Vol. 4 Chapter 1: The First Thing I Did During Vacation was Work

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“Since you’re one of Ice Empire’s registered State Magician, you shouldn’t idle during vacation, hurry up and head over to the Ice Empire and report for work!”

On the first day of my vacation, my dormitory’s door was kicked into pieces by Princess Michelle’s bodyguard, Dual. Then, Princess Michelle excitedly, and unreservedly, rushed into my room, and loudly declared.

Currently, to welcome the arrival of my vacation, I was happily preparing my breakfast. Startled by Princess Michelle, the bread I just toasted almost fell onto the floor.

Of course, I wasn’t shocked by how she barged into my room this early in the morning, nor was I shocked by how my door was broken down with a single kick. Rather, I was shocked by the fact that I was about to lose my vacation.

But, obviously, I’m going to save it.

“What are you talking about? Why do I have to work during vacation!? We have to rest during vacation, don’t we?”

“Of course not! Don’t you wish to receive your wages!? Don’t you want countless of magical arifacts!?”

“So there’s wages? Then that’s a different story altogether.”

I ate the bread in two to three bites, and then, I sat right in front of Princess Michelle.

“How much?”

“100,000 Gold a month?”

Princess Michelle said as she looked over to Dual behind her, who was currently repairing my door at a fast pace.

Since you know that you have to repair it after kicking it down, then why did you destroy it in the first place? Did you think the door was free? The door has feelings too, you know.

“Umm… I’m not entirely sure about the notion of money, and I can only spend about 300,000 Gold a month, so… so… If there’s no wages to be paid, I will pay you myself. Is that still not enough?”

As expected of a princess, her simply being rich is an understatement.

I worked hard to grab 500,000 Gold from that small kingdom, and here, you’re giving me 300,000 Gold per month. This is too much for me to handle.

Are you guys having a serious case of inflation or something? Why do you have so much money?

“Alright, since you’re not sure, then let me pose you a question. Why is there a need for me to go to the Ice Empire?”

It’s been two weeks since the end of the Annual Tournament. The commotion about the things that happened then slowly died down, as if they never happened, and the academy slowly returned to its regular state.

Even the library that I burnt down was quickly repaired. I must say that it’s really hard for normal people like us to fathom the wonders of magic.

The three days after the Annual Tournament, the visitors from other schools and states slowly left the academy, but the security measures here were actually elevated by several levels. Especially when they realize the darkness of the continent has once again revealed themselves, they naturally have concerns for their children’s safety.

And because of that, Doge Military School and Gray Magical Academy were completely merged. Currently, it’s already possible to see sights of armored knights and magicians walking together.

And during this period, Uncle George had been persuading me into joining the Church. But his efforts were in vain, and he finally left the academy a week before. But, before he go, he gave Yybril a mission to continue torturing me. As such, I did whatever I could to avoid Yybril in the academy for the past few days.

And just a few days ago, the end-semester examinations ended. Naturally, I had that passionate date with Ms. Mari as well. But for some reasons, I have these dangerous vibes for the past few days, as if people were staring daggers at me. Hence, I had been shivering in fear.

But vacation came as promised. However, currently, Princess Michelle won’t be letting me off this easily.

But, without an actual reason, Princess Michelle probably wouldn’t be so eager to allow to visit her home.

“About that… umm… In any case, you just have to go. Right, I invited Irlin and Aliyah to be my bodyguards on my return trip, so please, you must definitely go. Tomorrow morning, at the inn near the academy’s northern gate. We will be waiting for you there!”


Just what is this girl thinking?

And when did Irlin, Aliyah and Princess Michelle become good friends? Why did I not know about something like this?

But evidently, she did not plan on explaining, as the two of them immediately ran out of my dormitory.

“Please… Before you go, at least leave the key for this new door behind…”

I helplessly shook my head. I walked up to the door and planned on using ice to make the mold of the key, and then bring it to the store to fix it up.

But, my Famous Detective skill actually flashed up again.

This skill… is really annoying, huh. Though it’s indeed useful, for example, when I accidentally dropped something and did not notice, the Famous Detective would always hint it.

And currently… something on the ground was sparkling.

When I picked it up, I realized it was actually a memory crystal!

“This is…”

My curiosity got over me, and I tapped the button on it.

“Unless you ‘stood up’?”

“If that thing of mine did not stand up, then I will really have to worry about the health of my body. But, teacher, haven’t you realized that the smell of alcohol on your body is a little too strong?”


“I don’t smell it at all~?”

“Alright, stop fooling around. Can’t we have a regular conversation between us? For example, a regular and authentic interaction between a teacher and a student?”

“You don’t like it this way?”

“Of course not!”

“Then shall I hang you up next time?”

The entire recording replayed this conversation over and over.


I only regained my senses when the memory crystal fell onto the ground.

Oh my god…

This is impossible, right?


“This isn’t actually on sale, right…”

—————-I’m a dividing line. It’s nice to meet everyone again in this new volume. ————-

“See, Fir hasn’t arrived yet, right? I already told you, that guy won’t be here this early.”

Aliyah pushed the door open and looked in the inn, and then, turned and told the three young girls behind her.

“Probably, he’s not awake yet…”

Irlin said while she straightened the cloak she was wearing.

Her armor was indeed pretty revealing. Although Aliyah’s armor was eye-catching, Irlin’s figure and Aliyah’s were in totally different leagues.

And Dual, who was standing at the side… Alright, her attire had always stayed the same. I think that she would definitely not change her attire for the sake of others to look at.

“Dual, you kept watch of that guy’s dormitory last night, right? That guy did not leave his dormitory to meet up with the pervert teacher after we left, right?”

“Un, no, he did not.”

“Then that’s good!”

Princess Michelle said very angrily.

“And I had always felt that teacher was a little weird, but who would have thought that she was such a pervert! She’s really too outrageous! If I do not pull Fir out of the academy now, he will definitely suffer under that woman’s deadly hands sooner or later!”

“Whose hands will I suffer under?”

I leaped down from the tree at the side, and asked.

Last night, after they left, I immediately teleported to Falan’s place and told her of my travel plans. Then, I ran over to Lanya’s to restock my potions. After that, I immediately came over to the inn, and had been hiding since, as I waited for their arrival.

The memory crystal yesterday told me that, it was too dangerous to stay in the academy. It was best to hide in a place where no one could find me.

“How did you arrive before us…”

Princess Michelle looked at me weirdly, and then turned to look at Dual.

“Don’t mind it, let’s go.”

I pointed to the distance.

“Aren’t we going to the Ice Empire? I believe it’s pretty far, isn’t it?”

“Are you perhaps thinking that we’re planning to get there on horseback?”

“Un? Aren’t we?”

“Of course not~”

Just when Princess Michelle said that, a very familiar noise suddenly came from the sky!

If I recall correctly…

That’s the noise of a magical engine. And the only engine that could make such a loud noise, I can only think of the airship!

Very quickly, an airship which was a little smaller, but looked more imposing, than the one I last saw, appeared in front of us. It had a perfect curve design, and was painted with a mix of blue and yellow. With a single glance, it was possible to distinguish that this was classier than the one before.

“Alright, let us be off!”

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