Vol. 4 Chapter 55: The Arrow Which Pierces Through the Battlefield

Gabriel can use his abilities to alter the memories of the three A-Rank mercenaries, but there’s about a dozen witnesses here, including Yoei. If he sees me using Ice magic spells, he will definitely suspect my identity.


These battle dolls in front of me are merely LV 15, so there’s no need to mind about it!

With a swing of the red cross in my hand, it’s completely able to take the role of a sword! And before the energy stored in the red cross is completely depleted, it will continue to exist!

Looking at the incoming battle dolls, I smiled slightly, and swung the red cross horizontally. The red after-image of the slash flashed past the bodies of a large number of dolls, and they were all immediately sliced into half!

But the red cross in my hand disappeared in an instant. Looks like a strong attack like this uses up quite a bit of energy.

This is bad, this is bad. I currently do not possess any equipment that increases my Max MP. After leveling up to LV 22, my current Max MP is 940, and with a single use of ‘Punishment’, it uses up 700MP. In this case, I completely do not possess the needed MP to use it a second time.

But, with just that single swing, I was able to eliminate a huge number of enemies!

I smiled, and after tapping on an MP Recovery Potion, I pulled out my tachi.

“I’m not a legit warrior, but, let me go wild in this battle!”

I pierced straight into the body of the doll near me, but what I did not expect was, before the doll could retaliate, it started to freeze from where it was pierced, and then, it completely turned into a block of ice!

“Un, did it instantly freeze because it wasn’t human? No, from the description of this tachi, it has a 40% chance of freezing the target with each physical attack. So, why…”

I kicked the frozen doll. Cracks started to form the center of the ice, splitting the doll into half. The two pieces then fell onto the ground.

It’s rather effective, eh!

A warning flashed on my right, and I raised my tachi up to block it. With a ‘dang’ sound, my opponent’s sword clashed with mine, but in the next second, the doll actually began to slowly freeze up!

Eh eh eh? This doesn’t make sense. There wasn’t such an effect in the past!

I once again inspected the description of my tachi. Un, it indeed only has 40% chance of freezing the target. What the hell is going on?

I quickly parried its sword away, and slashed my tachi at it again. It’s sword immediately broke into two, and with a diagonal slash starting from its right shoulder, it was cleanly cut into half!

This is… really weird. Why is this happening?

Did the probability of the effect activating increase to a 100%? That’s impossible, right? Just what is going on?

“Yo, I didn’t expect that you actually use a tachi as well!”

Suddenly, a figure flashed right beside me. When I looked carefully, I realized it was actually Bai Yueguang.

A weird blurry shadow flashed, and the surrounding dolls were immediately cut into pieces. Then, this guy once again sheathed his tachi.

“Isn’t it tiring to unsheathe and sheathe it over and over again?”

“Hey hey, is it really fine for you to drop a tsukkomi about that right from the start?”


I shrugged.

“My strongest arcane skill requires me to execute the action of drawing my tachi, you know.”

He helplessly shrugged as well.

“Let’s put that aside. Do you have any attacks with special effects?”

“Attacks with special effects?”

“In other words, attacks with effects like ‘40% chance of freezing your opponent’, ‘70% chance of burning’.”

“Those types of attacks, huh… I do have them, I guess. Does ‘15% chance of stunning my target’ count?”

“Try it out!”

“Ha? Why?”

“For experimental purposes!”


He stared at me for quite a while, and then replied.

“Alright, then I will give it a try!”

After saying that, his figure disappeared, and in the next moment, he appeared right beside a doll quite a distance away.

“Arcane – One-Sword Style – Tremble!”

With a push from his finger, the tachi from his waist flew out, accurately hitting the target’s waist.

A weird symbol flashed, and the doll stood still at it position. A ‘Stun’ status icon even appeared above its head.


Bai Yueguang looked at it weirdly. He then turned his body and rushed towards another doll.

“Arcane – One-Sword Style – Tremble!”

Similarly, a ‘Stun’ icon appeared above its head as well.

“Tremble! Tremble! Tremble! ……”

This guy… he sure is having a fun time!

?But, this also means… the chances of effects activating increased? How is this possible?

“Hey hey, can you stop fooling around?”

“Well, I just reached a new continent, so I can’t help but feel hyped. But anyway, why is this happening?”

While saying that, he turned around, and with a single slash, the stunned dolls were instantly cut into pieces.

“I wonder.”


The effects have a 100% chance of occurring? My tachi evidently only has a 40% chance of freezing my opponents, so for the success rate to increase to 100%, it would need to be increased by at least three times or more…

Three times…


I looked at the surrounding dolls. From what I can see, there’s at least a hundred of them…

“Hey… It can’t be, right?”

The dolls are all being controlled by a single person, so the chances of the effects occurring are stacked?


I kind of feel that this is the most reliable answer. Of course, there’s no way to actually prove it.

“I say, if this continues on like this, there will be no end, right? They seemed to have came up with a way to completely mass produce these things. If we continue fighting them like this, we will eventually tire ourselves to death, right?”

“You’re right, but we can’t do anything to stop them from popping out.”

“No, there’s a way. And that’s to find the person controlling them. That doll called Yoei.”

“Even if that maybe true, we can’t determine his location with these many dolls around.”

“Idiot, we have the ability to see titles. As long as we look for him seriously, we will definitely be able to determine him from the rest. Since our opponent is definitely disguising as a regular battle doll, only people like us will be able to differentiate him from the rest.”

“Sigh, I guess you’re right?”

Bai Yueguang scratched his head, and then looked towards the dolls that were rushing towards us.

“Then I will head this way, you take that way.”


Even though I said that, but…

I looked at my surroundings. The entire battlefield was in chaos. The person thrashing the bunch of dolls as she rammed through every single one of them was probably Tai Shixi. As she executed her charges, scraps of different sizes flew about.

Did she already enter Dynasty Warrior Mode…?

And the dozens of mercenaries near the carriages were slowly eliminating their enemies, and Lois was among them.

Although her level was higher than mine, her techniques were very simple. To put it simply, she basically barely possess any skills, and relied totally on regular slashes. And the skill she used was always the same one.

Hence, their mobbing efficiency weren’t that good, but with the support of Hei Luoli and two other archers, they only had to deal the finishing blow when the dolls enter melee range, so they were doing well in that regard.

Speaking of which, there’s really a large number of dolls. If they are really controlled by Yoei alone, it’s a little… Unless they’re semi-automated? For example, in games where you only have to drag your mouse to a certain direction, and your troops will simply head there and attack automatically?

If that’s how he’s controlling them, then he should be looking from a high place…

When I thought of this, I suddenly raised my head to the sky… Haah, he can’t possibly fly in the sky, right?

Wait a minute, he does not have to be in the sky! As long as he has a perfect view of the battlefield, he can still control them freely as well!

With this thought in mind, I looked at the surrounding forests. As I expected, on the peak of a very tall tree far away, I found Yoei’s red name!

Really, if I did not look at it carefully, I would have thought it was a red flower!

Since I found you, then I won’t ever let you escape!

“Super Arcane – Punishment – Tearing Cross!”

Seeing that my MP have recovered quite a bit, I summoned a Punishment Cross on one hand. With my other hand, I pulled out the bow Snowmystel left me,

If I were to throw it, then I might miss him. However, if I were to use a bow… Then there shouldn’t be any problems.

“With all my strength… Fire!!!”

The red cross flew across the entire battlefield, accurately striking the target on the tree.

With a flash of a red light, a red cross expanded and exploded at the peak of the tree. With the slow dissipating of the red cross, the dolls on the battlefield finally stopped moving, halting in their previous posture.

Battle Ended
Super Strengthened Implanted Consciousness Type Battle Doll (Yoei)
EXP Gained: 7,000
Strengthened Battle Doll x 67
EXP Gained: 67 x 50 = 3,350
Total EXP Gained: 10,350
You leveled up! Current LV: 23

Title [One-Hit Kill] leveled up!
Current LV: 2
Title [Bodyguard] leveled up!
Current LV: 2

Awakened Skills: Close-Range Shot, Continuous Shot, Quintuple Spread Shot, Extreme Long-range Shot, Shock Shot, Shadow-stitching Shot, Spinning Arrow
Realized Skill: Arcane – Slit Arrow – Red Lotus

Looks like the system recognized my last attack as an archer’s attack, instantly awakening my archer abilities.

It seems this Skill Realization system is pretty good, un.

“You bastard! You actually KS’ed me again! My EXP! Nooooooooo!”

Looking at Bai Yueguang who was sprinting over, I helplessly shrugged.

In any case, the battle has ended!

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    • flame says:

      As much as I agree.. I’m sure they wouldn’t talk about it mid battle would they…? Then again their hasn’t really been much talk about the “real world” just gaming knowledge.. It’s like they never existed in another world but are just play things for this “RPG God” :p


    • rizu says:

      I feel this story going to wuxia type, keep power leveling ignoring sub plots and side characters development. I had enough with Coiling Dragon, tell me I’m wrong.


  1. takumi168 says:

    Lol the author really likes to troll xD ks’ers are annoying however I don’t believe that last shot was a ks… he legitimately killed the controller and the other guy wasn’t there yet so it’s fair


  2. crow0013 says:

    how is this a kill stealing you didn’t even hit him dude XD.
    will the MC collect all these dolls that stopped working he can have a doll army lol .


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