Vol. 4 Chapter 46: Lolis Are Never Bad People

After successfully obtaining the request, other than the time when the registration clerk was looking at us with eyes of pity after looking at the mission details, causing me to feel rather frustrated, there were no other problems.

Well~ I guess he also understood the benefits and demerits within, but as a registration clerk, since I was willing to do it, and there were no frauds or anything that were not in the regulations within the request, he did not dare to comment on it.

And also, the four of us looked extremely poor, so poor that we might, at any time, sacrifice our lives for money, so he did not dare to say anything to stop us.

Hence, we successfully obtained the request.

Fortunately, the team will be moving out today, and the meet-up point is the center square we were idling at earlier. Hence, after leaving the guild, we immediately headed over, and we saw eleven horse carriages the moment we reached.

As one of the cheapest cargo transportation method, horse carriages are still quite efficient, especially when transporting a large number of average-quality goods… But since it’s labeled as an A-rank mission, then there’s definitely something strange with the goods.

I’m not entirely sure, but what’s valuable should not be the goods, but a certain item carried by the requestor himself.

Unlike mercenaries, it’s easy to identify merchants from a crowd.

Clothes that were so clean and tidy that there was not even a single crease on it, and neat-looking hair. If you tell me someone like that is a mercenary, I’m going to beat you up.

Of course, since I’m willing to make this bet, I naturally have the confidence to win. His titles clearly spoke for themselves.

LV 7 Ice Magician | LV 28 Merchant
[Neutral] [Suspicious] [Ice Empire Merchant] [High-Quality Goods Merchant] [Stowaway] [Weidos Merchant Guild]

He was currently constantly registering the participating mercenaries, and at the same time, entertaining some other people who wore differently than the rest of the merchants.

The three of them were heavily armored, but their actual classes were completely irrelevant to the heavy armor they were wearing.

Ice Magician, Lightning Magic Swordsman, and Earth Magician. These three classes basically do not require the use of heavy armor, but why are they actually wearing them, then?

(Note: Magic Swordsman class is able to summon Magic Armor, hence, he does not need to wear armor. Irlin does not have good affinity as a Magic Knight, so at most, she’s only able to summon a magic sword, hence, she wears armor. )

Disguise? But their skills are too overly simple, aren’t they? They’re only able to fool regular people, at best.

But, this explains why the client require so many mercenaries. His bodyguards are all magic-types, and they don’t have a tank at all.

But no matter the case, the mission is still something we have to participate in, after all, we still have to escape from this city.

Of course, if we’re able to grind some levels and make some money along the way, it would be better.

“Un? Such a young mercenary is participating as well? You’re going to lose your life, you know.”

Seeing the four of us approaching, the middle-aged merchant looked at us a little strangely. He looked to be about 30 years old, and he was carrying a professional smile, exuding a feeling of familiarity. As expected of a long-time merchant.

“Don’t worry, we’re not weak.”

I laughed, and then took out my badge.

“F… huh? Well, I did warn you. Since you still wish to come with us, then as a merchant, I will humbly accept you.”

He laughed, and then proceeded to record my name and the serial number on the badge.

Next, Dale’s, Oyado’s, and Gabriel’s details were recorded as well, and then we sat at the side while waiting for the time of departure.

“Oyado, later, there’s no need for you to take any unnecessary action. It’s enough for you to simply hide behind us.”

“Un, but why, big brother?”

“Our objective is to reach the imperial city, other than that, try not to attract too much attention. The skills you use are actually things many people wish to obtain, so try not to expose them.”

“Un, I understand now, big brother.”

“Oyado is so well-behaved~ But, if there’s ever someone trying to do something that could harm us, then do not hold back, and ruthlessly beat him into a bloody pulp.”


“Hey hey, is there really no problems with your education?”

Gabriel, who was beside me, asked doubtfully.

“What’s wrong with establishing a perfect set of life values?”

“This is completely unrelated to life values, right? You’re basically determining someone else’s right to live.”

“Anyone who attempts to bully Oyado does not have the right to live. It’s that simple.”

“… Alright.”

Gabriel, who was ‘subdued’ by me, waved his hands helplessly at me.

“An F-rank is participating in an A-rank mission as well? You’re going to die, you know.”

Suddenly, someone who was near us spoke up.

There were quite a crowd of people walking past, if she did not suddenly spoke up, I wouldn’t have realized she was actually staring at us.


Why do I not see anyone when I raised my head to look?

“Down here~ Big brother~”

Hearing Oyado’s words, I hurriedly lowered my head. In front of Oyado stood a loli with long brown hair. She was wearing a black plated armor, and there was a magically engraved broadsword that was about the same height as her on her back! She glanced at me a little unhappily, and then said.

“As your senior in this mercenary business, I advise that you give this up. Your chance of death in this mission is basically a hundred percent.”

Senior… Although her body completely does not reflect this term, but in terms of battle strength, she’s indeed strong enough to boast.

Lois Beys
Female | 14 Years Old
LV 25 Broadsword Wielder
[Neutral] [Firm] [Oryados Mercenary Guild] [3rd Party Leader] [B-Rank Mercenary] [Beheader] [Protector] [???] [???]

“But without experiencing difficulties, we won’t be able to become outstanding mercenaries, no?”

I laughed as I replied.

Someone who is able to become a LV 25 Broadsword Wielder at the age of 14…Just where did she come from? Why are all the lolis so brutal these days?

“What you say… isn’t wrong either~ But, do you possess the ability to protect your little sister?”

“Of course!”

I accelerated towards her back, and then, tapped on the broadsword behind her.

“Oh~ Your speed isn’t bad, huh.”

She nodded.

“Well, in any case, the journey will be long. You guys can drop out at any time during the journey. Wish you guys luck.”

After leaving those words, she turned and left, returning to her own party.

“Un… Looks like there are still good people around here.”

“How are you sure that she’s not a bad person?”

“Lolis are never bad people.”


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45 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 46: Lolis Are Never Bad People

  1. RKain says:

    Well, that’s obvious. It’s not like ANY of the loli’s in this series have been anything but 1000% certified gold star premium good little angels. None at all.

    My thanks to you, Scrya.


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