Vol. 4 Chapter 8: Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon 1F

As I thought, after less than 5 minutes of walking, the first branch appeared in front of us. Thinking about it, if there’s only a single path in the dungeon, then it wouldn’t be a dungeon, but a large cataclysm.

But in a dungeon like this with basically no references to look at, other than the indistinct structures or stairs in the distance, we don’t even know how to proceed at all. After all, for some reasons, our surroundings was covered with a thick layer of fog, exuding a lonely and quiet feeling.

I couldn’t see the exit on the mini-map either. Geez. At the very least, give us a map or a compass or something. Otherwise, how are we going to play this?

“Let’s proceed in the left path then. There seems to be some stuffs over there.”

I said.

“We should proceed in the right path instead. Don’t you feel that in usual dungeon designs, they would always give you feel a feeling that the target is just right in front of you, but in actual fact, you have actually been walking in circles?”

Aliyah immediately rejected the proposal, and continued.

“This place is too cold. I don’t wish to stay here for too long, you know.”


I sighed, and then took out a bear-skinned long robe from my ring.

“Wear this.”

“You… Have you seriously turned into a clothing storage?”

“The way you put it… It sounds like you don’t think these clothes are expensive at all.”


Aliyah stared at me, but still took the clothes and put it on in the end.

“Speaking of which, aren’t you cold?”

After covering herself with the robe, Aliyah asked.

“Ever since I learnt Ice Magic, it seems like I don’t really feel cold anymore.”

Even though I didn’t choose Ice Magician as my class, but the ability of not feeling any cold wasn’t a lie. Unless I’m able to block off the cold simply by learning the required magic?

“Un… Alright then. Since you want to walk that way, then we will head there then.”

Aliyah suddenly said.

“Un, in any case, we don’t really have to care about the time, right?”

“Indeed. After all, we don’t have the settings whereby we would starve to death.”

After saying that, Aliyah started walking towards the left path.

“Why are you still dazing around there for?”

“Oh, I’m coming.”

I quickly increased my pace and followed after her.

“But in your opinion, this place which looks like a dungeon, do you think it belong to this world, or our former world?”

“Our former world?”

Aliyah looked at me weirdly.

“You think this place comes from our world?”

“Un, I wonder if you have met Dale. In the past, I entered an underground dungeon with him, which was also the dungeon which led me directly to my academy from the Mitchell Kingdom. Inside that dungeon, on a particular floor, we saw a layout similar to a hospital in our world.”


Aliyah showed an expression of disbelief, and then rubbed her chin as she began to think.

“Hospital… Although I can’t use your school’s infirmary as a reference, but I have visited an actual large hospital in this world. Basically, it has a very simple set-up, after all, in this world, magic is able to solve a lot of problems.”

“No no no, no matter how simple the set-up is, there shouldn’t be an ‘Emergency Exit’ sign in this world’s hospitals, right?”

“‘Emergency Exit’? Then these dungeons are really strange, huh.”


As we walked, I suddenly saw something in front of us.

“Un, what is it?”

Aliyah saw that I stopped suddenly, and thus asked.

“Umm… That… It looks like this really is a dungeon…”

“Ah? What are you talking about? If this isn’t a dungeon, what can this be?”

“No, look at that thing in front of us at the corner of the pathway.”

I pointed to that direction.

At the bent of the path in front of us, a golden chest was quietly lying over there.

That’s right, a golden chest. It’s that beloved golden and sparkling chest found in dungeons.

Oh my god, there’s actually such a cute thing in this place!

Just when I was still overwhelmed with emotions, Aliyah actually accelerated to the side of the cest, and expertly searched through it!

“Hey hey, don’t take everything!!”

I quickly rushed over. The moment I arrived beside the chest, the chest flashed and disappeared into thin air.

“Oh my god, at the very least, you could have left some for me.”

“Geez, it was only two bottles of potion.”

Aliyah took out a bottle of HP Potion and threw it over.

“Were you expecting some good items?”

“Impossible… Such a large chest only has two bottles of HP potion, what the hell… But, this isn’t actually a good thing.”

“What’s wrong? You think HP Potions aren’t really worth anything?”

“No, it’s not that. In usual cases, in a place where they give players potions, it’s always near a place where we have to fight mobs.”


The moment I finished that sentence, a deafening sound could be heard from ahead of us. Immediately after, a series of footsteps that could even cause the entire ground to shake ensued, and a monster with a height of about 5 meters appeared at the other side of the pathway.

“Well, it’s a dungeon after all. Shouldn’t it be a good place where we could kill mobs and raise our levels?”

Aliyah immediately pulled out her dual swords, and red flames enveloped the swords in an instant.

“Otherwise, it wouldn’t be interesting at all~”

“Even if that’s the case, our opponent is a LV 25 monster…”

“If the level isn’t high, how are we going to earn more EXP?”

After leaving those words, Aliyah accelerated and rushed towards the monster!

Indeed, it’s time to raise our levels!

Oniya (Ice/Magic/Physical) LV 25
Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon’s low level guardian. A unit in-charge of the security of the dungeon. It has very high defense.

I don’t know why something that looked like a drake actually has name like Oniya, which sounds so cute. Even though it was a four-legged drake, and it’s body was covered by rough blue scales. It’s four eyes even had a chilling glow.

If someone were to see it, he would probably have the feeling of beating it down.


A metal clashing sound reverberated through the air, and Aliyah had already begun to contest against it.

Two flame swords continuously slashed onto its blue scales, and sparks of flame jumped about in the air like splashing rain droplets.

Even though the damage caused wasn’t great, Aliyah’s great speed and movements completely prevented Oniya from attacking her.

Alright, since you’re already going at full force, then I can’t waste anymore of your time either.

“Strong Arcane – Sanctioning Tearing Cross!”

A large red cross slowly emerged in the sky, and accompanying it was the ring of a church’s bell.

“Pierce it!”

The cross immediately cut across Oniya’s body. Its scales looked as if they melted, and slowly disappeared.

Aliyah took this opportunity, leaned her body forward, and crossed her two swords in front of her chest.

“Arcane – Cross Purgatory Twirl!”

A red blur flashed past, and Oniya’s body was immediately cut into half.

Oniya defeated.
EXP Received: 100,000
Item(s) Received: Ice Dragonscale (Low-grade)

“You can actually use fire magic spells as well?”

After the battle ended, Aliyah ran over and stared at me.

“Un. my class is a Magician, and my element isn’t set.”

“You… actually have such a thing going on? That’s so convenient!”

“It’s not actually that convenient… But, our trouble hasn’t ended yet, you know.”

I pointed to her back, and in the distance, another two Oniya were eyeing us.

“Hmph! Let’s go!”

“Of course!”

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  1. Degs says:

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      • Scarecrow says:

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  3. hebi912 says:

    “if there’s only a single path in the dungeon, then it wouldn’t be a dungeon, but a large cataclysm. ”

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    Did I miss something with the sudden “arcane:***” thing? Didn’t he use to just say the spell name? Occasionally they added descriptors like forbidden yeah, but I can’t say I recall arcane.


    • Sicill says:

      I think that Arcane is the new term for Ougi. Back towards the end of Volume 3 there were some people in the comments who felt that it was a better translation.


  5. Jyazen says:

    “Thinking about it, if there’s only a single path in the dungeon, then it wouldn’t be a dungeon, but a large cataclysm.”

    I don’t think “cataclysm” works here… though I have no idea what would work. Closest I can think of (that sounds mildly the same-ish) is, hmm… “chasm”? But even then I don’t know how well it’ll fit.

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