Vol. 4 Chapter 38: Jirandur – Black Market

“If I may ask, where did all your money come from?”

Walking out of the weapon store, Gabriel asked me with a bitter expression.

“What about it?”

“Haah, it seems your guild is pretty wealthy. To think you’re willing to buy these sorts of unenchanted weapons.”

“Haha… Is that so.”

Contrary to my expectations, these weapons were actually quite cheap. A single weapon costed only a single gold. Although there are no additional effects, the boost in attack strength is still rather significant.

But this store only had four different types of Connect Weapons. The clerk explained that because the other types did not sell well, they did not replenish their stocks. But since I won’t possibly specialize in the weapons that even the people in this world don’t specialize in, the four types I purchased were enough.

These four types of weapons were evidently additional products created by the Smuu household while they were creating their dolls, and every weapon had a name of their own. The weapon combination between a large sword and a spear was called ‘Fearsome’, the combination between a long sword and a dagger was called ‘Breaker’, the combination between dual blades and a bow was called ‘Intimidation’, and the combination between a knight sword and a whip was called ‘Punisher’. Although I don’t know who gave them these names, but they sound pretty amazing.

But, after buying them, I immediately threw them into my ring. After all, people usually wouldn’t buy such unique weapons for use, as mercenaries would only use a single preferred weapon of their choice. And for a period of time, we would need to lay low in this city. Showing these weapons around in the open would catch too much attention.


“We seemed to have stand out too much when we were buying the weapons. We now have a few people following us.”

As we made a turn, I spotted the four people behind us. They all had red names, which evidently meant that their target was me.

But their levels weren’t that high. They were all in the LV 14 to 16 range, so they were not much of a threat.

“Un, I realized as well. But later, we will be entering the black market, these people would probably retreat then, right?”

Gabriel glanced towards their direction and said.

“But it won’t be safe if they know that we’re heading towards the black market, right? After all, we behaved a little out of the norm at the Smuu household’s store. If they’re men sent by the Smuu household, then we won’t be safe at all, right~ Big brother~?”

“Un, Oyado, you’re right. But…”

“Leave it to me, big brother. I will make sure they won’t ever return…”


I sternly looked at Oyado and said.

“I don’t know what’s stored in your memories, but don’t always solve everything with violence. That’s not right.”


“I think it’s better to leave this mission to uncle Gabriel.”

“After saying that, I looked towards Gabriel.

“Eh? Why me?”

“Don’t you have memory magic? Can’t you just alter the memories of those four people?”

“That really… doesn’t fit your personality at all. Even though you were ruthless when you were handling those bandits. You didn’t even ask for their names and simply exterminated them all.”

“Because killing those bastards doesn’t matter in the slightest at all. We don’t even know where these people come from. If their guild finds out they’re dead, and if the Smuu household were to disclose the intel they know, then we will be in trouble. You don’t want trouble, right?”

“What you say make sense.”

“Indeed, big brother really thought this through.”


I had no choice. Earlier, among their titles, I saw the words [Bright Dragon Guild]. Even if I don’t know much about other guilds, I knew that this particular guild was extremely vengeful.

This guild… if I were to describe it, is that it’s a guild formed by a group of grudgeful individuals. The moment someone angers one of their members, it’s basically the same as angering the entire nest of hornets. Once, a certain guild harmed one of their members. As if they were avenging the deaths of their families, they killed all of that guild’s members on sight, and the commotion only ended a month after. Thus, they became famous from this incident.

A guild like this cannot be messed with, otherwise, it would turn into a war between the three of us and their entire guild. Although we have a sinister magician, a sinister dark priest, and an assassin that specializes in every form of killing methods, but… killing is still a bad thing to do. It’s not like I find it troublesome to kill these people who could only drop a few amount of gold and experience.

So, it’s best to solve this problem peacefully~

Hence, half an hour later, the four mercenaries were caught by the guards and sent to prison for attempting to rob the Smuu household’s weapon store. No one, not even the other Bright Dragon guild members, knew why they did that. All they could do was kick them out of the guild, as they did not dare to go against the guards.

And we successfully entered the black market situated in Jirandur City’s sewers. Although we walked through the dirty sewers for quite a long time, and finally realized the black market was actually in the sewers as well, when I saw the crowded black market itself, I felt quite pleased.

“Then we will split up here, and meet up at 5 in the afternoon.”

I said as such.


“Alright, big brother~”

We decided to split up after discussing about it. After all, everyone has their own private matters to attend to. Putting Gabriel aside, Oyado… cough cough, who knows what a girl would buy, it’s best to quietly leave her to her own discretion. This is from the accumulated experience of preventing myself from being chased with an axe and a NICE BOAT. Though, it wasn’t accumulated by me.

But the place I’m heading to is definitely not a place they would go. According to the information I obtained from Falan before, I found the position of those private terminals she talked about, among the countless different nameplates and stalls.

Although terminals are still not widely known, but most of the guilds have already started to use this convenient message transmitting tool. Hence, naturally, there would definitely be people who start up such businesses.

The person standing outside the entrance was someone dressed entirely in black, and I wasn’t even able to discern the person’s gender just by the looks. I only know that the person has sharp and bloodshot eyes. But his title told me he’s a man. I handed a gold coin to him at the entrance. The clerk glanced at me, and then kept the gold.

Fantasy Society. This guy belongs to an organization called Fantasy Society. And since they possess the ability to make terminals, then there’s a possibility that among them, there’s an otherworlder like me.

But for now, it’s best to see to the situation at hand.

I walked into an empty room, and pushed my plugin into the terminal. The terminal flashed for a moment, before revealing a scenery with fluttering red leaves, and a welcome text.

‘Latest Missions’

After entering this instruction into the terminal, it flashed, before showing a few lines of text.

‘According to your current location, these are the current missions available to you.’
‘1. Find an young girl with orange hair. Reward: 900 Gold’
‘2. Kill the Lord of Jirandur City. Reward: 1,200+900+900 Gold’
‘3. Kill…’

I rubbed my temple, and then helplessly let out a bitter laugh.

“Have we already been found out? Looks like we can’t waste anymore time.”

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32 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 38: Jirandur – Black Market

  1. Sicill says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    “”This is from the accumulated experience of preventing myself from being chased with an axe and a NICE BOAT.””
    Is this a reference to something?


    • Helel_Ben says:

      There was this anime series, based on a videogame novel, where the protagonist got a girlfriend only to later flirt with others and well , the girls turned yandere. During the time of emision of the last episode there was a murder similar to what happened or something like that and the Tv station instead replaced the show with half an hour of nice scenes one of which was ….a boat. From there in 4chan someone created a meme. You can search for it like that in google “Nice Boat” and you will get a better explanation.


    • SonodaYuki says:

      Nice Boat should be Schol Days, but since I don’t remember an axe in that VN, I’m guessing that it’s from either Mirai Nikki or possibly Higurashi (although the Nata is actually some sort of billhook).


      • Diarek says:

        The axe is likely Mirai Nikki. When you consider the iconic value of something like School Days, it should be another famous yandere show, and while Yuno can use multiple weapons, her most popular artwork does feature an axe.
        Higurashi’s Rena isn’t yandere, contrary to popular belief, she’s Yangire, as her “snap” doesn’t has to be romantic reason, unlike Yandere, who acts almost exclusively out of jealousy.


      • SonodaYuki says:

        @Christian Hansen
        I am refering to different anime; several, even.

        Well yeah, Higurashi is just something I threw out there for the hell of it. If just it’s an axe we’re talking about here, then MAYU also come to mind, but the Vocaloid isn’t quite mainstream.


  2. Kalis says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    The nice boat comment comes from the anime (original is 18+ VN) school days. I think the VN is available in English now too…

    And I have to say. The original scene was among the creepiest extreme yandere scenes I’ve seen. Because the whole scenario was so utterly believable too…


  3. Owl says:

    Find a girl with orange hair lol. Someone is setting themselves up to be spammed.

    1) Buy a lot of orange dye.
    2) Go to the poor quarters of the city.
    3) Offer 1 silver to all the girls willing to dye their hair orange.
    4) Laugh while the enemy goes bankrupt.


  4. Vforvagina says:

    Just lost interest reading this cause mc is going all over the place, Plot is not even finish but he was already thrown out, author is doing a better job or not really trying, Plot is like getting pulled out of his ass.

    Thanks to the translator for translating this, I’m pretty much done on this novel for not even finishing the previous encounters and events and he just went to the other places.


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