Vol. 4 Chapter 7: Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon

PoV: Princess Michelle

As expected, Fir is an amazing person. This ‘Abyssal Mystic Ice’ that had been rooted here for hundreds of years was actually set ablaze by him!

If those haughty senior Magicians, who, in the end, fled dejectedly after failing, see this spectacle, I wonder what their thoughts would be.


Wait a minute, what’s going on with those flames? It’s actually producing an ear-splitting scream?


A claw made out of white flames actually appeared! Just what is going on?

Everything happened so suddenly. When I finally regained my senses, that white claw had already grabbed onto Fir who was in the air!

“Attack it!”

Fir who was up in the sky, yelled out.

Right, attack!

“Queen of Ice, in my name, I summon you, who stands at the endless pinnacle of ice! Come, teardrop of the fallen land – Ice Fall!”

Fir kept telling me to increase my chanting speed. Now, I was finally able to summon Ice Fall in a span of 10 seconds!

But this isn’t the time to relax. I’m not like Fir who can easily control the direction of his magic spells. I have to control this spell until it lands!

But, before my Ice Fall could land on the white flames, those flames suddenly became fiercer, and enveloped Fir entirely in an instant!


The moment I was distracted, the Ice Fall shattered in the air, and turned into separate blocks and pieces of ice.

And Aliyah who was beside me rushed towards it like she was the wind. Her two short swords were crossed in front of her chest, as she sprinted towards the flames!

“Arcane – Crossed Purgatory Twirl!”

A giant red cross expanded behind her back, and then, it began swirling like a whirlwind!

Immediately after, Aliyah’s entire figure turned into a red blur as she rushed towards the white flames grabbing onto Fir, and fiercely smashed into it!

The white flames actually trembled for only a bit, and then, swallowed Aliyah whole.

And the flames enveloping Fir began to shrink, and no longer moved.


Eh eh eh eh eh????

———– A dividing line means the author (and Scrya) is really tired ————–

The white light flashed over, and when my sight returned, I realized I was in the air!

“Such a thrilling ride!?”

Immediately after, I who was unable to go against the strong gravitational pull, under the effects of acceleration, began to fall.


The piece of Angel’s Wing was spread open quickly, however, I don’t know why, but I was actually unable to fly!

Are you kidding me?

Before I could even complete that thought, I fiercely collided onto the ground. With a large dull bang, my face and mother earth had their first affectionate contact.

“It hurts… Where the hell am I?”

I crawled up from ground, and looked at my surroundings.

The sky and surroundings were an endless blue. Excluding the walkway I was currently on, I couldn’t see anything else in my surroundings.

I took a look at my mini-map… And among the things I can think of, only one thing came to my mind which looks similar to this.

“It can’t be. It’s actually a dungeon?”


Suddenly, I heard a scream coming from above. I tilted my head up, and saw a black spot constantly enlarging in the sky.

Oh my god, someone else is actually falling down?

“Arcane – Speed Storm!”

A green wave of air quickly rose in the air, and the person fell straight into the center of the whirlwind, causing her to decelerate and float in the air.

Then, I stretched my hands out and brought her down.



Aliyah evidently did not expect that I would actually catch her. She looked at me blankly, and then suddenly called out.

“Umm…  First of all, do you mind putting me down?”

“Of course.”

I slowly placed her down, and asked.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine… This place is…”

Aliyah slowly regained her senses, and asked as she looked around.

“I don’t know either. Like you, I fell onto this place earlier. But, I was worst off than you. At least, you had someone to catch you, I fell directly onto the ground, you know.”

“Don’t worry. If I was the first to land here, you will still fall onto the ground.”


“What, you’re actually hoping that I would catch you?”

“Of course not, but at the very least, you could have lied and said you would… No wait, your strength as a swordsman should be higher than mine, right?

“Tch! In any case, don’t think I will ever catch you, you idiot!”

“Alright, alright. But we should figure out how are we going to leave this place first. From my mini-map, this place looks exactly like a dungeon. But its area is quite big, and I can’t see the entire map.”


Aliyah’s eyes became white from shock.

“I absolutely hate dungeons.”

“But, usually, there are several good items that could only be found in a dungeon. Let’s go, currently, there’s only a single path we could proceed with. It seems we’re at the entrance of the dungeon.”

“In other words… It will be fine if we keep on walking straight?”

I shrugged.”

“I hope… so.”

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36 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 7: Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon

  1. DMR says:

    Hahaha, like the way they think… but he shoulda caught his red-head cutie 😛

    So Fir is noted to be amazing again… does this series count as a Japanese style Wuxia? Seems that way sometimes….

    Thanks for the translations XD


    • joshua says:

      If i am not wrong, i think the saint’s body is gone. Totally frozen over. So she is trying to posses a body. But because taking over the body of a player is against the rules they instead get teleported. Or some other world/system conflict.


  2. TamaSaga says:

    With all the flags that he’s raising, he’s practically on the Aliyah route. All he needs to do is find her at a moment of weakness and indecision and he’ll capture the best girl.

    If that fails…well, I heard that there’s a market for footstools.


  3. SonodaYuki says:

    Sudden, in-story derailment development on to the Aliyah route?

    Choo-choo, motherfuckers! Or if you like to mix metaphors, Anchors aweigh!


  4. Nefilium says:

    LOLWAT?! An icy flame spell that should do nothing but burn turned into something that teleports people into an instant dungeon against their will?! HOW HIGH IS THE DESPERATION IN THAT?!

    Either way, thanks for the chapter, really looking forward to seeing what happens next!


    • Transparent says:

      It is said that only a flame could free white snow from her cursed ice Shell

      Icy flames are still flames so it do the job, in the autor’s logic it makes sense


  5. ngeyel says:

    I think Fir is dead in the last chapter, but why did he still alive not resurected?
    I bet he will kiss snow white to wake her up at last.


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