Vol. 4 Chapter 65: Blazing Ripper

“You… You actually developed an electric chainsaw? Were you into mechanics in the past?”

Looking at the pair of long chainsaws, I suddenly felt a chill down my spine.

“Hah? What are you talking about?”

Aliyah raised the weapon in her hand in front of me, and laughed.

“This isn’t an electric chainsaw, but a magic chainsaw.”

“A magic chainsaw?”

When I looked at it carefully, I realized it was actually different from an electric chainsaw. The sawteeth were swapped out for alternating red and green magic crystals, and they were packed onto the chains of the magic chainsaw. Meticulous magic symbols were also engraved onto it. Looks like they’re used to activate it.

And on the handle of the magic chainsaw, five small-sized magic crystals were stabbed onto it like a magazine clip. If one were to look at it from afar, rather than looking like an electric chainsaw, it would look more like a weirdly shaped sword.

“Did you make this?”

“I only provided the idea, but the people who actually made them were the Ice Empire’s blacksmiths. And, it’s really easy to use~”

After saying that, she pressed the button on the handle, and the magic symbols on the magic chainsaw began to light up. But, the chains did not start turning, rather, a dim green light was slowly being emitted out from the magic crystal sawteeth.


I don’t know why, but my logic tells me whatever that touches that green light, will be sliced apart, no matter what it is.

And later, I found out that I was indeed right.

Aliyah laughed as she turned around. Then, she lightly swung the magic chainsaw in her hand towards the Shikigami which was still battling with a battle doll, and that Shikigami trembled for a moment before turning immediately into paper!

Oh my god, this is too scary!

Is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre going to be re-enacted here!?

”“You might have came up with a really frightening weapon… Probably.”

“That’s of course. Something came up by me, will obviously be incredible~”

“Yes, yes, alright, but you had best point your weapon at those things over there.”

“Hmph! I don’t need you to tell me that!”

After saying that, like a bird spreading its wings, she spread out her hands while wielding her magic chainsaw, and lowered her body.

Next up is naturally the lawnmower everyone loves. Aliyah’s figure flashed, as she rushed towards the device being surrounded by the Shikigamis. The Shikigamis blocking her way were first cut into two pieces, before turning back into paper!

Aliyah, the Lawnmower. She has a shelf life of 30 years, and is a trustworthy product. Buy now, and you will enjoy a free luxurious lunch in Kentucky.

Currently, by borrowing the power of the tools she was wielding, she did not need to use her skills at all. With a simple charge, she managed to create such an outcome. As expected, science and technology are the primary productive forces, huh.

“Kentucky? What’s that?”

Yoei’s controlled doll who was beside me, suddenly asked.

“Eh? Did I say that out loud?”

“Although I completely don’t understand what you said, you did indeed say that out loud.”

“Is that so? Sorry, you should just concentrate on controlling your dolls and prepare to charge.”


“Because the city gate can now be opened.”

Just when I said that, Aliyah leaped high into the sky, and with simple swings of her magic chainsaws, she stabbed her pair of chainsaws into the top of the wall created by the Shikigamis.

“Why! Don’t! You! Scram!!!!”

Aliyah roared loudly, and with a flip of her body, she moved her entire body above the magic chainsaws, and her two legs kicked onto the handles of the magic chainsaws at the same time!

Sounds of things ripping apart resounded across the city wall, and the magic chainsaws slashed all those Shikigamis into halves in an instant. In the next moment, the Shikigamis turned back into paper, and the gate opening device was revealed.

“What a frightening woman!”

Oyado who suddenly disappeared from the mob of Shikigamis appeared beside me with me noticing. She stroked her chin with her hand, and said.

I will lose if I were to drop a tsukkomi here!

“Now’s the time! Hurry and have your dolls charge over! Block those Shikigamis!”

I pointed towards Aliyah’s direction and shouted.

“Eh? Oh.”

Although Yoei had a doubtful expression, but he still lead his dolls and charged over. At the same time, all the surrounding Shikigamis gave up on the opponents in front of them, and crazily charged towards Aliyah!

“Block them! And… Go! Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!

A cold mist instantly froze the Shikigamis that attempted to surround Aliyah, and because of the wall formed by the battle dolls, those Shikigamis did not manage to surround her. Aliyah instantly broken the chains of the city gate, and walked out.

“Fir! My dolls!!!”

“Nothing happened to them. If you don’t believe me, try moving.”


Just when Yoei was about to get angry, he realized his dolls were indeed able to move.

“How is this possible, even though they’re frozen with the Shikigamis…”

“This is the difference in skill mastery.”

I nodded proudly. Of course, I’m not going to say it was all because of the party member setting.

Aliyah evidently heard what I just said, as she looked at me disdainfully. Of course, I simply smiled back at her.

“The city gate is now open. What’s next?”

Looks like the current Aliyah is a little angry? I kind of feel that her tone is a little weird.

“Then let’s head to the eastern gate. I believe they need reinforcements over there.”

The northern gate is too far, and Dale is at the western gate. If Yoei were to head over there, he will definitely recognize Dale. So, it’s safest to head towards the eastern gate.

“Hmph, whatever.”

Aliyah replied, but she looked rather unhappy.

“What a petty woman.”

“Hah? What did you just say, twerp?”



Seeing that Aliyah was about to activate her magic chainsaw, I quickly stopped her.

“Alright, alright~ Let’s hurry and save some people, alright?”


Oh my god, when did I anger Aliyah? I didn’t, right? Or was it Oyado? But that’s not right either. Although Oyado’s pretty merciless with her words, she has yet to do anything to her.

“Alright, let’s go. When the city gate opened, those things you call ‘Shikigamis’ all turned into paper as well.”

He pointed to the surroundings. Just as he said, other than those frozen in ice, the rest of the Shikigamis started to revert back to paper.

“Un? How is that possible? It’s too early for our opponent to give up, right? What’s the point of taking over the city gate like this? Or was it just to buy time?”

“… That might be possible.”

Beside me, Yoei said softly.

“Un? Did you think of something?”

“Ah? Nothing. I just felt that what you said might be correct. Because I heard that there’s something in the imperial city that the enemy must never lay their hands on. Otherwise, there will be trouble…”

“Hey hey, why did you not inform me of this sort of setting earlier!? Then we should head directly to that place!”

“Because… That place… Everyone knows of it. So, it might be impossible after all.”

“What’s the point of your obscure way of describing things, huh? Are you Yoei, or are you actually Helena?”

“Alright, it’s the altar where Snow White was formerly sealed at. Currently, that place had already been sealed up after that incident you were involved in. So…”

“Oh my god, so it was that place!”

Hearing this, my expression instantly turned pale.


“That altar is the closest place to the Abyss! If our enemy is able to once again open up the Abyss, the entire Ice Empire will be doomed!”

The moment I said that, suddenly, from afar, a purple pillar of light rushed towards the sky. I turned to look, and it was actually in the direction of the altar.

This sure has gotten… rather troublesome.

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  1. jorgelotr says:

    Thanks for your work.

    “Oyado who suddenly disappeared from the mob of Shikigamis appeared beside me with me noticing. She stroked her chin with her hand, and said.

    I will lose if I were to drop a tsukkomi here!”
    ^-I’m pretty sure that there’s a missing line there.


  2. GonZ555 says:

    “Aliyah, the Lawnmower. She has a shelf life of 30 years, and is a trustworthy product. Buy now, and you will enjoy a free luxurious lunch in Kentucky.”

    buy, Buy, BUY! where’s the BUY button ?! meabun want’s to buy the lawnmower!


  3. Rol-Adon says:

    thanks for the TL :D!!

    when aliyah get her MagicChainsaw i remember this, just add a head doll and is almost the same 😛
    [image] http://hdcutepics.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/lollipop-chainsaw-wallpaper-1080p.jpg [/image]
    [image] http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSEDk-uoBZNymPzv0t4n-NFmbKwdpUZLXQWvnkfdxC_yjUKkdrS [/imgage]

    well i dont know at all how to put images in this, so im sorry if i cant put it to show in this coment 🙂


  4. Divinedon says:

    Dont the otherworlders get a sub class at lvl 20 why hasnt the protag got thing from it i know he doesnt have a class at the moment but still..


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