Vol. 4 Chapter 69: Final Battle

“What Saint? I’m currently nothing but an undead.”

Ms. Snow patted off the dust on her dress, and then picked up the bow I used to summon her.

“Eh~ Did you use this bow as a catalyst to summon me? Fortunately, I have used this bow long enough. Otherwise, you might have summoned the previous Snow Elf who used it instead.”

“Is that so… That would only mean that my luck is pretty good. Alright, let’s stop the idle chatter. Right now, the Ice Empire is facing a big crisis. Unless we kill that guy over there, the entire Ice Empire will be in trouble.”

I explained while pointing to Zhaiteng who was floating in the air while wrapped in countless talismans.

“Oh, he doesn’t seem like someone from our Empire. Just what in the world happened?”

“To put it simply, this guy had a some sort of incurable disease and was about to die, but before that, he decided to prove that he’s capable of summoning the strongest ghost. Hence, he came here, the place that leads to the Abyss. But he had companions, whom I met before coming here.”

I was naturally referring to the merchant I encountered before.

“Because they said it’s possible to summon the strongest ghost as support… so… Lorsande Kingdom provided all of the necessary tools to summon ghosts…. and they even sent me to the Ice Empire secretly. Their troops are currently stationed at the eastern forest… I guess they will be attacking here after they realize the summoning has been successful…”

“As I thought. That Lorsande Kingdom has been eyeing the Ice Empire the entire time. But this isn’t a problem we have to be frustrated about. Earlier, Princess Michelle said that the Empire’s Army will be gathering at the imperial city, so there shouldn’t be a problem in that regard… Oh right, this isn’t the time to talk about that. Zhaiteng, hurry up and tell us what we have to do to remove the talismans wrapping about you.”

“Justice – Break!”

Before Zhaiteng could say anything, Ms. Snow had already pulled out another bow and drawn it. Three horizontal and three vertical slashes of light appeared at the tip of the arrow, and then, it was fiercely shot towards Zhaiteng!

In an instant, the talismans wrapping around Zhaiteng immediately turned into ashes!

“Oh my god, Ms. Snow, you’re actually capable of using Onmyou spells?”

“Umm… A very enthusiastic uncle taught me this~ He told me that it’s very dangerous for girls to go out alone, and if I were to encounter something nasty, I just have to use this skill.”

Hey hey, you Abyssal creatures, what do you guys usually do on the streets? If I have to put it bluntly, you guys are all nasty, right? Is there really no problem with this kind of setting?


“Speaking of which… Was the person who taught you this skill actually a guy who is completely deep red in color? Someone named Blazing Horn?”

“Eh? You know of Uncle Blazing Horn as well?”

“I called it…”

Suddenly, I felt that this world is truly a small. If Blazing Horn were to find out that his talismans were broken by the Onmyou spell he taught to a young girl, he will definitely cry, right?

But this isn’t the time to continue chatting, as I immediately rushed towards Zhaiteng.

“Alright, do you have any parting words?”

“Please take good care of my daughter!”

“Hah? Are you kidding me?”

“That’s right, I’m kidding you.”

The corner of my lips twitched for a moment.

“You know, I really hate things that are bloody and violent.”

“Are you telling me you’re not going to kill me? Only by killing me will you…”

“Eternal Frozen Grief.”

In an instant, Zhaiteng was encapsulated in a pillar of ice.

His HP, which was extremely low in the first place, began to drop at an amazing speed. And because he did not even attempt to struggle, very quickly, his HP depleted.

Although I hate things that are bloody and violent, there are many other ways of killing you without turning it into a bloodbath, you know.

“So you’re going to kill him just like that?”

Ms. Snow suddenly walked over.

“What else can I do? He already said that if I don’t kill him, that ghost will continue to wreck havoc. I have no other choice. Though I really wish to say things like ‘I will definitely save everyone’, I understand my own limits and abilities, so I will not force impossible missions unto myself.”

“You’re a real realist, huh~”

“Acknowledging reality is a must to survive in this world.”

I shrugged.

“Speaking of which, what are we going to do next? Do I really have to kill myself to send you back…”

“What are you talking about? Do you really want me to return?”

Ms. Snow pouted unhappily.

“Ah, you’re right. Speaking of which, this is where you should belong in the first place. But you’re currently…”

“Although I’m an undead, it seems Light Magic doesn’t work on me.”

Ms. Snow laughed.

“Probably because of the fact that I was a Snow Elf before I turned into an undead. So, I’m capable of resisting against Light Magic.”

“Your attributes are really similar to mine, huh…”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing much. I was just thinking that your attributes are in the range of being taboo. You had best not reveal it to those extremists if you ever encounter one.”

Like me, an existence which possesses a mix of light and undead elements is a taboo among taboos. There are other types such as a mix of dark and light elements as well.

If the Church were to know of this, I will definitely be sentenced to death.

“I know that. But, you’re right. The citizens of this country should have already known of my death, so it’s dangerous for me to appear right here and now… But, let’s put this aside for now. Although Zhaiteng is dead, the clouds in the sky have yet to return to normal…”


I raised my head up, and indeed, the black clouds in the sky have yet to disperse. Currently, Zhaiteng is already dead. Then why hasn’t the summoned being disappear after his summoner’s death?

There’s something wrong with this scenario, director! Shouldn’t this be the time where you say ‘Cut! The End!’ or something?

“Watch out!”

Suddenly, Ms. Snow rushed to my side, grabbed me by my collar, and leaped off our current location. I then heard a loud bang behind me. A gigantic sword was currently stabbed into the place I was standing on earlier.

There actually wasn’t an attack warning? Why? Did the attack warning system break again?

Immediately after, a giant red figure jumped down from the sky, and pulled out the gigantic sword from the ground.

“Un~ I see. So this was why I felt something was wrong. So you were the Undead Angel youth Snow-chan spoke of before. And it looks like you were the one who broke my talismans, Snow-chan.”

“Good morning, Uncle Blazing Horn. I didn’t expect for us to actually meet in the human realm today~”

“Well~ Since you’re Snow-chan’s friend… Alright, alright. Then I won’t go on a massacre today.”

Hey hey! Are you really fine with that!? Ms. Snow only turned into an undead not too long ago, you know? Is it really fine for you to actually get along with her so well in just this short amount of time?

“Hey you, why do I get the feeling you’re thinking of something really disrespectful?”

“No, of course not. You’re just thinking things.”

I shrugged.

“Speaking of which, why do you still look fine after Zhaiteng’s death?”

“Even if you stop pouring oil in an oil lamp, the oil lamp will still burn for a short amount of time, right?”

“That make sense. Then what are you planning to do right now?”

“Have a duel with you.”

“… Eh?”

I seemed to have heard something incredible just now.

“Wait a minute, did you just say you wish to have a duel with me?”

“That’s right.”

“The difference in our abilities is a little big, don’t you think…?”

“Well, you will only know after you try.”

“Can we not fight?”

“If you lose, you will die, alright!?”

After saying that, he raised his gigantic sword.

“Hey hey…”

My understanding of Demon Gods is only restricted to Dark Chill, and as for the person called Dark Chill… Whatever the case, this guy in front of me is definitely not fooling around!

“Umm… You guys…”

“Ms. Snow, why don’t you first find a place to hide? Well, this place is going to get dangerous, after all.”


“Ah, I can always run if I have to. You know that I’m a good runner, right?”

Of course, my final ‘run’ in the Abyss actually lead to death. But the outcome was still the same.

“Then… Please be careful.”

After saying that, Ms. Snow started running to the side.

“Then next up… Well, since you’re that strong, I basically won’t be able to harm you, right? How am I supposed to fight?”

But, he did not give a reply, rather, he immediately charged towards me with his sword!

Are you kidding me!?

I quickly dodged to the side, spread out my pair of wings, and soared towards the sky.

Blazing Horn’s slash sliced a corner of the altar, and then, with a strong leap, he came chasing after me.

Logic tells me that, it’s impossible to take on his attack. If I were to use my weapon to block it, not only my weapon, but I will be sliced into half as well!

“Accelerate, Extreme Shadow, Elf of the Wind!”

I turned into a green blur as I retreated at high speed in the skies. And behind me, the red Blazing Horn was chasing after me.

“Hey hey, this can’t be counted as a fight, right? It’s not right to just run, you know.”

“Are you kidding me!? At least say something along the lines of ‘I will suppress a part of my power’! Otherwise, how are we supposed to have a fair fight!?”

“Well… I did already suppress my power, otherwise, this will happen…”

Before he even finished what he wanted to say, he suddenly appeared right in front of me! He raised his gigantic sword up high, as it came slashing down at me!

I quickly pulled out my tachi to take it on. A sharp pain pierced into my wrist, and when the gigantic sword fell on my tachi, cracks actually began to form on its blade, and my HP was decreased by a bit.

Does this count as defense penetration?

“Eh? You aren’t as strong as I imagined you to be. Didn’t you once had a fight with Colina?”

“But I lost that fight…”


He said as he kicked towards me. I hurriedly summoned an Ice Shield.

But his attack immediately penetrated through my ice shield and landed on my abdomen. My HP immediately dropped by a huge amount, and as if I was riding a descending roller coaster, I fell from the skies at an amazing speed.

I hurriedly tapped on the HP Recovery Potion, and used Recovery spells at the same time! My HP slowly began to recover, but my opponent actually came chasing after me again!

What the hell!? With this difference in abilities, how am I supposed to fight!?

“Ghost Technique – Evil Army Breaking Slash!”

A even more terrifying ghostly face appeared behind Blazing Horn. At the same time, a dense red glow appeared on his sword, and it changed into a red blur as it slashed towards me!

As the attack approached me, I gritted my teeth. Looks like I have no choice but to take a gamble.

“Secret – Absolute Probability! Target Set – Resistance Counter!”

Countless combo markers appeared before me. I smiled, and my two hands began to press the markers at crazy speed, as if I was playing Taiko Master.

Are you kidding me? I’m one of those who succeeded in clearing the highest difficulty, you know? This difficulty level of this QTE is basically nothing to talk about!

As long as the skill can be activated, then everything will go well from there!

When the sword was about to reach before me, my body suddenly moved, and with a back-turn, the sword grazed past me!

“Eh? You…”

He seemed to have realized something weird was going on with me. But my body did not stop there. My left hand grabbed onto his left hand, and with a flip, I leaped onto his back.

Then, Blasphemer appeared in my hand, and I stabbed it into Blazing Horn’s nape.

Although this entire process was automated, when I realized that I was actually able to complete this set of actions, I suddenly had the urge to become an Assassin.


Blazing Horn stretched out his hands and tried to grabbed onto me. However, evidently, I have yet to complete my set of actions. After I pushed myself over his head, I kicked away the sword in his hand. Then, I slid down his body and snatched his sword away!

I did a roll in the air, before facing him with his sword.

“You… Are you a Magician or a Swordsman!?”

The corner of his lips twitched as he roared out loud.

“…Ghost Technique – Evil Army Breaking Slash!”

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  1. alusarle says:

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