Vol. 4 Chapter 5: Snow White

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An assassin’s defense is the lowest out of all the classes. Even an archer’s magic defense is a little higher than theirs. Hence, to assassins, if they aren’t able to kill their targets with a single blow, then they will perish.

The one in front of me was a very good example. Even though his base level, damage, and speed were much better than me, but, with the interference of my ice magic, his overall speed wasn’t higher than mine. For an assassin with a base of 5,400 dexterity, under the influence of my Frozen Light spell, and with the 1.5x bonus effect of my Blasphemer, his remaining dexterity was only a measly 1,755. My 3,400 Dexterity, with the 10% bonus from my hidden blade and the Gale Ring which increases my Dexterity by 500, total up to 4,240 Dexterity. In other words, the moment he did not kill me with his first strike, this battle was over. Unless his equipment was able to increase his Dexterity to about 13,000, he shouldn’t even bother thinking about touching me.

But dodging around was really too troublesome. Hence, I instantly cast ‘Ice Flower’ and turned him to an ice sculpture. Then, I tied him with the rest of those guards.

As the saying goes, with good equipment, killing mobs above your level is as easy as pie.

Immediately after, I leisurely walked over to Hendrick.

“How was it? Was the show enjoyable?”


I only realized there was a terrible stench when I approached him. When I looked carefully, this guy actually peed in his pants out of fright!

“Oh my god, I simply turned him into an ice sculpture, why did you pee in your pants? Didn’t you say you were a Duke’s son? A formidable figure? Come on, show me what you’re made of.”

I smiled as I looked at the guy in front of me.

The crowd all began to laugh, as they don’t really get that many opportunities to see a Duke’s son getting humiliated like this.

“Umm… Ah… Please let me go… I will give you as much gold as you want… I will get you whatever you wish for… Please, don’t kill me…”

“Is that so…”

I turned and looked over to Princess Michelle.

“If I kill this guy, will I be in any trouble?”


Princess Michelle pondered for a moment.

“Although Duke Silester won’t do anything to you on the surface, privately, you should be careful. That old man takes vengeance really seriously.”

“Is that so…”

I turned and looked at the Hendrick who peed in his pants, and asked.

“Looks like your father is really formidable~”

“No… As long as you let me go, I will definitely not tell my father everything that happened today. As long as you say the price, I will immediately take out the amount of gold you want from our treasury. So…”

Seeing his trembling figure, my anger dissipated quite a bit.

After thinking for a moment, I extended three fingers.

“I want this amount then.”


The moment he hesitated, I immediately approached his ear and whispered.

“This money isn’t just for myself. It’s the amount needed to keep the mouths of everyone here sealed. You wish to continue living your life in this imperial city, right? Even if you’re alive, if the entire city were to know about what happened today, I believe you wouldn’t dare to leave your doorstep, am I right?”

“This… Yes, yes. It’s as you say.”

He nodded profusely.

I smiled, and lightly slapped his face twice. Then, while he was still looking confused, I returned to Princess Michelle’s side.

“Princess, even though Hendrick was at fault today, however, if the entire city knows of what happened today, then the pride of the nobles will suffer a tremendous blow, so…”

“Un… What do you suggest?”

“I will help you take care of it.”

I straightened my body, and shouted loudly.

“Everyone, I believe everyone had witnessed what Hendrick had did today. But after discussing with Princess Michelle, we believe that we had punished him enough. Otherwise, if we do anymore than this, it wouldn’t be a good influence for the princess. I hope everyone could keep silent about this matter. Is that alright?”

When the crowd heard of what I said, they started to discuss softly among themselves.

After a while, Maer walked out of the crowd and said.

“Fir, you’re too courteous. Since this is a suggestion made by both our princess and our empire’s State Magician, then we will definitely do as you say.”

“Don’t put it that way. It sounds like I’m forcing you guys.”

“Hahaha, Fir, as expected, you’re not like those other State Magicians. If all of the State Magicians are like you, then that place wouldn’t become a place we wouldn’t like to get near to.”

As he said that, he pointed to an extremely tall tower in the distance.

“Magician Tower… Is it?”

Speaking of which, his majesty told me to report there when I’m free. Earlier, I was even wondering where that place was. I didn’t expect it to be that obvious.

“Well, in any case, I request that everyone do not spread the news of this incident.”

“Like I said, Fir, you’re too courteous…”

—————– TV programme currently loading ——————

After removing the frost of those people, those bloodstained guards brought Hendrick away and quickly fled the scene.

The streets quickly returned to normal, and we also said goodbyes to Maer and the rest as we continued to tour the imperial city.

“Sorry, I did not expect for you to see such an unpleasant sight the moment we came into the city.”

“No, it’s fine. To me, it was basically a standard scenario that should happen, so you don’t have to mind.”

“A standard scenario?”

“About that…”

Looking at Princess Michelle’s suspicious gaze, I pondered before continuing.

“Because I feel that, normally, in a place where the nobles are concentrated at, some bossy nobles will always cause trouble, right?”

“… Although I can’t deny what you just said, but, not all of the nobles are bad people.”

“I know that.”

For a moment, I recalled the students in the academy. Most of the students were nobles and royalties, but in actual fact, I didn’t find it hard to get along with them.

After all, to be a leading figure, one must be broad-minded. Although a small figure can act tough, that sort of person can never be a leader.

“Alright, let’s not talk about that anymore. Where are we going next?”


Princess Michelle did a contemplating pose, and she looked really cute.

“Oh right, you probably haven’t seen our Ice Empire’s symbol, right!”

She suddenly leaped up and said.

“Sym… symbol? What’s that?”

“Hmhm! It’s actually a really amazing thing. Let’s go! Follow me!”

After saying that, that girl took the lead as she sprinted ahead.

This girl, she really doesn’t behave like a princess…

Shaking my head, we quickly followed after her.

‘Is it really alright? That guy has been following us. Although it feels like he’s here to protect the princess, but he didn’t step in earlier.’

While walking, I suddenly saw the message Aliyah sent.

‘I don’t know. But that guy doesn’t have any enmity towards us. He’s been following us, but I don’t know whether he’s a friend or foe.’

‘Then what are we going to do?’

‘Even if you ask me…’

I turned and looked towards the direction of the person who was following us, and shook my head.

‘In any case, I feel that I shouldn’t be able to defeat him. What about you?’

‘You’re actually asking a person who has a lower level than you?’

‘Since that’s the case, I guess we can only continue like this.’

‘Oh right, we should form a party. Like the incident earlier, if we were in a party, when I enter the battle state, you will be able to know immediately.’

‘Alright. But, that earlier incident happened because you girls insisted on moving on your own.’

‘… That’s because you’re an idiot.’


I looked at Aliyah weirdly, but she actually ignored me, and no longer sent me any messages.

Fine, you’re smart, alright?

I accepted the party invitation. We seemed to be approaching our destination, as Princess Michelle’s pace began to slow down.


What’s going on with the surrounding chill getting stronger?

“So cold. Fir…”

Even Irlin said softly.

I looked towards her, and remembered she was only wearing a cloak and a piece of armor under it.

I flipped through my ring, and took out a piece of Sheepskin Knight Cloak.

For the purpose of being able to disguise as anyone, I bought a set of each clothes that I could buy, and naturally, it included knight equipment.

I wore the cloak over her body.

“Is it warmer like this? This cloak should be able to block off the chill.”

“Un… Thank you.”

Looking at how her face was reddening up, it seems the effects of the cloak were quite evident.

“What about me!”

Aliyah at the side called out unhappily.

“I only have one of that cloak. Aren’t you a fire-type? You’re actually afraid of the cold?”


Aliyah’s face began to puff up. Then, flames came out of her body, as she quickly walked past us and chased after Princess Michelle.

She then said this as she walked.

“Hmph! In any case, I’m a fire-type, you idiot! Even if you beg me, I won’t warm you up.”


Just what the hell is she angry about…

But, at this moment, the flames surrounding Aliyah’s body were instantly extinguished.

She looked at herself perplexedly, and then, lighted herself up again.

However, in less than a second, the flames were immediately extinguished.


“Alright. This is our Ice Empire’s most mysterious place, Ice Fissure. And on top of it, is a saint who sacrificed her life to save our Ice Empire. Her name, is Snow White.”

“Hah? Snow White?”

Aliyah and I looked at each other, and in her eyes, I could see my own weird-out expression reflected in her eyes.

Where are the seven dwarves?

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