Vol. 4 Chapter 68: You’re Summoning? I Will Summon Too

Of course, after seeing how things unfolded, I’m not going to be an idiot and just stand here and do nothing. No matter how I see it, this isn’t the time to be simply watching.

You know about those scenarios where the main protagonists simply stand there while their enemies are wrecking havoc? Although these occur frequently in games, it can’t be helped, as they have been locked by the scenarios, and can no longer be controlled until the cutscene ends. But right now, it’s completely different. We don’t have that sort of restriction imposed on us.

“Move separately! Evacuate everyone within the shortest time possible!”

I shouted loudly to the people beside me, and then, I pulled Oyado and Aliyah towards the southern gate.

Everyone immediately understood, and quickly fled towards the direction they came from.

Oh right, there’s still Uncle Gabriel!

I looked at the collapsed building, and then turned to look at Oyado and Aliyah.

“You two, head to the southern gate first! I will catch up to you two after getting Uncle Gabriel.”

“Big brother, I want to be with you…”

“Listen! This isn’t the time to be fooling around!”

I looked at her sternly, and then looked towards Aliyah.

“Please, take Oyado and run!”

“Un… Even if you didn’t tell me that, I would have done so!”

After saying that, she pulled onto Oyado’s hand.

“Let’s go…”


Oyado nodded.

“Don’t die so easily. Be careful…”

Aliyah said, and then pulled Oyado along as they rushed towards the southern gate.

“Really… In times like this… Don’t trip off death flags…”

I shook my head, and accelerated towards the collapsed building.

Of course, if I had not seen Gabriel’s name under the collapsed building, I wouldn’t have ran over. Anyhow, this guy is several levels higher than me, I shouldn’t need to worry about him in times like this…


Before I even approached the building, the collapsed building trembled, and Gabriel’s figure suddenly leaped out of the debris!

“What the hell, what are you…”

“It took quite a bit of time to heal my wounds. Sorry for the trouble.”

Seeing my dazed figure standing in front of him, he laughed.

“Really. Hurry up, right now, we have a serious problem.”

“Are you talking about the guy who attacked me? You don’t have to be afraid of someone like that. I will deal with him. Once I’m done, this country will owe me a great favor, and I will be able to openly ask the Emperor for one of those Smuu household’s machines.”

So this guy actually have this sort of idea in his mind. He’s really… honest about his motives, huh…

“But it’s impossible for you, you know.”

I said as such.

“Eh? Why?”

“Are you able to defeat a Demon God?”

“Demon God…?”

Hearing my words, Gabriel’s smile stiffened in an instant.

”“I think… we should hurry and evacuate everyone before that guy goes berserk. That bastard actually summoned a Demon God… He’s an existence we can’t hope to deal with.”


Before he could even reply, a bolt of lightning was shot towards the sky from the direction of the altar. Immediately after, with the bolt of lightning as its center, the sky began to slowly darken.

Black clouds began to spread wildly, and not long after, the sky above an entire half of the imperial city was dyed black.


“Hurry and get the people at the northern gate to flee. Right now, fleeing takes priority.”


After giving a firm nod, he immediately spread out his wings, and with a ‘shuaaa’ sound, he flew towards the skies.

Seeing that he’s heading towards the northern gate, I can now… flee as well? Of course, that’s impossible.


Leaning against the shadows, I immediately activated the Rogue’s Conceal skill. My figure was instantly absorbed into the shadows.

I raised my head up to look. Blazing Horn was looking at his surroundings. Then, he began to float in the sky, and flew towards the north.

Did he spot Gabriel flying over there? Or was he able to feel his presence?

Oh well, that’s not important.

I turned and faced towards the altar. I drank a MP Recovery Potion, and tapped on the Flash Movement skill.

In the next instant, I appeared above the altar.

Time is of the essence. I quickly rushed towards Zhaiteng, but after seeing the number of talismans squirming around his body, I didn’t dare to approach him.

“Hey, are you still conscious?”

“Kill me… As long as you kill me, his summoner, he will return to the Abyss… otherwise…”

“I say, since you knew that he was going to be this dangerous, why did you even summon him? You don’t even wish to conquer the world. Look at your titl… No, look at you, with just a simple glance, I can see that you’re a bad guy. Then why couldn’t you have simply played your role correctly, and control him after summoning him? Now, see what you have done? You’re now the one being controlled instead. Tell me, what are we supposed to do about this situation?”

“That’s why… Kill me…”

“Arcane – Punishment – Tearing Cross!”

Since he already said that much, how can I not fulfill his wish?

I immediately summoned the Tearing Cross, and stabbed it towards his chest.

Of course, things didn’t play out that easily as how I thought it would be. The moment the cross collided with the talismans, it immediately turned into smoke and dissipated into thin air.


“Talismans that carry the effects of ‘Dissipation’ huh… He’s really thorough with his planning… Now, there’s nothing that’s able to touch me… Like this, I can’t be killed, huh…”

“Can you please bite your own tongue and commit suicide?”


“Alright, I know it’s indeed difficult, and I’m not going to force you. Speaking of which, how did you make this summoning formation to summon the Demon God? With such a formidable formation, wouldn’t the users be unbeatable if they have this thing in hand?”

“But he’s impossible to control…”

“If you knew he can’t be controlled, why did you even summon him? Are you trying to incite a world-level disaster? And destroy the entire world?”

“That’s why, I only did it when I was about to die.”

“No, no. That isn’t a reliable reason, hey. Did water enter your brain or something? For the sake of world peace, couldn’t you have installed a time-bomb in your body? That would have been your greatest insurance, you know.”


“Alright, then you had best think of some idea to solve this. Either you tell me the method to summoning a Demon God, or tell me the method to removing the talismans on your body.”

“If it’s summoning, you need to use something your target has once left behind as a catalyst. Then, you must possess a large number of high-grade magic crystals, at least 50 of them. And as to removing the talismans on my body, unless it’s an absolute holy existence, otherwise, it’s impossible to remove these talismans set by a ghost of this level.”


I pondered for a moment.

Out of the people I know that can be termed ‘holy’… Or might be related to this term in any way… I don’t think there’s… No, that might not be the case. If I were to really think about it, I really do know someone like that. Though she does carry the title ‘holy’, she’s currently…

“Alright, in times like this, I have no choice but to try it out…”

“Do you know of something that’s capable of removing my talismans?”

“I will only know if I try.”

With this said, I immediately walked over to the side of the summoning formation. Then, I threw all of the magic crystals I have in my inventory onto the formation.

The magic crystals that absorbed the energy from those Shikigamis back then are also included. And before then, I have been collecting quite a bit of magic crystals myself. I was able to form a small hill of magic crystals after throwing all of them out.

“This should be enough.”

I nodded satisfyingly, and asked Zhaiteng.

“What’s the incantation?”

“What are you trying to summon? If you don’t have a catalyst…”

“Just tell me the incantation already.”

“Oh, the fearful gate that leads to the other side, please follow this signal and seek its origin, and lead it to the current time and space!”

After I recited that, the magic formation lighted up. I smiled. This was natural, after all, I had already placed the so-called ‘catalyst’ down onto the formation earlier.

And after he told me the incantation, I recited it myself, and hence, the summoning formation was activated.

I’m really too quick-witted!

Rays of white light burst out from the magic formation, accompanied by a bone-piercing chill.

Not long after, a figure slowly appeared above the magic formation. I laughed, and walked over.

“Yo, welcome back~”

“This place is… Eh? Why am I here?”

“Because I summoned you~”

I stretched out my hand, and pulled her up.

“But right now, we’re in quite a pinch, so I need your help, Ms. Snow~”

That’s right, the person I summoned, was Ms. Snowmystel, who turned into an undead!

And the catalyst that I placed on the formation to summon her, was the bow she once used before.

“Alright, Ms. Saint. Help us save the world.”

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34 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 68: You’re Summoning? I Will Summon Too

    • HapUgMata says:

      no no no…that’s just adding fuel to the fire…fir categorized dark chill as dangerous ever since he met him right???who knows what will happen if dark chill was the one summoned…


  1. SonodaYuki says:

    I just noticed, but has it been previously mentioned that Aliyah’s name is hebrew for “ascent”, and may well be a reference to the immigration of jews to israel from the diaspora.

    Not sure where that falls on the sweet reference/chuuni as hell scale of self-appelations.


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