Vol. 4 Chapter 35: Lin Oyado

After searching for a long while, in the end, I was able to find Oyado crying at the corner of the cemetery.

Heaving a sigh of relief, I walked over.


“Ah… It’s big brother. What… what happened to the bad guys?”

A loli in tears is really lethal for the heart, huh. Seeing the current Oyado, I could not help but tremble.

Calm down! I’m not a lolicon, nor am I a siscon!

“They’re currently looking for us. Let’s hurry and run.”

“Really, are you supposed to say something like that so calmly?”

“Yes yes, let’s go~”

Pulling Oyado along, we started to run towards the opposite direction of the village.

Turning back to look at the village’s direction, I don’t know why, but those bastards were not chasing after us. I don’t understand at all. From what I heard from them earlier, those bastards would feel terror worse than death if Oyado were to escape. This is a memory. Even if there are slight discrepancies with reality, their goal shouldn’t change. Just what is…

Although I was skeptical, but it’s best to quickly escape this place with Oyado for now.

When I was searching nearby the village before, I found a dirt road leading to another place, which seemed to be human-made. It’s probably a road that leads to another village or city. Currently, our target is that dirt road.

I don’t know how I can end this memory, but if I’m able to reach a place which intersects with the real world, then it should be possible.

At least, that’s what I think.


We have already progressed into the forest for quite a long time, but we have yet to see the road, which was our target.

How is that possible? According to the distance we have walked, we should have reached by now.

Are we lost? That’s totally impossible. Because currently, I’m hundred percent sure, the route we took was a straight line. Hence, I stopped walking.

“Big brother, what happened?”

“Something’s a little off.”

I pointed to the tree at the side.

“I saw this tree once, and it was at the other side of the village. This place… there’s something wrong about it.”

“Gabriel, is the data of this place wrong?”


There wasn’t a reply. Weird. He actually dropped my call at a moment like this?

It totally smells like a conspiracy.

“Is that so? Then I must have remembered it wrongly then, huh?”

Remembered it wrongly?

I looked at Oyado, only to realize she was looking at me with a weird expression.

Is this… a smile?

I quickly backed two steps away, and then looked at her.

“Big brother, what’s wrong?”

“… Who are you?”

“Me? I’m Oyado.”

“Hmph. Stop lying. When the cute Oyado is talking to me, would she hide a set of daggers behind her back?”


‘Oyado’ laughed. Stretching out her arms, a pair of daggers appeared in her hands.

As I thought, my observation skills worsened after getting used to the title system. Fortunately, the title system was downgraded, otherwise, my observation skills would have been totally lost.

Killing intent…

Although currently, I can’t see any attack warnings, I could still feel killing intent emitted by someone. Though, this wasn’t the reason why I stopped walking with Oyado, because I had already seen a set of daggers being hidden in her sleeves earlier.

“What is going on here? This is no longer a problem with the memory, rather, there’s something wrong with this entire world line.”

“Un? Well, you feel that this place is weird, right? This is inevitable. After all, this doesn’t correspond to any situation you know of, right?”

“It’s not just a matter of corresponding. This situation is completely different.”

“This is inevitable, big brother. You killed the people that were monitoring Oyado, but what you didn’t realize was, since the Smuu household would actually hand Oyado to them without any worries, it means that…”

“It means that, Oyado, you yourself is their biggest insurance. Am I right?”

“To be exact, the biggest insurance is my earliest implanted memory.”

“Just what kind of memory is that?”

“Well… It’s a memory of me killing you!”

After saying that, ‘Oyado’ waved her hand. The nine bandits that did not chase after us earlier suddenly appeared in our surroundings, and surrounded us. And in the next moment, bending her body forward, she fiercely accelerated, and charged towards me with a zigzag movement!

“Borrow unto my body, covert ferociousness into bravery, Strengthen!”

After finishing the incantation, I immediately jumped into the sky, and protected my chest with the two swords. Her two daggers slid across my swords, causing sparks to fly.

“The source of ice that’s hidden beneath the abyss of absolute cold, I order you! Empower my inner heart, my body, and my wish! Summon! Ice Armor!”

This time, the complete set of ice armor finally appeared on my body.

“Oh, a Magic Knight. Big brother isn’t that simple, huh.”

“But of course!”

The moment I landed on the ground, I immediately turned and slashed both my swords at the same time. But, Oyado had already jumped up into the air. With her daggers, she lightly tapped on my long swords, and dodged my attack by following through its momentum.

After swinging my two swords, she twisted her body in the air, and aimed her daggers at me as she fell!

As I was still unable to withdraw my arms from my earlier attack, my arms were pierced by the daggers, and the ice armor protecting my arms shattered into pieces.

I retreated a few steps back. After stabilizing my body, I looked towards Oyado.

“Big brother’s skills aren’t bad, huh~ The memories of a very strong assassin’s skills were implanted into my mind, you know~ Seeing that you were able to dodge under such circumstances, big brother is already quite strong.”

“Thank you for the praise. If that’s really the case, why don’t we put down our weapons and have a nice chat? It’s not good to fight and kill.”

“Hehe, big brother is really interesting.”

Oyado laughed, as the daggers in her hand spun at high speed under her control, as if the daggers themselves had souls in them.

“Haven’t you noticed? Currently, we’re in a situation where either of us must die. This is the restriction of this memory, and also our fate~”

As she said that, she flung the two daggers at me. The long sword on my left hand flew off from the impact. At the same time, two… no, four bandits came rushing towards me from behind me!

“What great coordination!”

I will only die if I continue to simply stand around. I rushed towards the leftmost bandit, and pierced his chest with my sword. Then, that bandit actually turned into a cloud of mist and disappeared!

I then turned my body and blocked the long sword that came at me. I kicked the target away, and then stabbed him with my sword.

but suddenly, at this moment, I felt a heavy blow struck on my back. The ice armor I was wearing shattered into pieces in an instant. When I turned to look, that bastard was actually wielding a heavy hammer!

If only I could use my magic! If I had my magic, these people would have already…

Just as I was thinking of this, I suddenly felt a familiar feeling growing in the palm of my hand. When I stretched it out to look, a blue light was actually flashing on it.


And just as I was startled for a moment, the bandits holding onto the heavy hammer and long sword rushed over. The two weapons were swung towards me.

I hurriedly extended out my hand to block. The blue light enveloped them in an instant. In the next moment, they had all turned into ice!

I looked at my own hand.

Weird, I didn’t even chant anything, so why…

But I couldn’t care less about it for now. I knocked onto the two blocks of ice twice, and the two ice sculptures shattered.

“Isn’t there a third choice? I don’t wish to fight you at all!”

“It’s inevitable. This is the restriction set in this memory, and is the ending that cannot be avoided. Big brother, you… you understand, don’t you? Even if you don’t wish to do so, even if you aren’t willing, you can only pick the choice that is right in front of you.”

“Is that so…”

I laughed.

“My existence here is to create an impossible ending. I even did both the Vampire and Dawnguard questlines in Skyrim at the same time, you know?”

After saying that, I flung out six balls of ice with a single throw!

The six balls of ice struck directly on-target. Six… no, only five ice sculptures stood there. Oyado actually disappeared from her original position, and only a frozen dagger was left there!

“She actually used her dagger to block my magic spell…”

I looked around, but I couldn’t find any traces of her at all.

“Your attack is a magic bullet made by compressing magical energy. There’s no such thing in the records, but… it seems the things the bullets land on will be simply frozen!”

It wasn’t just Oyado’s voice that came from the sky, her dagger was heading towards me as well! The dagger easily penetrated through my back, which lost the protection from the ice armor!


Reaching out to my back, I grabbed onto Oyado’s arm, and swung her to the front.

At the same time, I threw my long sword, and froze her to the ground with ice.

“You lost. This is the end. Give up. Try being a good child.”


She glared at me quite a while, and then let out a bitter laugh.

“Just why are you so persistent for, I can’t understand at all.”

“I’m persistent in my morals!”

“… Very well. You’re really interesting! You win!”

Suddenly, her right arm actually broke from my ice seal, and she slashed her dagger at me!

I immediately leapt back to dodge her attack. The moment I wielded my long sword, the entire space suddenly shook.

“What is…”

When I turned to look, Oyado actually stabbed her dagger into her own chest!

“Well… I will help you bring those unnecessary memories into hell, so… please persist with your morals. Oh right, we shall meet again in hell.”

“What kind of parting line is that!?”

Immediately after, the space around me collapsed, and I was enveloped in darkness.

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42 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 35: Lin Oyado

  1. Navi Nay says:

    I admit. I’m only a little bit lost with this series of events, but this web novel jumps from event to event so quickly it probably won’t matter in 3 chapters.

    Liked by 5 people

  2. D says:

    I just taking a guess but what he fought was Oyado past memory not the one he knows now and the old memory decided to let himself be destroyed to let MC help the present Oyado. Does this make any sense to anyone?


  3. linnilalartyr says:

    Super confuse though. Aren’t this within the memory created, why she have the earlier implant to kill the big bro?

    Who can explain this to me?

    And thanks for the chapter! scrya~~~~


    • Rukh says:

      Oyado is a homunculus with a mass amount of knowledge/memories of assassins and multiple fake memories designed to make Oyado into an assassin/weapon of Smuu household.

      The memory of Oyado killing her brother is one of the fake memories. There are multiple scenarios of Oyado’s family getting killed as fake memories forced into Oyado which is what the MC is trying to get rid of.

      The Oyado that was trying to kill the MC is like a system that manages the knowledge and fake memories of Oyado. Not the Oyado the MC met before.

      And later on after this, Oyado become an OP loli assassin which is also a yandere sister of the MC. 😛

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  4. Triopsate says:

    I’m more confused how you become a vampire AND a werewolf at the same time without blowing up (console commands and mods aside xD) than what’s going on in the storyline. He gets stuck in a random dimension thing with a snow elf which ends up with him going into the demon world which causes him to fight a fallen angel and die. The respawning caused him to move to a random place which is where we’re at now


    • timeroc says:

      If I remember correctly in skyrim, there was a cursed ring from a guy in prison that allows you to become a were wolf at set times. The ring can be equipped while you have the vampirism sickness. Thus werewolf vampire.


  5. Hubjbyubhjb says:

    Not that hard to understand the events but man the flow is really all over the place.
    I mean the other volumes jumped from event to event but not to the state this one did.


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