Vol. 4 Chapter 26: Update

“Ah~ I haven’t slept so happily for ages.”

When I woke up and opened my eyes, I realized the countdown timer before me had not finished, and there was still about 5 minutes left.

It seems I hadn’t really gotten a good sleep recently. Is that why I couldn’t get a long rest even with this rare chance to sleep?

But when I stared at the countdown timer for a while, I realized something was wrong.

Why wasn’t the timer counting down?

“Hey hey! What’s with this situation?”

“Because I wish to have a little talk with you.”

Suddenly, the entire space brightened up, and the former black space turned into a pure white world… No, these are clouds!

I hurriedly looked below me, and I was shocked for a moment.

Looking through the transparent floor which was made of unknown materials, the surface of almost the entire continent was just right under me! The sizes of every river stream in my current point of view were comparable to the sizes displayed on the map in the library!

I’m currently… in the air?

“Is this really that shocking? I have always been watching you guys from here, you know.”

“… Are you, ‘World’?”

I turned to the source of the voice, and saw a translucent human figure standing behind me.


“I felt that there wasn’t any form that could represent my existence, hence I constructed a simple appearance.”

“I’m referring to the way you’re talking. It’s much better than before. It’s no longer that refined, and feels much better.”

“… Language and words are simply ways to convey messages. Through understanding this world, I feel that my current way of expression is more beneficial for communication.”

“…Can we not discuss philosophy?”

“I felt that my earlier words were just a simple explanation, and had no relations to philosophy in any way. If I have to really speak of philosophy, then…”

“Alright, stop!”

I stretched my hand and stopped it from continuing, otherwise, the most important point of this conversation would have been sank under a large amount of unneeded information.

“Since we’re meeting each other here, then, for better means of communication, wouldn’t it have been better if you changed into a human?”

“But currently, you’re an Undead Holy Angel.”

“I was originally human, and I feel that it’s better to converse with humans, alright? Oh right, turn into a girl. The figure doesn’t matter, as long as it’s cute.”

“… Since you say so.”

It’s figure flashed. Countless of particles slowly filled it’s body, and its body slowly became clearer.

… Wait a minute, this body… Why is it completely in nude!? Wait a moment!!

“You, wait a minute!”

Just when I stretched my hand to stop it, its body emitted a fierce glow, and right after, something soft struck my stretched hands.

After the flash of light, a nude young girl with black eyes appeared in front of me, and my hands were grabbing onto her chest.

That’s right, she was currently totally nude. That’s right, her breasts were currently in my hands.

Suddenly, I felt a force rushing towards my head, and then, I felt something flowing out of my nose.

This sensation in my hands… It feels just like the real thing…

“I can sense that your heartbeat rate have reached a very irregular level, and you have entered a bleeding state. What happened?”

She grabbed onto my hands which were on her chest, and stretching out her other hand, a piece of tissue appeared.

Then, she approached me and proceeded with wiping away the blood flowing out of my nose.


The moment she approached me, the fragrance that could only belong to a girl entered my nose, and I forcefully exhaled out the scent.

“Situation unknown. Judgment, my transformation caused your anomaly. I shall now transform back…”

“No! You just have to first put on some clothes!”


She stared at me blankly, and her eyelids fluttered.

“Indeed, most of you primates have this ‘embarrassment’ issue. One cannot casually be naked in front of the opposite sex. I’m sorry, I was not thorough with my consideration.”

After saying that, a set of robes that was completely the same as mine appeared on her body. And the force in my body was finally suppressed.

Looks like I have not trained enough, to think I was instantly beaten by with a mere sight… and a mere touch. I’m a failure. Such a failure.

If Heaven were to give me another chance, I will definitely not forget to pinch them! Earlier that sensation… It’s most likely a D-cup?

“But earlier, when you were touching my chest, according to my data, it’s basically one of the actions taken before primates mate. Can I believe that you were sexually aroused by my body? But I wish to declare this in advance, although I’m able to fully replicate the body of a female human, and even the data on this body was set using the average of all the women in the world, but as a form of enmassed consciousness, I do not possess reproductive abilities. So…”

“Stop, can we return to the main topic at hand?”

Looking at her expressionless face as she spoke of that embarrassing topic earlier, I felt like I was talking with Nagato. That definitely isn’t a wrong impression.

“I guess you’re right. We have already wasted a lot of time. My original motive was to make it a much more convenient conversation, but we wasted so much time in the end.”

“No no, I didn’t feel that it was a waste, really.”

“… Is that so? Alright, the let me start with my explanation.”

After saying that, she shrugged, and a weird list appeared behind her.

When I took a closer look, I realized it was the experience table from LV 1 to 20! But… The values seem to be smaller?

“According to my earlier prediction of the world, I did my first set of settings and values on the data of you otherworlders. From the process of using it, I realized, this set of settings was very suitable. But!”

She turned around.

“I underestimated the several different factors that could affect the values in this world, and this led to several errors and omissions when it comes to large values. And, quantifying them is really troublesome. Hence, I decided to decrease the entire set of values, which would reduce the error margin and allow the values to be more accurate.”

“The factors you speak of… Do they include skills that could heighten one’s abilities temporarily, like demonization?”

“Not just that, compared to you existences that are completely quantifiable, the enemies may have the possibility of being able to fight even when their HPs reach 0. I feel that these would result to influences that could create errors in judgment.”

“These influences are really quite large, but the values are so little… It’s not really comparable, right?”

“Because the values are smaller, your range of improvement will be bigger.”

She immediately denied my viewpoint.

“These are all the most basic values, but according to my judgment, there are still many things in the world that cannot be quantified by my values.”

“For example, those [Unable to Display] titles?”

“… Yes. And the reason why you otherworlders exist, is to verify this.”

“Us? Oh right, just who are we? Why did we appear in this world? Just what the hell happened to our memories!?”

“… I’m sorry, I have already told you many things that I shouldn’t, but because I don’t have the authorization to alter your memories, I can’t make you forget about what’s happening currently. But I can’t tell you anymore than this.”

“Even if I were to threaten you with force here, you still wouldn’t say anything, is that right?”

“You do not hold the possibility of being able to do so.”

“Those words really hurt me, hey.”

I helplessly shrugged.

“Speaking of which, you’re ‘World’, so I indeed do not have the power to defeat you.”

“No, what I meant was you wouldn’t do it, not that you can’t. According to my analysis of all your data, even if the enemy were to kill you, you wouldn’t give in to brutal force.”

“My data… Does that include my lost memories?”

She was stunned for a moment, and she was probably thinking of something as her eyes jumped about, before answering.

“Your question did not exceed my level of authorization, the answer is, it does include your past memories.”

“Is that so…”

I looked at her white and dull pupils, pondered for a bit, before asking.

“Why did you tell me all these? What about the rest?”

”“The memories of the rest of the otherworlders will be directly altered. I told you earlier, I do not have the authorization to alter your memories, so the only thing I could do was tell you personally like this. This is to prevent any misunderstandings from occurring.”


She does not have the authorization to alter my memories? Why me? Wasn’t my memories altered once? Why is it that she doesn’t wish to alter my memories now?

“Alright, this is all that wish to convey to you. Although there was a slight delay, but it seems negotiation has been successful. Earlier, I did not wake you up, rather, I stopped your resurrection timer, was to allow you to get some more sleep. Please do not mind about it.”

“Of course I won’t mind. It’s a rare opportunity to sleep, after all.”

“But I must notify you that, since you died in a neutral sector earlier, you will receive the death penalty of dropping a level. When you’re resurrected, you will be LV 18…”

“Wait a minute! I will drop a level if I die in a neutral sector? Why did I not hear about that before!?”

“… Because you have never died anywhere else other than in the city, hence, you wouldn’t know?”

After saying that, she tilted her head.

What the hell, why are you acting cute in this point in time? There must be a bottomline to how natural you can be! And why was it a question? Weren’t you watching me the entire time!?

“But I was already LV 19 with about 2 million EXP earlier, even if you reduce the amount of EXP needed to level, do not waste the effort I put in!”


She looked at me with a difficult expression. After she pondered for a moment, she said this.

“But, these were all set-up right from the start?”

“Look, didn’t you change all the values just earlier? In usual cases, when you change the system, there will be some compensations of sorts, no? Since this was my first time, don’t drop my level, alright?”


She pondered for a while more. Then she looked at me, and then turned to look to the side.

Seeing her pitiful look, it really makes me want to say ‘forget it’.

“Hai~ Alright. Then I shall change the condition, and to you, it shouldn’t be that hard of a condition.”

“… Tell me that condition of yours first.”

World asked cautiously.

“Help me alter Irlin’s memories, and make her forget about me being her fiance.”

“This… There’s no problem with that. But why?”


I looked at her, and then sighed.

“I don’t have the ability to give her the happiness that she should have. Before this turns into something irreversible, I should give her heart back as soon as possible.”

“According to my data, I believe you have the sufficient ability to give her happiness.”

“But, I’m unworthy.”

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  1. DMR says:

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      • Past One/Hikari to kage says:

        I have been wondering why don’t we just use a nerve gear like system to torture the author since I don’t think this is against the law.


  2. deadlybell says:

    im hoping it somehow fails and she remembers him next time she sees him or something

    using the whole ‘power of love’ trope

    i would so squeal like a fangirl if that happened

    and then i would ship them so much it alters reality!~ Lol

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  3. Felipe says:

    so the otherworders are there to quantify stuff for the system? does that means that the “world” is using then as eyes and calculators?


  4. Readtilltheybleed says:

    IMHO altering memories/emotions without consent is the second worst thing you can do (ethically, just short of rape) …(it’s unjustifiable, unlike murder or torture which, under special circumstances, I don’t find unethical)

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    • jralvarez1 says:

      Remember it’s only memories, even if a memory changes shouldn’t you still have that memory in your (sorry for the cliche) heart somewhere? So no honestly it is not the worst thing that can be done, and remember she was an npc to start out with so what if her emotions were brought about the title of “fiance” added to her character. Wouldn’t it be the right thing to do to change her memories so she can live a life by her own making?


    • Vincent says:

      no. Special circumstances making torture and murder less terrible don’t make them better than altering memories. Rape is a form of torture after all. There’s no coming back from murder. A rape victim can heal, and you probably won’t even notice a single memory disappearing. To me telling people that rape is worse than murder is like telling rape victims that their life is over and they’d be better off dead.

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    • deadlybell says:

      actually its the worst thing you can do to someone…. memories make us who we are, if you tamper with them, or in this case erase them fully and toss them into a new environment it destroys your old “ego” which is basically death in itself….


      • Vincent says:

        People change all the time. You think they’ll still be the same person after being tortured? Most will probably welcome you altering those memories out of them. The only way altering memories even comes close to murder and torture is if you’re specifically trying to erase their identity. Altering large amounts of memories or life changing memories that determine who they are.


      • deadlybell says:

        i would rather die than lose my current personality/ego, this is dictated by what we have lived, what we have felt and learned, without that we are nothing.


      • Vincent says:

        You may lose everything that you are but since you’re not dead you would rebuild something new and perhaps better. You could start a new family, make new friends, learn new things, and make new memories. You may be nothing but you wouldn’t stay as nothing. Thus I place it as being better than murder. There’s also the fact that a lot of people would be better off in that situation. A fresh start. Maybe get rid of their mental problems while you’re at it.

        Besides the question wouldn’t be if you’d rather rather die than lose your memory. It would be if you’d rather be tortured to death or murdered than lose your memory. If given the option of losing my memory and being locked into a room with hundreds of starving mice and eaten alive I’m gonna pick memory lose every time.


      • deadlybell says:

        i would rather remember any and all suffering I have ever felt, any torture or pain, any tragic event that has occurred ect

        hell i would rather die by my worst nightmare than lose my memories/ego/current sense of self


      • Owl says:

        But then don’t human beings lose their memory every day? For example, what did you have for lunch last Monday?

        If you don’t know that you lost something, is that a loss?


      • deadlybell says:

        things we ourselves chose to forget SMALL things that have little to no significance. not big things like family, friends, loved ones, key defining points in your life that made you….. you , ect.


    • Diarek says:

      When was the last time Irlin was actually relevant to the story? In this aspect, ANY females characters beside Aaliyath ? And even her is a stretch. All females characters, in particular and all side characters in generals don’t has any impact to the story once their related arc over. Momiji hello? The golem guy? Irlin and her country’s warmonger king? Even Aaliyath was there mostly a foil for Fir and be a screaming,damsel, despite being a heavy gamer and an otherworlder herself, why is she so weak? I enjoy reading this story, but frankly it is pretty bad,especially the characters. Heck, I liked Irlin in her arc, but other than FIr’s fiancee status, what else does she have? NOTHING !


  5. Huri says:

    Irline memory removing…. stupid attempt of the author to get Aliyah to become the “main heroine” that pairs up with the MC… just great… I hate Aliyah’s character… so annoying…


  6. Vincent says:

    Seems like more of a copout on the author’s part so that he can keep playing the harem game. He agreed to marry her so she unquestionable has the strongest claim to him. Make her forget about it and everybody is back in the running. However what’s the point of just altering her memories if she’s told everybody already?


  7. Moissonneur66 says:

    Honestly hope he doesn’t end up with Aliyah. She’s just such a boring character, hell she probably has some tragic backstory that we will eventually find out about and are supposed to care about but i don’t see that happening with me. Irlin is the cute shy girl you maggoty bastard and saying that without taking into consideration her feelings for you when she clearly actually fking likes you if Bull Shit. The Author should remedy this Bull Shit now. If Aliyah ends up as a love interest or heavens forbid the main love interest i’ll really struggle to read on. Every other girl is better than Aliyah, What about the Momoji sisters? Fir gets along really well with them, both princesses (although to a far lesser extent with Anne than Michelle) Snow is legitimately his self proclaimed type. Other than been an otherworlder Aliyah has absolutely nothing going for her.

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  8. Nakiami says:

    All of these human rights debates above me…
    I still think his [whatever goes] title will level up though.
    ‘Oh man. My resurrection timer isn’t counting down? Whatever. I got a good nap.’
    And… he negotiates with the world? Who else has the guts to do so?
    Thank you to all who made this chapter possible!


  9. lucky says:

    in all epci equipament , wepon skill he think all the time he want a girl lost his memorys ,realy dude? next step he will evolve for a prinny a low class demon whith selfdestruction skill , and 5 of power level and active selfdestruction all time.


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