Vol. 4 Chapter 29: Everyone’s Secret

“Big brother… save me…”

“It’s no use. Most probably, that guy’s innards have already been corroded by the ‘Devil’s Seed’.”

Oyado looked shockingly at the people in front of her. The people who used to only smile at her.


“Actually, you don’t even remember us at all, and can only distinguish our identities by our hair, right? If your memories weren’t locked, we wouldn’t have a need to play this type of game with you.”

After saying that, he spoke to the person beside him.

“The people looking for that brat hasn’t returned? And hasn’t Helei and the rest finishing packing those things up? In a moment, we will be leaving with Oyado!”

“Why… Why did it become like this?”

“It’s different from the memories in your data, right? That’s because your memories are all fake in the first place! So be a good girl and stay still!”

After that, he immediately left the room, and the door was slammed shut.

As to why I was so clear about what happened in the room, it was obviously because I was hiding on the roof since the beginning.

Earlier, with a single breath, I turned the people who was looking for me into ice sculptures, and I only left their heads unfrozen.

It’s unfortunate that I’m not really good at interrogation. In the end, I wasted quite a bit of time.

It was only when I poured the sulfuric acid on one of the pursuer’s faces, the other person finally revealed everything.

Oyado. She’s the first biological human clone in this world that was developed using magic and my former world’s scientific technology, and she was actually currently right in front of me.

Weird, why did the title system not reveal such important information before?

But after receiving this information, the titles [Clone] and [Strongest Genetic Synthesized Being] automatically appeared in her list of titles.

It seems I need to gather information on the titles myself in the future. But Phad’s Eye is somewhat able to lessen the trouble.

Well, there’s nothing I could have done about it. How could I see how a person’s genes are like with my naked eyes?

Light Steps.

I flipped into the room from the ceiling’s window, and landed beside Oyado.

“Big brother!”

“Shhh, I will first bring you out of here.”

Although I can also kill all the people nearby, I still need to gather some more information from those people.

That’s right, just when I received information about Oyado, I realized there was a new entry in my quest list.

Side Quest: Broken Doll

Quest Objective:
Investigate Smuu household’s hereditary disease. [Completed]
Investigate the Smuu household’s Human Body Modification Plan.
Intel: Ice Empire’s Jirandur City 19th North Street
Hidden Condition: Find No.1 Modified Doll ‘Oyado’. [Completed]

Speaking of which, this place still belongs to the Ice Empire. I did not expect that, when I have yet to link these two matters together, the quest notification helped me with it.

But, if I need further intel, I have to rely on the bastards outside. After all, the rest of the people are simply subordinates, and if I need reliable intel, I need to look for their boss.

Strengthen! Light Steps! 3x Speed Buffs!
(t/n: the 3x speed buffs are Accelerate, Extreme Shadow and EotW)

After tapping on the skill icons, I instantly leapt onto one of the supporting beams, and flipped out of the window.

When I confirmed that there weren’t anyone nearby, I accelerated towards one of the tree-tops from the roof. With Oyado on my back, I rushed towards the cemetery where we first met.

“Wait for me here. I will come back to find you after I deal with those guys.”

“But those people are…”

“I know, they are the people of your village, right?”

That’s right, after searching for 5 days, it’s not that I was unable to find them, rather… I was in their base right from the start.

It was all scripted. According to the person who revealed everything to me, this time, they brought Oyado out to implant a complete memory in her mind. The memory of her dead parents, and the villagers being killed after. But that script was changed because of my appearance.

“I… I don’t understand, why did the village elder and everyone else want to…”

“… It’s best if you don’t think about it.”

I patted on her head.

“I will ask them in your stead. Because I really want to know about their goals as well.”

A moment later, I once again appeared in the forest beside the fake village.

Really, why did I not take notice of the village in the beginning? If they were houses that had been used for a long time, they shouldn’t have been that shabby in the first place. And I was wondering why their houses looked as if they were stitched up, but I didn’t think they were actually just decorations.

“Compressed – Restrictor of the Frozen Earth.”

A chilling fog first floated above the palm of my hand, and then in an instant, the fog gathered at the center of my palm, compressed into a small ball. This is an advanced grade Ice Magic spell ‘Plasticity’. It forcefully alters the appearance of the original magic spell, and is the last skill from the Ice Magic Knight’s skill tree. I seemed to have skipped quite a few spells in between the tree, but being able to use it is all that matters.


Two balls of compressed restrictors struck home on the two guys outside the forest, and they instantly turned into ice sculptures.

After pulling them into the depths of the forest, I quickly rushed towards the penthouse at the side, and leapt onto its roof.

“Gasify – Frozen Eternity of Grief”

A cold fog of enlarged size engulfed the entire village in an instant. All the houses, tools, and even the people turned into ice sculptures.

The entire village turned into a perfect blue artistic piece of work in an instant. I smiled, and leapt down from the roof.

“Village elder, come out. I know you’re still alive. Your killing intent is so strong, it’s impossible for me to not notice even if I try.”

I walked towards one of the wooden houses at the side.

“Before, I was wondering why there was such a strong (LV 15) village elder. So it was like this~”

Village Elder (Disguised) (Bandit) LV 15
[Kind] (Evil) [Suspicious] (Disguised) [Village Elder] (Mercenary) (Murderer) (Doll User Apprentice)

“You sure can act, huh. I was fooled by you for so long.”

Compressed – Form Pike – Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!

The pike formed by the cold air appeared in my hands in an instant. After slightly swinging it around to get used to the weight, I pulled the pike back, and threw it directly at the row of titles in the house.


The pike pierced into the house, and with another bang, the entire place turned into a flower of ice.

“You can’t be dead, right… Naw, you still look quite spirited, it seems~”

Because his HP bar was still full.

“Brat… Just what the hell are you!?”

Suddenly, the entire house was blasted into pieces like fireworks, and two shadows leapt out of the place!

Two? Eh?

“We actually had to resort to this because a single brat… Die!”

With a wave of Village elder Marl’s hand, the other person came rushing over. I hurriedly pulled out my tachi, and slashed towards him!


The sound of metal clashing was heard, and when I took a closer look, the thing that was blocking my tachi was actually his arm, and my opponent was… a doll!

Looks like this battle… will be really interesting!

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41 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 29: Everyone’s Secret

  1. MXMach says:

    Hohoho… So this is part of the quest of the Smuu household… Its getting more darker, sinister, complicated, and +1 Synth Human into the harem…

    What now we all just need an elf girl, a beast girl and an epic demi-human type girl (dragon-kin) to join the collection 😛


    • Felipe says:

      we already have a (undead) elf: ms. snow, i’m looking forward to see what will happen when she discovers that fir is still alive


      • MXMach says:

        Woops totally forgot about her!!! (Was using my mental “Fir’s waifu list”, it isn’t updated that often…)
        And we know, he’s cyber friend is a girl 😉


  2. Nakiami says:

    Full circle! Thanks for the chapter~!
    I still think he should get exp for defeating human enemies… is he ever going to level up again?


  3. Ybgubbybhbu says:

    Plot holes plotholes everywhere
    E.g. He can see through momiji undead grills disguise in volume 1 but he can’t see through this random mercs?


    • Felipe says:

      so at least we discovered that he is in the ice continent, that means that after cleaning this “human modification” mess/quest he can reunite with his companion that he left before going to the ice dungeon


  4. DMR says:

    Hopefully, his noticing skills improve back to giving all sorts of info again….

    Sucks that got downgraded… but at least beating these guys should level him up easier…

    Thanks for the translation XD


  5. Sicill says:

    Ahh… so that’s why there was no quest before, Fir already had it.
    Just how many otherworlders do the Smuu have? Dale might have been able to mention micromachines, but cloning?


  6. Felipe says:

    so at least we discovered that he is in the ice continent, that means that after cleaning this “human modification” mess/quest he can reunite with his companion that he left before going to the ice dungeon


    • felipe says:

      seems like the world actually doesn’t know how strong the strongest people of this world are (ex: couldn’t identify lv and titles of the ice chill goddess) (it said that the otherworlders are there to evaluate them) so it decided to change the values (maximum hp and sp and exp requirement to level up) to compensate it (basically it re-calculated everything to compensate having stronger enemies than expected)


  7. Claith says:

    I want to say thanks, but I’m too confused as to what is happening. For some reason he figured there were nano-machines in his stomach last chapter drank acid, and now without any build up he is fighting bandits that have something to do with cloning, which by all accounts is related to the hereditary disease and body modification. It feels like there is a chapter or two missing. If this keeps up, I’ll get an [Anything Goes] title. This on the level of Nagi Sanzenin’s manga.


  8. exqalph03 says:

    oh~! Looks like things will really get interesting huh~!
    Hope it doesn’t end so complicatedly, I— I mean the arc? Or is it? lol

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.


  9. Arthur says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Not sure why people are so confused when it’s pretty clear what’s happening.

    After the update some of his convenient skills got needed as well as the amount of Exp needs to lvl up.

    As for how he figured out that there was something inside him, he saw his HP continuously by going down which means he’s taking damage but there wasn’t anyone around that was attacking him.

    So he checked his status so see if there were any abnormal status effects there but none showed up.

    So people and poison are out what’s next well I’d figure maybe a bug or some magical creature is attacking my insides so I’d try to flush it out and that’s what he did.


  10. Maya says:

    Hmm, so he is now again in the Ice Empire – meaning the human world.
    So he died in the demon world, only to revive in the human world?? And luckily right at a place to proceed an old quest and fulfil a hidden condition (which normally should be very difficult to find) at that???
    The author is really redirecting the plot quite forcefully…
    Well, I guess werden won’t see the undead Elf again anytime again (as she is still caught/imprisoned in the demon world).
    I’m already very much curious how he’ll explain his return to his harem and how they’ll react to this new loli.


  11. Naszrador says:

    Thanks for the chapter, Scrya.
    So, he is not in the demon world but the Ice empire now? Didn’t that pretty much waste the few chapters in the Abyss? It had no significant influence on the story and now he’s out of there again. He couldn’t learn any techniques or get some items/equip. If it was only to introduce Snow it could have been done better.


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