Vol. 4 Chapter 10: Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon 2F – Meeting Snow White

Under Aliyah’s horrified expression, I had already shot myself towards the dragon in the air like a bullet.

Although I’m really confident in my aiming abilities, but if I were to use myself as the bullet, then my confidence will obviously be greatly reduced.

Accelerating to such a speed in an instant was uncomfortable as expected. Before I could even react, my entire body had already collided with Oniyasi’s back.

The sharp scales pierced my face, and for the first time, I realized the importance of being thick-skinned. If God had told me I might use my face to contest with a dragon’s scale in the future, I would have definitely relentlessly come up with ways to turn my face as hard as a steel plate.

That’s too scary. Wouldn’t I become a robot then?

I quickly threw this thought away. Pulling out a dagger, I stabbed it right into a gap between the dragon’s scales. If I did not do that, I would definitely be thrown back off into the air.

And even if I stabbed into its body, I still held the possibility of being thrown off. Currently, my arms were already feeling like they were about to snap apart. This showed how fast this thing was flying!

“Strong Arcane – Sanctioning Tearing Cross!”

I jumped onto the dragon’s back for the sake of absolute accuracy. Of course, even if that’s the case, it’s continuously shaking body increased the judgment difficulty.

Looks like I have no choice. Even though it will hurt a bit, but since I won’t lose HP, then I should try it out!

This time, the red cross did not appear in the air, rather, it appeared in my hand. Under the deafening ringing of a bell, I grabbed onto one of the edges of the cross, and released my other hand from the dagger!

Immediately after, my body was flung away as I predicted. The angle, and timing, were all in my range of predictions… Oniyasi was moving as how I thought it would as well. It’s body balance was disrupted, due to the change in weight after throwing me off its body.

I only have a single chance! I will definitely let you enjoy it to the fullest!

“Ice Totem!”

Once again, I accelerated towards the dragon, but this time, it was different. I’m not planning to ride it, rather, I’m planning to… pierce right through it!

The flames emitted by the cross had already caused my hand to lose its sensing functions, but, just like how I thought it would turn out, the cross pierced right through a spot below the neck, where the color of the skin there was different from the rest of its body.

Although this is my first time seeing a flying dragon, but, a dragon’s weakness appeared in most games.

And it’s the part below the neck where there are no scales protecting its body!

This time, from it’s softest spot, I pierced right through its spine. Pretty thrilling, right?

As I thought, Oniyasi emitted a loud earth-shattering groan. It accelerated to its limits, and flew towards the chapel in the air.

After the the blazing cross was extinguished, I immediately summoned another ice sword and pierced right into its body. But this time, I increased the freezing effect, turning the ice sword into a handle, and fixed it in the dragon’s body.

“Grab onto me!”

The moment the dragon crashed into the chapel, Aliyah immediately leaped off the chapel, and onto the dragon’s back.

I quickly twisted my waist, pulled her over and hugged her!

After the crash, pieces of ice rained down our faces.

But, compared to my accumulated damage, this amount was nothing. Because…

“So heavy…”

Only supporting myself with a single arm was already causing that arm of mine to feel like breaking. Adding Aliyah, I could feel my nerves had already snapped.

“What did you say!?”

She wanted to push me away, but after realizing our current situation, she still held onto my arm with a reddened face.

“To tell you the truth, this ice sword is about to break any time soon…”

“… You idiot! Let me do it!”

After saying that, she pulled out a sword, aimed it at the spot next to my ice sword and stabbed into it. Then, she took out another, and stabbed it in as well.

Pitiful dragon. Today, you were not only stabbed by a man twice, but was stabbed by a woman twice as well. I wonder how you’re feeling?

Although I don’t know the actual situation, but, the dragon’s groan was evidently getting softer, and it felt like it was about to die.

And its HP was dropping very quickly, and as I turned to look, it was already left with a little HP left.

“Speaking of which? If this guy dies, aren’t we going to fall all the way to the bottom?”

“But if we don’t attack it, we will die much earlier. Because we would be eaten it, right?”

“That’s true.”

I nodded.

“What’s after this then?”

“Obviously, we’re going to fall.”

After a final groan, Oniyasi’s head hanged down lifelessly, and the swaying of its body ended as well.

Oniyasi defeated.
EXP Received: 200,000
Item(s) Received: Ice Dragonscale (Medium-grade)

And a ‘Ting’ sound came from Aliyah’s body. Looks like she successfully leveled up to LV 18.


What’s the use of it!? Although I’m not sure how deep the bottom is, but we can no longer avoid the tragic event of landing bloody splat onto the bottom. Even with a raise of a level, it wouldn’t be possible…

Contrary to our expectations, we, along with the corpse of the dragon, suddenly fell into something soft. In an instant, it felt like something was enveloping us.


Before I could even experience this thing fully and figure out what this thing was, with a ‘Pa’ sound, we once again began to fall. But, this time, in less than a second, we completed the feat of smashing onto the ground.

“Cough cough…”

The dust cloud created wasn’t really large, but it was still enough to choke me.

When I raised my head, I realized we actually landed on a beach.

And what’s mysterious was, the beach here was made of dried sand, but less than 10 meters away, it was a vastness of  white snow, that extended far inland!

“Aliyah, are you alright?”

I looked around, and found Aliyah lying on the sand not far away. I quickly ran over.


She answered painfully.

I looked at her status, and found out there were Fractured and Bleeding status icons blinking beside her name.

But just from looking at her with my naked eyes, I can’t determine where the fracture was. Her entire body was covered by her light armor. Even though there were cracks everywhere, it was still impossible to see beneath it.

“Aliyah, where does it hurt?”

“Hurt? My entire body is hurting…”

“I’m talking about fractures. Your status tells me you have some fractures in your body.”

“Is that so…”

Aliyah tried moving her limbs.

“It hurts…”

When she moved her right leg, her expression twitched a bit.

“This is really embarrassing… As a swordsman, I’m actually more injured than a magician.”

She bitterly smiled.

“That’s because my level is higher. Let me help you take a look.”

“Hey… Wait a minute…”

Aliyah tried to stop me with a reddened face, but the moment she tried to move, it hurt so much she lied back down again.

“You… you…”


I shook my head as I took off the boot on her right leg.

“You’re actually taking off someone’s shoes so casually… You’re really…”

“Oh please, in your current state, you can’t take it off yourself right? It’s not like I’m taking off your clothes, what are you so agitated about?”

“What!? You want to take off my clothes as well!? You pervert! Human trash!”

“Calm Heart!”

I had no choice but to use a magic spell to calm her down.

Luckily, my eyes and hands moved quickly, as I saw her hand reaching out for her sword.

“… You idiot. Hurry up, how long are you going to hold onto my leg for?”

“Alright, alright. Even though it was your fault.”

I smiled bitterly as I spread out my wings. Then, I used both the Abnormal Status Removal and Healing spells.


After healing myself, I retracted my wings.

“Have some rest. I’m going to scout the place.”

“Wait a minute!”

Aliyah hurriedly crawled up, and quickly put on her boot.

“I’m going as well!”


“I don’t want to lie down here all alone! Hmph! Eh? Over there…”

Suddenly, Aliyah pointed to the direction of the snowland.

I turned to look, and on the snow, there was a white-haired elf in a grey one-piece dress looking at us curiously.


I furrowed my brows.

“Isn’t she Snow White?”

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25 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 10: Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon 2F – Meeting Snow White

  1. Scarecrow says:

    Kyaa~ Fir is touching Aliyah feet! How lewd! I mean.. Did he even have to? Shouldn’t it be fine to just heal her whole body? Healing spells doesn’t even cost mana for him anyway.


  2. RennasS says:

    Errr, what is it need to took off her boots?
    Can’t he just heal her?
    Say that he never applied potion on wounds as well, right?
    Why does this time he took off the boots to heal, was he really had foot fetish?


  3. Bare Necessities says:

    >the the blazing cross

    >we would be eaten it
    eaten by

    >it was vastless white snow
    ?it was a vastness of white snow??
    vastless isn’t a word


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