Vol. 4 Chapter 56: Sweeping the Battlefield

‘Cause I can.

After the battle ended, we, the ‘lucky survivors’ gathered together and looked at the tragic state of the battlefield, and we were solemn for a long while.

After a long period of silence, Bai Yueguang suddenly spoke up.

“Since we’re still quite far from our destination, let’s first introduce ourselves. After all, we will be journeying together for this period of time.”

After saying that, he pointed at himself.

“I’m Bai Yueguang, a Samurai, and I came from the Country of Li in the Eastern Continent. The reason why I’m on this side is to see how the Western Continent is like. And then over here is…”

“I’m Hei Luoli~”

The girl with black hair and red eyes interrupted.

“I’m an Archer~ I love cakes and fruit pies~ Pleased to meet everyone~”

“I’m Tai Shixi, a Halberd Wielder.”

The last person who introduced herself was the very tall girl, but her introduction was also the shortest. It seems she’s not the type who likes to talk much.

But she definitely wasn’t the most dangerous, rather, that girl called Hei Luoli…

Bai Yueguang
Human Male | 20 Years Old
LV 30 Samurai
[Neutral] [Free] [Ronin] [Traveller] [Thousand Slashes] [Keeper of a Bloody Secret] [Samurai] [Bodyguard] [Whatever Goes]

Hei Luoli (Li)
Human Female | 12 Years Old
LV 25 Archer
[Neutral] [Free] [Pitiful] [Dangerous] [Dark-colored Daisy] [Banished Princess] [Spirit Killer]

Tai Shixi
Human Female | 21 Years Old
LV 28 Halberd Wielder | LV 12 Taoist Priest
[Neutral] [Free] [Leisurely] [Condescending] [Former Captain of the Restraining Army] [Accordance to the Green Dragon] [Dynasty Warrior Girl]

One of them was actually a Taoist Priest, but she doesn’t look like one at all. It’s probably because of the difference in our worlds’ cultures, though I do believe they should be the same.

But this girl in the middle with the [Dangerous] title is really… She totally looks like a highly motivated loli who cherishes and loves life… Why would she possess such a terrifying title?

Then, when I looked at Oyado, who was currently tilting her head while looking at me, I suddenly understood something, and silently nodded to myself.

“Thank you for your help, and also the Sol household and fellow mercenaries. If it wasn’t for all of you, we would have already lost our lives.”

Abudo said, while his subordinate was wrapping a bandage around the wound on his arm.

I guess he had seen the strength we possessed earlier. No matter was it Dale’s Lightning magic spells or my Punishment Cross, currently, those mercenaries were looking at us with respect, unlike the looks of ridicule from before.

Among Abudo’s three former bodyguards, only two of them were left. That Ice Magician had already become one of those piles of corpses over there. That Lightning Magic Swordsman lost one of his arms as well, so his battle strength should be greatly diminished in future battles.

“But evidently, I have underestimated our opponents’ abilities, right now…”

“This is no longer an A-Rank mission, right? Our opponents are actually able to dispatch a gryphon and hundreds of battle dolls. Isn’t that too frightening? Even a simple challenge against an enraged high-grade magical beast is considered as an S-Rank mission. A gryphon is a super-grade magical beast, you know?”

Sai said while holding onto his wound. Listening to his words, the surrounding mercenaries nodded in unison.

“I know. I will alter the grade of the mission in the next city. I don’t mind if you wish to back out from this mission, but those who back out, will only be able to take 50 gold as compensation. You will only get the full reward if you complete this entire escort mission.”

“… We will decide as we go along.”

“Of course, I will gather more people at our next stop…”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

I suddenly spoke up.

“Isn’t the reason why we became such easy targets because of the large size of our group? I don’t know what you guys have in these carriages of yours, but having an elite few as escorts is the best way around this. And wouldn’t it be safer if we take an alternate and longer route that people wouldn’t usually think of as well?”

“That’s indeed true. But some things…”

“I say, our opponents are people who are able to control gryphons, you know? Then shouldn’t you be someone capable of purchasing dimensional storage rings? Can’t you simply use rings to store those items you’re transferring?”

After listening to my words, he went silent for a moment.

“Indeed, since they have already played such big cards, then we shouldn’t be that thrifty any longer either.”

I really wanted to ask why he couldn’t have that old man, the Ice Empire’s King, to personally secure the goods, but it’s best not to reveal that I know that much information.

In that earlier battle, Yoei had already said that out loud, but since the surrounding mercenaries aren’t uttering a single word about it, then it’s best I keep silent about the matter as well.

“Then we will take a short break, before heading off for the next city. We have already wasted a great deal of time earlier, so I hope that we will be able to reach the next city before their gate closes.”

“Our opponents probably know of our next destination, right? Is there really no other place we can go?”


The merchant revealed a difficult expression, and then took out a map.

“If it’s another city… even if we were to proceed on at full speed, we will only be able to reach that city at 4 in the morning.”

“But compared to being ambushed in the city, wouldn’t it be better if we have a good nice sleep after rushing to another city? What are you opinions, everyone?”

I looked towards the mercenaries at the side, and they instantly nodded, showing their approval of my idea.

Other than Sai, Odin, and Domitius, there were only 14 mercenaries left, and most of them were B-Ranked. Their wounds were not light either.

Most of them are probably thinking of backing out as well, right? Even if it’s Odin and the other A-Rank mercenaries, they should be in the same situation as well. After all, the wounds on their bodies are basically beyond tragic. They probably felt that it’s already a miracle that they survived after facing that monster.

They do not have Oyado’s dodging abilities, Gabriel’s healing abilities, and as for Dale and I… We won’t die as long as we have potions.

“Alright, then after we take a short break, we will directly head to another city, Wors. There’s a branch of our company situated there, I believe it will be more convenient for us as well.”

“Then you guys get some rest, we will be sweeping the battlefield.”

“Hey hey, me too!”

Bai Yueguang immediately rushed over.

ā€œI wasn’t able to take the final boss’ head, but at the very least, I need to take the spoils of war!”

“Whatever, you see those piles of dolls? Currently, they still can’t be found anywhere on the market, so they should be quite valuable.”


He excitedly roared, and then rushed towards the piles of metal scraps.

“Is he always like this?”

I asked his two companions.

“That’s right, that’s right~ But it’s because of that, we get along very well~ Isn’t that right, Tai-chan~”

“I already told you this many times, don’t call me Tai-chan! But… that guy has indeed always been like that.”

“Is that so…”

In any case, he’s a chuuni. Un. I remember now.

Then, I directed my gaze back towards the endless piles of dolls, and furrowed my brows. With this many dolls, when will we finish moving them all?

But, an instant later, I was suddenly enlightened.

I called Oyado over, and then took out the item, Momiji’s End, which was the Momiji’s artifact I found in the Academy Tower before.

I handed her the ring, and then said.

“You know the positions of the scrolls that are placed in the interior of the dolls, right? Please help me gather those scrolls.”

“Ah, all… alright!”

Although she gave this verbal answer, Oyado’s eyes had been fixated at the ring in her hands the whole time.

This girl…

“If you really want this ring, I can give it to you…”

“Really!? Thank you, big brother! I will definitely complete this mission!”

After saying that, she placed the ring in her pocket, and ran over to the piles of dolls with an amazing speed.

“This girl… Does she really know how to use that ring?”

Well, as long as she’s happy. Even though it’s a quest item, since we won’t be separated, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Then, I went to greet Dale.

“Let’s go and take a look at Yoei’s body.”

“Eh? Why?”

Dale was currently kneeling on the ground while inspecting the structure of the dolls. When he heard my words, he seemed to be a little irritated.

“Since that guy brought this many dolls, he should have been holding onto something that could store them. There’s definitely still some dolls stored inside, we should…”

“Let’s go! Hurry!”

Before I could finish, he jumped off the ground, and started running.

“Hey! You’re heading the wrong way! It’s this way!”

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