Vol. 4 Chapter 6: Cold Flame

Earlier, we did not notice, but unknowingly, we had actually arrived at a place that looked similar to an altar.

The entire place looked completely circular, and in eight directions, there was a 30 meter tall metal pillar erected on each position, and was uniformly separated from each other.

And in the center, there was a gigantic piece of sparkling ice crystal erected. Unlike normal ice crystals which are light blue in color, this piece of ice crystal was as clear as glass.

This isn’t actually glass, right?

Although I was thinking as such, but the ice crystal in front of us was emitting a strong chill to the surroundings, which was no different than any other ice crystal.

But the most important thing was, standing in the center of the ice crystal, there was a young girl dressed in an Asian robe hugging onto a bow. Her two eyes were tightly closed, and her pure white hair was scattered as if it was being blown by the wind. Although her doll-like face carried a smile, but, her entire body was like a sculpture, and she was not moving a single bit.

Is she Sleeping Beauty or is she a sleeping Snow White…?

Unless someone has to kiss her for to wake up, like in the stories?

‘You’re probably thinking about something weird again, right?’

Suddenly, a message from Aliyah popped out in front of me, and startled me.

Are you kidding with me? Did you learn a mind-reading skill?

‘Of course not, I was figuring out why this piece of ice crystal was completely clear.’

I replied sternly.

‘Is that so? Then why were you smiling so lewdly earlier?’


The corner of my lips twitched a bit.

‘Was I?’

‘I wonder.’

After saying, that girl stopped replying again. I turned to look at her,and realized she was actually running towards the ice crystal.

However, in less than a second, she immediately ran back.

“So… so freaking cold!”

Looking at her chattering teeth, I asked.

“How cold was it?”

“I couldn’t even use my fire skills at all. What do you think?”

“That’s right. This young girl was sealed in this ice 600 years ago, which was before the Ice Empire was founded. So as to revive this land which was under the ‘Shattering Ice’ curse, using herself as the heart of the spell, she sealed ‘Shattering Ice’. Although currently, ‘Ice Fissure’ was created to seal ‘Shattering Ice’, but, no one had been able to remove the ice binding the saint. Because as long as you’re within a 100 meter radius of the ice crystal, you will not be able to use any fire magic or skills.”

Princess Michelle excitedly introduced it to us, as if she was tourist guide.

We actually have the empire’s princess as our tourist guide, we sure are extravagant.

“No magic is able to dissolve it?”

I walked towards the ice crystal, and touched it.

The moment I touched it, my fingers immediately began to freeze up. I quickly pulled my hands away out of fright.

“Oh my god! Just how strong are the ice elemental particles contained in this ice crystal?”

“I already told you, right? Even if a Fire Archmage were to use the forbidden spell ‘Territory Blazing Skyfire’, before the flames could even land on the ice crystal, they would be extinguished. How strong do you think they are?”


I looked at the ice crystal.

I really want to slice the entire thing apart and take it away. This thing should be much stronger than natural magical stones, right?

“But is there really no other way to break it apart? Have you guys tried slicing it?”

“Nothing is able to slice it apart.”

Suddenly, I heard a foreign voice coming from the side.

“Little princess, looks like you’re being mischievous again.”

The voice came from a elderly old man. With a cane as a support, he slowly walked over to us.

However, I did not dare to underestimate this old man. Because his titles were very frightening.

South Nightisyoung
Male 77 Years Old
Sword Saint LV 78 ??? LV ??? [Neutral] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???]

I haven’t seen such a long string of question marks for a long time. As expected, when I actually see one, the individual is a bug-worthy existence.

A LV 78 Sword Saint… Are you kidding me? Even if you use your cane, you could still kill me instantly.


I did not even dare to move in his presence. While on the other side, Aliyah was in a state of high alert as well, probably because she could only see an entire series of question marks above his head.

“This thing is called ‘Abyssal Mystic Ice’, and is one of the ten great non-usable high-class materials. Whatever comes into contact with it will turn into an ice sculpture, which can be shattered with a single touch. Even if it’s a sword wave.”

After saying that, a wave of energy was released from his body, and it was headed directly towards the ice crystal. Before it could even touch the crystal, the energy wave turned to a crescent-shaped ice, and shattered upon colliding with the ice crystal.

Earlier… I saw him releasing a sword wave using his cane, but his movements were basically a blur.

As expected, there’s a really frightening level gap between us.

“According to legends, only flames are able dissolve this ice crystal. But flames aren’t even able to approach a hundred meters from this thing. Hence, this could only turn into an unsolved mystery.”

“Wait a minute, you’re saying, this thing can only be removed using flames? Or anything that look like flames work as well?”


The old man looked at me weirdly.

“Only flames are able to burn, right?”

“That’s not for certain.”

I took out my wand, and waved it to the front.

“Ultimate Arcane – Unnatural Cold Flame.”

White flames instantly enveloped the entire ice crystal! I quickly retreated two steps back out of shock!

And the old man beside me was shocked quite a bit as well, but he immediately reacted.

“This… It’s actually burning! Unless this is what that hint was referring to…”

“Hint? What hint? Shouldn’t you have said something like that earlier?”

“Well… You know, an old man’s memory isn’t really reliable.”

The old man coughed a few times, and then continued.

“About the Ice Fissure or whatever, according to legends, it can only be engulfed by flames. However, countless Fire Magicians had tried, but they did not succeed. But… The magic spell you used, was it a fire or ice magic spell?”

“I don’t know. I just happened to learn it.”

Indeed, with such a large bookshelf of books, do you think I would really look at all the descriptions of each book while tapping the ‘Yes’ button for each of them? If I were to actually look at them, I wouldn’t have finished reading them even after 10 years.

The only thing I know about this magic spell is that it appeared among the stack of skill books inside the Academy Tower.

“You just happened to learn it… You actually just happened to a learn an Ultimate Arcane spell… Just whose disciple are you? Why can’t I recall anyone that could pass down white flames…”

After saying that, this old man was actually lost in his thoughts.

Old man, it’s best that you don’t think about it. Even if you rack your brains, there definitely won’t be such a person.

“Unless it’s actually…!”

“Unless it’s actually, your ass! Don’t tell me a person like that actually exists!”

“A person like that indeed exists, but my memory…”

“Alright, it’s best you stop thinking about it. Don’t you think it’s bad if these flames continue to burn?”

“Un, oh. You’re right.”

The old man gave a ‘oh, you’re right’ look.

“Right, I have to activate the altar. Otherwise, the chill caused by the Ice Fissure will leak out.”

“Shouldn’t you have done that kind of thing earlier!!!??”

The moment I said that, the old man actually turned into a blur and disappeared from his former location.

Are you here to flaunt your level?

“Oh my god, how did you learn that mystical magic spell?”

Princess Michelle asked.

“I don’t know either…”

I looked at Aliyah.

“I suddenly happened to realize it…”

‘If you’re trying to fool someone, that’s not how you do it.’

Aliyah immediately sent a message over.

‘Then what else can I do?’

‘Somehow, I think you’re probably…’

Before she could finish, suddenly, inside the burning ice block, a ear-piercing scream could be heard. The frightening voice caused my entire body to tremble, and I almost fell onto the ground.


Before I could even understand the situation, the white flames were suddenly shot out from inside the ice crystal, and they were flying straight for me!

“Ice Totem!”

I immediately sent myself flying to the air. When I looked below, the white flames actually looked as if they were able to see me, as they crawled up the ice totem.

“What kind of joke is this!”

I quickly spread out my wing and began to fly, but, in an instant, the flames accelerated, and tightly grabbed onto me as if they were claws!

“Attack it!”

I yelled loudly.

Aliyah and Princess Michelle who regained their senses started to attack. A gigantic ice block and countless sword waves flew towards the white flames.


I don’t know why, I saw my HP and MP bar turning to zero in an instant, and right after, the white flames enveloped my entire body!


Suddenly, this word appeared right in front of me.

“Oh my god… Just what is…”

And then, a bright light flashed before me…

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