Vol. 4 Chapter 66: The Strongest Onmyouji

Zhaiteng Weifang
38 Years Old | Male
LV 48 Onmyouji
[Evil] [Dying] [Schemer] [Destroyer] [Depraved Magician] [The Strongest Onmyouji]

The moment I reached the altar, I saw the man with this name and set of titles floating in the sky above the altar. His arms were slotted into his sleeves, and countless talismans were floating around him.

He was wearing what seemed to be the standard Onmyouji uniform, and was similar to the Onmyouji equipment I saw in countless games.

Although I have never seen this person before, when I saw his [Evil] and [The Strongest Onmyouji] titles, I resolved myself to kill him at all costs. After all, I won’t feel guilty from killing bad people, and he’s actually ‘the strongest’, so killing him will definitely reward me with a large sum of EXP, right?

Although it will indeed be a little difficult to kill a LV 46.

“Aliyah, Oyado. Are you guys able to cut apart that barrier?”

But, to attack that guy, the first thing we have to do is to dispel the barrier surrounding the entire altar.

I really want to use the absorbing equipment to suck in that person’s mana, but it seems that device is ineffective against living beings. As for active magic spells… It should be impossible as well.

“Though it looks really scary, I will still give it a try.”

After saying that, in a flash, Oyado appeared beside the barrier. She stabbed towards it, but before the dagger could approach the shield, it bounced back!

I hurriedly rushed over to Oyado and caught her, then, I cast a recovery spell.

“Ah… Thank you, big brother~”

“Don’t casually do dangerous stunts like that. Geez.”


I placed Oyado down, and when I raised my head, I realized Aliyah was currently rushing towards it!

Hey hey! Are you kidding me!?

I quickly tapped on all the speed buffs, and with a single charge, I ran beside her and grabbed her by the arm!

“Idiot! What are you doing!?”

“Obviously, I’m going to cut the barrier open!”

“Didn’t you see that Oyado was sent flying? And you still dared to charge blindly towards it?”


“What are you going to do when you get injured, huh!? Really, at the very most, we can think of another way around it.”

“Is that so… So you were worried that I might get injured…? Alright, since you already put it this way, then let’s think of something else.”

As she said that, Aliyah kept the magic chainsaws in her ring.

“A way, huh. Well, since we can’t enter the barrier, then we just have to attract our enemy’s attention.”

After saying that, I pointed to the sky, and three ‘Ice Fall’ magic formations appeared above the altar. Then, three icebergs smashed onto the barrier.

As I predicted, the icebergs immediately shattered into pieces before colliding with the barrier, while the barrier did not suffer a single scratch.

“What’s this? In the end, Fir, you still attacked it directly.”

“But compared to slashing at it, wouldn’t it be easier to attract his attention by using magic of that scale?”

That’s right, after seeing my spell, that person called Zhaiteng Weifang looked over to us.

“Oh, a Magician actually broke through and made his way here? I believe the opening of the southern gate must be your doing, right? No rush, no rush. Everything will end really soon.”

I didn’t expect that he would simply explain something to us, and continue to look towards the magic formation beside him.

And then at this moment, I finally realized there was an ice statue erected at the edge of the altar. And the person inside, was actually the very strong old man who was watching over this place before!

That guy was actually defeated? Impossible! He was evidently a much scarier existence!

“That old man? Because he was struck by his own trap, he’s now completely immobile. It was classic, I tell you.”

It seems he noticed my gaze in the direction of the ice statue, so he answered as such.

“In other words, he was frozen by the fissure itself?”

“That’s right.”

“But why are you doing all this? Are you planning to open the door to the Abyss?”

I’m not entirely sure, but since this guy doesn’t seem like a person that’s impossible to communicate with, let’s try talking to him.

“Un~ That’s not entirely right.”

He raised his head and pondered deeply, and then, he turned back to look at us.

“If no one were to know of my masterpiece, I will be troubled. So I… cough…”

Suddenly, the guy actually started coughing, and from gaps between his fingers, blood seemed to be flowing out.

Is this guy… about to die?

“I say, are you dying soon?”

Speaking of which, this guy even has a [Dying] title. Is this guy really about to die?

“It’s necessary to pay the price to obtain a greater power, this is simply destiny. Currently, I’m using all of my strength summon the world’s strongest ghost. This is something that no one have ever done before. And I, am about to accomplish this feat!”

In front of us, he declared this, as if he was about to do something really great.

I really want to say you’re a very respectable person, but our standpoints are completely different, you know. If you were to summon the strongest ghost, what will happen to the Ice Empire?

And about that extremely chuuni declaration, if you were to say that in a different location, I will definitely call the cops and have them send you to a mental hospital.

“In any case, just wait patiently while I complete the summoning for the strongest ghost. I will no longer care about what you do. Even if you were to kill me, it doesn’t matter either. I have already did everything that I wanted to do.”

Hey hey, even if you’re the strongest Onmyouji, don’t say things like that. At least take note of the time and place if you’re setting a death flag for yourself! And I’m the protagonist here, so what are you setting death flags for!?

“Alright, and there’s something I want to say as well…”

I pointed directly at him.

“I will definitely kill you!”

“I’m right here. Either you wait for the summoning to be completed, or you break through my strongest barrier. Choose.”

After saying that, he closed his eyes. If not for the slowly brightening magic formation in front of him, I would have really thought he was sleeping.


The thing he’s summoning is definitely something we cannot deal with. After the summoning is complete, we might even be able to kill him either.

But this barrier… No matter how I see it, it’s really something of a high level. An attack from Ice Fall wasn’t able to approach it either. If only there’s a beam cannon that uses up the entire country’s energy resource for an one-time attack…

Beam cannon…

I pondered for a moment, and pulled out my message window. Then, I tapped on Dale’s name.

“Are you able to create a beam cannon?”

I asked.

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  1. Diarek says:

    If you want to say positron rifle, just be outright specific, baka Fir. There is alot of variation of beam cannon, depend on the settting, what if he gave you an inferior model?


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