Vol. 4 Chapter 70: Forget About Afterwords, Vol. 5 is About to Begin

“Ghost Technique – Evil Army Breaking Slash!”

When I shouted these words, a crazy burst of energy suddenly welled up from beneath my feet, and enveloped my entire body in an instant.

My body suddenly felt as light as a feather, and my vision became a little blurry.

But my movements did not stop. The scenery in front of me flashed, and I realized I had already arrived behind his back!

“Let’s meet again next time, Fir-chan~”

I don’t know why, but these words suddenly came out of my mouth. Then, I regained control of my body.

When I turned back to look, Blazing Horn was holding onto his abdomen, and he looked at me with a slight grin.

“Incredible. You were actually able to harm me. You’re really not as simple as you look, huh.”

No, no. You’re kidding, right? That can’t be considered as a wound, right? Your HP did not even drop by a tenth!

And his wound slowly began to close by itself, and it stopped bleeding in less than 5 seconds.

“No no, my luck was just good.”

“… Really now? Then how did you replicate my technique?”

“That, huh… That’s just a skill based on luck. It has a very low success rate.”

“But, you’re already rather incredible, seeing that you managed to use my technique to harm me with your level of strength. Now then, eat my final attack!”

“Hey hey! You’re still coming!? Empiric – Ice Royal Garden!

I immediately cast a defense spell, but… I knew it was futile.

It would be great if there’s a skill to nullify the sense of pain. In times like this, when you know that you will definitely get hit, it really feels rather painful.

The ice wall which had just formed right in front of me instantly shattered into pieces, and his sharp red claws struck my chest.

My chest numbed, and when I lowered my head to look, his hand already pierced deep into my chest, and my HP was completely depleted.

“You’re really…”

“I’m only letting you know the cruelty of reality.”

“Me too.”

While saying that, I pressed the switch in my hand.

“What’s this?”

“A farewell gift.”

After saying that, my vision darkened, and my body senses disappeared.

You have died.

Even without looking at the notification, I knew, in that situation earlier, there’s only death waiting for me. His hand even penetrated through my chest. Even if I were to keep drinking potions, it’s impossible to escape from the state of apparent death in that situation. Dying was the best option then.

A three hour countdown began. I looked at the numbers in front of me, and I simply decided to take an afternoon nap to solve the problem.


When I once again opened my eyes, it was already night. It was probably because I slept for too long.

And the resurrection point this time was much better than before. Compared to waking up in a graveyard which carry a weird stench, waking up on a long bench beside the graveyard was a much better experience.

Battle Ended.
Killed: The Strongest Onmyouji – Zhaiteng Weifang
EXP Gained: 10,000
Pushed Back: The Strongest Ghost – Blazing Horn
EXP Gained: 10,000
Eliminated Shikigami – Queen x 274
EXP Gained: 274 x 50 – 13,700
Total EXP Gained: 33,700

You leveled up! Current LV: 24
You leveled up! Current LV: 25
You leveled up! Current LV: 26
You leveled up! Current LV: 27

Party Member Aliyah leveled up! Current LV: 19
Party Member Dale leveled up! Current LV: 23
Party Member Bai Yueguang leveled up! Current LV: 31
Party Member Oyado leveled up! Current LV: 20

Weapon Rewarded: Ghostbreak
Skill Learnt: Ghost Technique – Evil Army Breaking Slash

I gave a simple glance at the end-battle notification. I didn’t expect to level up four times in one go. Though he simply allowed me to kill him, in the end, it was still calculated into the results.

But it seems there’s a limit to the amount of EXP I can gain per mob. I only received 10,000 EXP from killing a boss that’s several times my level, huh. But, it was already quite a huge sum.

I looked towards the side. A gigantic sword that was about the same height as me was lying beside me. Looks like it’s the weapon, Ghostbreak, Blazing Horn left.

After putting it into my ring, I flipped to the next page.

Level-skipping Boss Kill Rewards
Killed: The Strongest Onmyouji – Zhaiteng Weifang
23 Levels of Difference
Credits Accumulated: 23
Pushed Back:The Strongest Ghost – Blazing Horn
127 Levels of Difference
Credits Accumulated: 127

Credits? And what weird new system is this? What is it used for?

But on the notification window, other than the amount of credits I accumulated, there’s no other explanations. This isn’t considerate to the users at all.

Ah well, whatever. It’s fine as long as I know of this. I will find out when I get the chance to use them.

I crawled up from the ground, and dusted off my clothes.

The graveyard did not look that gloomy under the moonlight. Though it was still foggy, I was still able to clearly view the entire place.


“I say, how long have you been standing there?”

As I gazed towards the top of a building, I smiled. Standing there, was Aliyah.

“Not that long. I came by two hours ago. When I saw that you were still sleeping there, I went back to get some dinner. Once I figured that it’s about time you wake up, I came back.”

“Is that so…”

Looks like I did indeed sleep for quite a long time.

“Then? What’s the current situation?”

“Well~ After you died, we all saw your death notification, but at the same time, the black clouds in the sky began disperse. Then, we realized, you actually ran to pick a fight with the boss.”

“Well, I was just trying out my luck.”

“From the outcome, you could say it’s a job well done. Though I don’t know what actually happened, you seemed to have saved Gabriel when you succeeded in pulling the ghost away from him. Because, back then, the ghost seemed to have been fighting with Uncle Gabriel.”

“Looks like he has to treat me dinner then.”

“Well… When the Empire’s Army rushed over, the Lorsande troops stationed in the forest were also dealt with. So, this incident has been successfully dealt with, I guess.”

“I kind of feel it’s a little…”

I shrugged.


“You’re thinking too much. If we, people with illogical powers, did not intervene in this incident, it wouldn’t have been settled this easily. If we had let this incident progress, the imperial city would have definitely entered a state of terror, with the summoning of the ghost and the invading troops. If that happened, it wouldn’t be this easy to deal with.”

“If you put it that way… you’re right. But no matter how I see it, I feel that this incident was a little weird. After this, let’s hurry back to the academy. The trip outside this time is really too tiring. I even died twice.”

“I feel the same way as well.”

Saying that, Aliyah lightly leaped off the roof, and landed beside me.

“But, this time, you really created quite a big mess for yourself…”

“Indeed, I died twice, after all.”

“No, no. I’m not referring to that. Rather… It’s…”

Just when Aliyah was trying to put her thoughts into words, suddenly, I heard a shout coming from behind me.


I was pushed onto the ground by someone behind me, and had a very intimidate contact with Mother Earth. Although I didn’t lose any HP, it hurt quite a lot!

“You… Eh? Ms. Snow?”

“Good evening, Master~ Please take care of me, alright~”

The person in front of me was indeed Ms. Snowmystel. But…

“Why are you calling me Master!? And can you let go of me? If you were to hug me like this…”

I can clearly feel your breasts touching my back!

“Because Fir summoned me, so currently, you’re my Master.”

“No, no. Didn’t that Onmyouji summon a ghost as well? But he didn’t have the option to become a Master…”

“Master, you’re saying you don’t wish to have me by your side?”

As she said that, Ms. Snow suddenly revealed a very pitiful expression.


“In any case, let go of him!”

Saying that, Aliyah fiercely pulled Ms. Snow away from me.

“Alright, let’s put this aside for now. But why are you…”

Why did you not return!? After I died, weren’t you supposed to be forced back into the Abyss? Just what is going on!?

But I can’t disclose that I had already died once, otherwise, it will completely… Wait a minute… Suddenly, I saw a faint glow in my inventory.

When I opened it, the magic crystals in my inventory were actually slowly being depleted!


Is she running on the energy of the magic crystals I have on hand? Wait a minute, then when I died… Oh right, earlier, Blazing Horn said that even without energy, he was able to stay for a while more, which means… She used her own energy to stay in this realm for 3 hours? Then, after I resurrected, she…

What the hell, it’s just a simple mana transfer, so why am I thinking of something obscene!? Calm down. In times like this, I need to calm down.

“Alright… In any case, let’s go back. A graveyard is not a good place to wander in deep in the night.”

“That’s right~ Then, let’s have dinner~ Master, I believe you have yet to have your dinner, right~? Let’s eat together~”

Ms. Snow immediately grabbed onto my hand and pulled me away.

“Hey hey! You’re just a summoned being! Why are you being so chummy with Fir!?”

Aliyah rushed to our side, and looked at us unhappily.

“I’m hungry too! Let’s go! Let’s eat together! I know of a good steakhouse!”

“You two… Shouldn’t we reporting to the rest?”


The two girls smiled at me, but… why is there a black aura hovering above their heads?

“Ahem… Let’s eat dinner then…”

“Let’s go, let’s go~”

“Oh yeah~ Off we go~”

What the hell are these two thinking…

– Vol. 4 End –

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  1. tsugumo malenki says:

    “I’m only letting you know the cruelty of reality.”

    “Me too.”

    While saying that, I pressed the switch in my hand.

    “What’s this?”

    “A farewell gift.”

    After saying that, my vision darkened, and my body senses disappeared.

    ( bomba suicida = kamikaze boom) fir


  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh no!
    It’s happening!
    The one thing that strike terror to MMO players!


    i really hope it’s not though.

    Thank you for the chapter!


    • joshua says:

      Remember he blew up the library before? in his academy, after stealing the books to destroy evidence he placed the remote bombs. Each bomb is powerful and has staking effects. So if they all blew together….
      I am more interested in Dale meeting the alchemist.


      • HapUgMata says:

        that would actually be the start of countdown for doomsday…just imagine what they will produce with their ideas combined…


  3. glorious master race shu says:

    “What the hell, it’s just a simple mana transfer, so why am I thinking of something obscene!? Calm down. In times like this, I need to calm down.”
    dat reference lol


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    “I was pushed onto the ground by someone behind me”…
    “The person in front of me was indeed Ms. Snowmystel. But…”
    “I can clearly feel your breasts touching my back!”

    Those three lines.


  5. Read DxD says:

    I have to admit, the start of this volume with its constant jumping was making me kinda lose interest, but here at the end it all came together in a very entertaining manner, 14/10 actually managed to impress me.


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    i wonder if he’s planning on going back to hell at some point and scare some demons because he’s not dead…undead?… in a sleep-like state unnable to do anything. there we go
    undead are confusing

    thanks for the chapter


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    Just a belated thought after reading finishing the volume: for “Pushed Back: The Strongest Ghost – Blazing Horn”, maybe “Banished” would fit better? I.e. “Banished: The Strongest Ghost – Blazing Horn”

    Thanks, by the way!


  9. Varian says:

    Why does no one find it strange how he keeps coming back to life? I mean Snow saw him die in the abyss yet there was no reaction, and even now he wakes up in a graveyard yet no reaction…


    • AnimeLover says:

      Yeah I also was expecting a bigger reaction and anger for leaving her in Abyss… I don’t like how Snow is calling him Master. I hope her wild personality doesn’t disappear


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