Vol. 4 Chapter 47: Journey Begins

An hour later, that man called Abudo kept the registration book, and then leapt onto the front of the horse carriage. He looked at the surrounding crowd, cleared his throat, and shouted loudly.

“I’m very thankful to all the participants who accepted this escort mission. According to the registration count, we have a total of 145 mercenaries who are participating in this mission. I’m very grateful to all of you. Among them, I’m also very honored to have 5 A-Rank mercenaries accompanying our group.”

After saying that, he turned to look towards a particular direction.

I turned to look as well, and my brows furrowed.

In front of the large group, were 5 heavily armored warriors. They were Odin, a LV 31 Heavy Mace Warrior, Sai, a LV 35 Broadsword Wielder, Domitius, a LV 34 Spear User, Fenrofus, a LV 36 Broadsword Wielder, and Nedo, a LV 33 Berzerker respectively. To us, having A-Rank mercenaries in our group isn’t a bad thing. What’s bad is that among them, the bastard known as Fenrofus has a [Smuu Household’s Trusted Messenger] title!

This is bad, this is really bad!

Throughout this journey, Oyado must not take any form of action at all, and we must make sure not to attract his attention as well.

“Do you guys see that man with the black broadsword on his back? The one among the five so-called A-Rank mercenaries.”

I softly whispered to the Oyado and the rest.

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

“Yeah, big brother. Is there something wrong with that guy?”

“That bastard is someone from the Smuu household, I… I saw him once when I visited the Smuu household in the past.”

I casually threw in a lie. I can’t say I realized it from looking at his titles, right? I believe Dale understands as well.

“Is that so? That guy is actually someone from the Smuu household… Then what are we going to do?”

“Eliminate him~ Big brother, let’s eliminate him~ We will be much safer that way.”

“… Even if we have to eliminate him, we can’t kill him off directly. At the very most, when he suffers from a heavy blow, we will sneakily deal the finishing blow. Otherwise, if such a strong person were to suddenly die, the Smuu household will definitely be suspicious.”

“You’re right.”

Gabriel nodded.

“It might be possible that the Smuu household dispatched all of their bodyguards, and tasked them to look for us. And coincidentally, this mission allows mercenaries to leave the city, hence…”

“Un, so we have to be careful. Let’s go, that guy has finished his speech, let us follow the group out of the city. Oyado, throughout this journey, just stay behind us. Your current appearance is completely different from before, so you don’t have to worry about that. But, do not take any excessive actions. Prevent doing anything that might attract his attention.”

“I understand, big brother! I will definitely be careful~”

I laughed as I stroked her head, and then held her hand as we followed the group out of the city.

“Fir, that mercenary called Lois has been staring at us. What is she planning?”

Not even ten minutes after leaving the city, Dale whispered to me.

I glanced towards the side, and just as he said, Lois was following behind us by herself. Earlier, I thought I saw her regrouping with her party, but it seems like she was the only one who accepted the mission.

Weird, her titles don’t seem to be related to us in any way, so why is she following us?

“What do you guys think?”

I asked the rest about it.

“I don’t know either, but if I were to say something about her, it’s that she’s a very good leading figure among the mercenaries, and have good battle capabilities.”

“Un, indeed…”

I pondered for a moment. Then, I turned and walked over to her.

“Why have you been staring at us?”

I really wish to first greet her before getting into the actual topic at hand, but currently, we have yet to know each other’s names, so I had to use a simple and direct method to ask.

“Because I find your little sister really cute.”


I think so as well, I don’t need you to point that fact out for me, right?

Wait a minute, as a loli yourself, is there really no problems calling someone’s little sister cute?

Unless this girl is…

“Are you a sis-con?”


She was startled for awhile, seemingly, she was pondering the meaning of my question. After a while, she clapped her hands together out of sudden realization.

“Are you referring to people who like little sisters?”

“Ahem… Well… Something like that.”

“That’s of course! Little sisters are the cutest, after all! But, all that little sister of mine ever does is practice with her sword! She completely lost the gentleness of a girl should have. She’s totally unlike your sister. Your little sister is so cute, so gentle, she’s basically… basically an angel!”

“You pervert…”

“Eh? What does that mean?”

“As a girl, you still fantasize about little sisters. do you think you’re Kirino?”


Looking at her doubtful expression, I started to ponder.

If this girl joins our party, until we reach the capital, our battle potential will be raised quite a bit. And this girl is very familiar with the mercenary business. If she joins, our disguise as mercenaries will be more complete as well.


Is it really alright to let a sis-con join our party? She’s a girl… but… yuri or whatever…

It doesn’t sound bad at all~

I nodded, and then asked.

“Then don’t just keep staring, you look just like a stalker, you know. Why don’t you come over and have a chat with us?”

“Oh, can I really~?”

Her eyes turned heart-shaped in an instant, and before I even gave my permission, she had already sprinted over.

“My name is Lois. Little girl, what’s your name?”


Oyado looked at Lois weirdly, and then turned to look at me weirdly.

“Umm, Lois says she wish to join our party, right?”

“That’s right, that’s right~ So, little girl, what’s your name~?”

A loli looking lovingly at another smaller loli… Looks like the the morals in this world are really frightening, huh…

“My name is… Sol Luna…”



I furrowed my brows.

“You… Where did you learn that sort of honorific?”

“Oh, ‘chan’ means cute and small.”

“I know that. I’m asking who you taught you that.”

“Un? In my earlier mission, I met a black elf. She kept called me ‘Lois-chan’, so I learnt it~”


Hehe, I knew it was you, Yuon. So you actually belong to ‘that’ world as well, huh? As expected, anyone that is transferred into this world isn’t normal.

I turned to look at Dale, and saw that his face was dark as well. Looks like he was dealt quite a shocking blow.


“What’s wrong? Well, I can probably guess what you’re going to say…”

“How unfortunate, another loli has turned yuri…”


Alright, I see you’re not normal either!!

Just at this moment, I suddenly saw an attack warning. I hurriedly tapped on Accelerate, and I saw the orbit of a flying arrow being shot towards us from the bushes.

“Watch out!”

I blocked the incoming arrow and looked at the direction where the arrow came from. A name actually appeared, but unfortunately, it was too far and I couldn’t make clear of it.

Right after, countless names were revealed in the bushes, causing me to startle for a moment.

“An ambush!”

The surrounding mercenaries hurriedly shouted, while I laughed, and said to everyone in my party.

“Alright, the time to grind has come!”

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43 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 47: Journey Begins

  1. DMR says:

    Kirino reference Yay!!!!!! Thanks for the chapter XD

    That said, a loli showing attraction to a little girl….. something seems weird…

    And why is our MC not learning all the skills he can from his group… they’d surely teach him many things…

    He needs to learn more light magic, and could use more assassin skills..

    and anything else he could use…


      • DMR says:

        Well, THIS loli can’t resist a loli…

        That said, she’s probably mentally an adult, so she’s finding kids cute….

        Or, she’s just a plain pervert that loves to look at herself in the mirror but because she doesn’t wanna look narcissistic, she settles for other lolis


  2. Marx says:

    Getting more and more disappointed with the story and MC, I was like how the fak the girl know bout Kirino, and please dont tell me that Yuon mentioned all kind of characters reason. Still reading this while hoping that story will got even minor improvement.
    Current opinion stat 5/10
    Thanks for chaps though


      • Marx says:

        Sorry just notice that. Just woke up and went straight to the reading, however it still doesnt change that the storyline is getting “unstable”. Author using “Whatever skill” as excuse for all-purpose reasons. MC slowly start losing his value now


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