Vol. 4 Chapter 33: Memory Alteration

“Although I don’t know what happened, but currently, there’s countless of memories being forced into this girl’s mind. But what’s weird is that they are actually all incompatible. If I have to give a comparison, a certain event has unlimited possible endings, but all these endings are being forced into her memories in one go, just like…”

“Just like she experienced countless parallel world lines, is that right?”

“… That’s a good comparison, I like it.”

He stopped for a moment, and asked.

“Right now, you have two choices. One, completely remove all these parallel memories, and leave her with her original memory. Two, completely remove all her memories. Although the former will remove all of those unnecessary memories, it will still leave an impact on her spirit, while the latter will not. What’s your choice?”


What’s with this weird 50-50 option? Can I save my current progression before choosing? No matter if its removing all her memories or causing spiritual damage, neither of them are good choices at all.

This is really hard. Honestly, this is…

“Big brother…”

Suddenly, Oyado called out.

“I don’t want to forget…”

“Oyado, were you able to listen to our conversation?”

“A little… but… no matter what… do not remove…”

After saying that, Oyado actually raised out her own hand and struck the back of her neck, and then, she fainted.


“Oh, looks like she’s really determined. Since that’s the case, I do have a good idea.”

“What is it?”

“Help me enter her memories, and then directly alter the data inside.”


Entering her memories? What kind of weird setting is this?

“You actually know Memory Magic as well? And you can allow me to enter her memories?”

“Hmph~ In the past, because I altered the Archbishop’s memories, I turned him into the sinner of a slaughterer. But this requires an adjustment that takes a long time. If you’re willing to directly enter her memories, and correctly guide out the correct memory, I can instantly remove the rest.”


“Don’t worry, only your spirit will be entering her memories. Your physical body will stay safe and sound outside. And I can tell you this, within a radius of a few hundred meters, there’s no one else here to interrupt this process. So, don’t worry.”

“No, I’m more worried that you would do something to my memories.”

“…Hahaha, I guess so. But you understand, right? Currently, the only person capable of helping you, is me.”


I sighed. I just have to pray to the world that the memory of the fact that I’m an otherworlder will be not found out easily.

“Then, tell me. How is this going to work?”

“Looking at the basic information, the memory that needs to be altered is a week’s worth of time, between her parents’ death a week ago and now. Are you ready?”

“Of course!”

“3, 2, 1, wish you luck~”

After saying that, he snapped his finger. My vision suddenly blurred, and I collapsed onto the ground.


“Big brother, hurry up and wake up!”


I suddenly woke up, and realized I was currently sitting on a bed. My body was soaked with sweat.

Looking at my surroundings, I was currently in a very simple wooden house. And beside my bed, was a panicked Oyado.

“Big brother… What’s wrong?”

When I saw her panicked expression, I wanted to say something, but Gabriel’s voice suddenly resounded in my mind.

“Remember, the setting in this memory will be a little different compared to before. Because the original memory had already been greatly interfered by the rest of the memories. I can only use this method to intervene. Currently, you’re her big brother. You will create the rest of her memories. But, take note, you’re currently nothing more than a normal person. If you were to die, the memory will be completely destroyed. You will not get a retry. Do you understand?”

“If I fail, what will happen to Oyado?”

“I will try my best to delete memories other than the original memory, but this will result to a wound in her spirit.”

“Alright, I will give my best.”

After speaking with Gabriel, I looked towards Oyado.

“I, I had a nightmare.”

“Is that so. Geez, Why did you have to frighten me? It’s not everyday I get to wake you up.”

“Sorry sorry. Because it was too scary~ Oh right, why did you wake me up?”

“Get to work! Papa and Mama have already went out to hand over the money to those bad guys. If you don’t work, who’s going to?”

“Is that so…”

I scratched my head as I gave a silly smile. Then, I asked in my heart.

“Hey hey, why did the memory start at this time? Can’t I have arrived earlier to save her parents?”

“According to the data in her memory, her parents don’t exist in the first place. The death of her so-called parents is a fixed memory. The things that happen after is based on this memory.”

“Is that so? It really completely avoids the best ending, huh. If that’s the case, what actually happens in this scenario?”

“The route in this line of memory is… After her parents were killed, the bandits came over to attack the village. Oyado, who was hiding under the penthouse, was still found by the bandits. At the very last moment, suddenly, a warrior appeared and he killed all of the bandits, and saved her. Then…”

“Then, Oyado joins his organization, right? What the hell. That’s basically the perfect ending. Who’s the author? Is it possible for me to meet up with him and talk to him about the philosophy of life?”

“You will get your chance one day.”

Helplessly, I could do nothing but nod.

“Alright, alright. Then you have to be a good girl and stay at home.”

“Big brother, do you know what you have to do?”


I really don’t know. I don’t know anything about this memory at all…

“See, big brother is always this unreliable! Hurry up and head over to the forest! We need some firewood! So go there and chop some!”

“Alright, alright!”

After saying that, I immediately rushed out of the house. I picked up the axe that was beside the door along the way, and the headed straight for the forest.

“Gabriel, why do I feel that this body is a little weird? What’s with this weird heavy feeling?”

“That’s very normal. Because in this memory, you’re nothing more than a normal person.”

“A normal person? That’s honestly the perfect protagonist setting, huh. But in this sort of setting, I will die under the bandits’ attack, right?”

“That’s certainly so. That’s why I said that, to ensure that the memory is fixed up perfectly, there are two things you have to do. One, protect your own life, and then two, save Oyado.”

It’s simpler said than done. With this body that has completely no combat ability, I’m basically courting death if I tried to do that sort of thing.

It’s as if someone told you that boss gives you loads of experience, and you use that LV 1 character of yours to rush over, only to be instantly smashed into dust.

No chance of victory, that’s basically my current situation.

It would be good if I’m at least able to use some sort of skill. But currently, other than the axe in my hand, there’s nothing else that I can use.

“Can’t you turn me into an advanced-grade magician or give me an advanced-grade warrior role in this memory?”

“Tell that to the person who designed this memory. Currently, the only person able to intervene in this memory is you, and only you. But your spirit is not able to interfere in this world, naturally, a situation like this will happen, right?”

“Eh? This is my fault? My fault?”

“Well~ Do what you can!”

“Even if you say that…”

I can’t actually use my willpower to turn into superman, you know!

“Ice Arrow!”

I extended my hand towards a tree bark, but nothing appeared.

That’s also natural. After all, currently, I don’t even have a single menu, so how can I execute a magic spell? That’s right, the current me is unable to view anything like a skill menu. It’s just like how I actually was before I came into this world.

I’m a normal person. A very normal, normal person. I’m so normal, that I’m basically like that student you pick out from any school. That student do not have a possibility of having any special superpowers, and is very normal.

So normal, it’s abnormal.


“Let’s see, what was it? That incantation… It was pretty short… The source of ice that’s hidden beneath the abyss of absolute cold, with my identity as your loyal worshipper, lend me your power! Empower my inner heart, my body, and my wish! Summon! Ice Armor!”


I actually, unbelievably… summoned a bracer!

Eh? The student who was picked out was actually a magical girl?

“Eh? Aren’t I still able to use magic? Although I was only able to summon a bracer… Let’s try again!”

But this time, I wasn’t as fortunate as before. Even after chanting dozens of times, only that single bracer was successfully summoned.

Although I’m unclear of the reasons, but as someone who is able to feel the magic flow, I understood that this definitely wasn’t a problem about magical capacity. Because this world is constructed completely using magic, so a phenomenon of a lack of magic particles basically will not appear.

“Borrow strength unto my body, convert ferociousness into bravery, Strengthen!”

Suddenly, I felt a surge of strength in my body! This is simply incredible!

I picked up the axe under my feet, and aimed at the tree beside me as I waved at it… A tree bark of a width of about half a meter was instantly chopped down!

Woooah, I suddenly felt like I turned into a berserker and had the urge to shout towards the sky!

Well, if I do something like that, it would be a little chuunibyou-ish.

“I really didn’t think that, you would be this unexpected. With that little amount of spiritual energy, you’re able to direct your actual combat ability into this world!”

Gabriel’s voice suddenly resounded. Looks like that guy knows exactly what’s going on here right now.

“Well, after all, I’m not just an average person.”

“Then if that’s the case, you best hurry. After all, those bandits have already arrived at the village.”

“Rather, right from the start, they were already in the village, right?”

“That’s right~”

But currently, I realized a very serious problem. A very, very serious problem.

Other than Strengthen and Ice Armor… what were the incantations for the rest of the skills again?

Hey, sup, Scrya here. Recently, I haven’t been in the mood for translating, especially how long the chapters are getting and how inefficient it is to translate in-camp. There’s also too many things going on right now in-camp, so much that there’s really barely enough time to translate anything before I go to sleep. And when I get back home in the weekends, I just feel like lazing around after all the physical labor in the weekdays.

So, yeah. I decided that, since we’re about half-way through this volume, I will be taking a good full week break before coming back at full force with the next half. Hope you guys will understand! Then, see you guys next week! 

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