Vol. 4 Chapter 12: Ice Fissure Seal

After a long 20 minutes, we safely landed onto the crevice of the Ice Fissure, which was also beside the actual entrance to the Ice Fissure seal.

Throwing away the parachute I made with magic, I inspected the place.

The floor was dark blue, and the surrounding walls were the same.

As we approached the deeper region, the surrounding walls began to shrink, and currently, the entire space was about as big as a classroom.

And in the center, a crack was continuously emitting out a bone-piercing chill. On a metal pillar beside it, there were countless magic symbols flashing eye-piercing lights, and there was even a padlock hanged onto it.

No matter how I look at it, it’s that so-called flight restriction seal, right?

“This is really mysterious! This sort of structure is actually able to reduce our falling speed.”

After hearing these words, I turned to look to my back.

Ms. Snow was currently squatting next to the parachute I configured using ice magic, and was curiously inspecting it.

“Ms. Snow~”


Ms. Snow turned around, and when she looked at my expression, she embarrassingly stuck out her tongue.

“Hahaha, I’m sorry. I’m only curious about this strange object. I had never seen such a strange thing in the past.”

“Then you can continue to take a look. I’m the only person able to use magic to configure something like this.”


Ms. Snow widened her eyes in an instant.

“You actually have talent as an alchemist as well? I couldn’t tell at all.”

“I’m only using simple physics… Alright, if you want to know about it, we can talk about it when we get out. Currently, we should first think of a way to leave this place.”

“I guess you’re right. Oh, that’s the flight seal.”

She pointed to that weird pillar.

“It’s that thing, I…”

Before she could finish, Aliyah had already drawn her sword, and in the next instant, it turned into a giant sword of fire.

“Arcane – Red Divider!”

With a wave of the fire sword, a red sickle spiralled in the air, and fiercely hacked onto the pillar.

“… After hacking it for so long, it still wouldn’t split…”

The red sickle instantly disappeared, and there wasn’t even a single scar on the pillar.

You two really make a perfect contrasting combo, huh. Compared to listening to explanations, based on her personality, Aliyah was the type to try things out herself. When she saw that her attack did not have any effects, she unhappily sheathed her sword, and took out a small dagger.

“This is my first time seeing such a lock. You guys wait for a bit…”

After saying that, she stood there and started fiddling with the lock.

If I spoke to her now, I will be disturbing her, right? I continued to look at Ms. Snow, who was studying the parachute, and walked over.

“Speaking of which, you stayed here for about 600 years. Usually, what do you do?”

“Go for walks. Every 12 hours, the Ice Fissure will stir up a large storm, and will blow things a good distance away. If I were to borrow the strength of the wind, the farthest I could go was a place that looked like a dungeon’s platform. The monsters there were really troublesome, so I decided to head further down to a larger island and live there.”

“I see… Then why did you not use the wind to fly out of here?”

”“Because other than the dungeon, there’s no other platform above that I could stand on. Every single time, when the Fissure’s exit was in view, the wind would stop blowing, and I would always end up falling.”

“Fortunately, you can’t fall to death…”

“That’s right~ There’s that one time when I fell from the very top. It was a really long fall.”


Looking at how happy she was, I wonder if she broke her head after falling so many times…

“Then there’s no other exits in this place?”

“Nope. I tried looking the other places as well. There’s absolutely no other exits.”


Looks like breaking this padlock is the only way out. But, looking at how Aliyah’s movements were getting agitated by the second, I started to worry if we could actually leave this place.

And, we don’t even know how much time we have left. If this continues on and they close the exit outside, then we will be sealed in… No!

Wait a minute!

I turned and looked at the Ice Fissure’s core.

“Umm… Ms. Snow, I say, have you tried entering the Ice Fissure’s core?”

“The core?”

I looked towards her, and she started shivering.

“No way I’m going there. The moment I approach that place, my skin will start to freeze up. Before I could even enter the place, I will already turn into an icicle… Oh right, do you see those weird ice statues at the corner? Those are the frozen corpses of the people who tried venturing into the core. After moving them was I able to use the wind to head back up. And because I saw these corpses, I decided not to try entering the place.”

“I see…”

Looks like forcefully entering that place will definitely lead to death…

“Then what’s inside the core?”

“Although I’m not entirely sure, but from what I heard from my master, that place is the entrance to the Abyss’s Ice Demon Domain.”


This word stimulated my nerves.

In usual cases, Demons and Angels are the world’s largest opposing factions, and they wield Dark and Light Magic respectively. Although in this world, humans are able to wield some of these magic spells, but compared to those Angels and Demons, they’re basically on totally different levels.

If I get the chance to enter a demon’s territory, and steal a magic skill book, then… I will definitely be strong enough to protect world peace! It’s up to you to believe it!

But, this setting where I could be frozen to death was really too frightening. Even a LV 45 Ice Archer said that. If a LV 19 classless guy like me enter that place, wouldn’t I be simply courting my own death?

“Yeah. Demons are very frightening existences. I don’t even want to go there.”

“Ah… Ah, yes.”

I hurriedly laughed and answered.

“Aaaah, I don’t want to do this anymore! The two of you, don’t just chat over there! Help me out!”


A dagger was stabbed into the ground next to my leg.

When I turned to look, Aliyah was walking to us furiously.

“You can’t do it? Earlier, who was the one who said she could pry open any lock there is in existence?”

“That lock is too frightening! There’s actually ten layers inside, and I couldn’t fix them up one at a time at all!”


I looked at the lock. There were several burnt marks on its exterior. Looks like that lock really drove Aliyah insane.

“Alright. I will use my ice magic to mold into a key shaped with your description. You have already cracked some parts of it, right?”

“Un… Then hurry up!”

Looks like Aliyah is serious on taking revenge on that lock. She pulled out the dagger from the ground, and pointed it at my back.

“Hurry up!”

“Alright, alright! Don’t rush…”

When I reached the front of the lock, Aliyah stabbed her dagger into it, and fiddled with it for a while.

“For the first section, 0.3 meters, with a width of 0.06 meters. For the second…”

“Wait, wait a minute! Even if you say that, how am I supposed to determine how long 0.06 meters is!”

“About this length.”

Aliyah raised out her hand and drew across the air.

Oh my god, even if you draw it in the air, I can’t make it out at all!

Do you think I have a rule in my eyes!?

“Why don’t we do this instead? You position your dagger to the unlocking position, then I will freeze it. After that, we will move on to the next one. How about it?”

“That works too!”

After saying that, she positioned her dagger onto the first section. I immediately concentrated my magic, and on it, a layer of ice was created.

Looks like it will work!

“Watch out!”

Before we could even be happy about it, I heard a rustling sound, and an arrow flew across my right side. Right after, a scream came from behind me.

When I turned to look, something that looked like a snake was floating in the air, and an arrow was pierced into its head!

Oh my god!

Experience has come!

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20 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 12: Ice Fissure Seal

  1. SonodaYuki says:

    >>I couldn’t fix them up one at a time at all!
    Have you tried using a torsion wrench instead of just a dagger?

    Also the size seems so massive for a 10 pin lock. The key itself would be several meters in length and weigh an unweildly amount.


    • tsume says:

      We don’t know for sure it’s a pin-tumbler lock. There are other types, although they aren’t common in our world at the moment.

      (More likely, though, the author doesn’t even know as much about locks as you can pick up from skimming Wikipedia.)


  2. exqalph03 says:

    Thanks for the chapter~!

    lol! Looks like he really have become an experience addict there huh~? OR should I say hunter~? Whatever~!

    — Thanks again for the chapter~ ^^.


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