, I helplessly took a few slow steps back from their quarrel, and returned to the rest.


The moment I returned, I saw Lois hugging onto Oyado as she walked at the end of the group. Seeing that I returned, Oyado revealed a pleading expression, asking me for help.

“Miss Lois, what are you doing?”


Lois tilted her hand as she glanced at me.

I’m enjoying my own hobby. Otherwise, I will be bored to death by this tedious journey.”

“Haven’t you heard that when you’re enjoying your time, you must ensure that you’re doing it without troubling someone else?”

“Un, I haven’t heard of it.”

“Alright, but can’t you see that my little sister is really frustrated? Is this how you treat the people you love!?”


Lois pondered for a moment, and then nodded.

“Un, that’s right.”


This girl does not follow the standard routine at all!

“Alright, Oyado, do whatever you want. I will definitely not blame you.”


The moment I said that, Lois was instantly threw to the ground with an armhook over her neck. Then, Oyado leaned her entire body on Lois, fixing her onto the floor.

“Ehhhhh! Why does your sister know a technique like this!? Why does such a cute loli know of such a scary technique!?”

“Aren’t you the same? Even though you’re such a cute loli, you kill people without even batting an eye.”

“Hmph, even if you call me cute, I won’t ever thank you!”

Hey hey, isn’t the fact that you kill people without batting an eye the point here?

“In any case, we…”

“Get down!”

Hearing these words, I quickly pushed Oyado and Lois onto the ground. At the same time, a strong wind blade penetrated through the carriage beside us!

What the hell! This is…


A monster’s angry roar came from the sky. When I raised my head to take a look, a giant eagle of about 10 meters in size actually glided over us!

What’s that? A field boss?

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  1. DMR says:

    He isn’t a lolicon…. really…. he took advantage of the situation to push down 2 lolis and he claims to not be a lolicon….

    It’s official, Fir needs more big boobed ladies back in his life… his fiancee which he tried to separate from…

    Thanks for the chapter XD


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