Vol. 4 Chapter 13: Demon Race – Dark Sprite

But my joy did not last long, as in the next second, I was immediately disappointed.

Ice Spectre defeated.
Party EXP Received: 40,000

As expected of a LV 45 Archer. Before I could even see its information, it was already defeated.

“You guys, hurry up and unlock that thing. Leave the mission of killing these monsters to me. I have 100% accuracy in my shots, you know!”

“… Alright.”

Although Party EXP was on the low side, but we were still able to gain EXP for free, so I had no complains. For now, it’s best to hurry up and unlock this thing. This kind of monsters which flies about in the sky is not the type I like to deal with either.

As the EXP slowly piled up, the lock was also slowly being opened by us.

“Very good, we’re down to the last one!”

As she said that, Aliyah placed her dagger at the unlocking position of the last section. Then, I pulled the lock, and the entire huge lock emitted a ‘Pa’ sound. The padlock was then separated from the pillar and fell onto the floor.


The moment we unlocked it, Ms. Snow’s body started to float in the sky!

“Hahaha! This is great! It’s been a few hundred years! Finally, I’m able to fly again!”

“Alright, let’s hurry up and leave this place!”

Leaving those words, I spread out my Angel’s Wing as well. Then, I stretched my hand out and grabbed onto Aliyah.

“Ms. Snow, help me bring Aliyah up as well! She can’t fly!”


After saying that, she raised her hand out and grabbed onto Aliyah’s other hand, and then, fiercely shot up into the sky!

Because I wasn’t able to react in time, I was almost pulled along by her as well.

“Hey hey, too fast!”

I quickly shouted.

“Sorry, sorry. I forgot you can’t fly that fast.”

Ms. Snow immediately slowed down her speed.

“I’m fine now, let’s go!”

“Wait a minute!”

Aliyah suddenly yelled.

“What’s wrong?”

“You guys, take a look at the lock!”

Following her gaze, we looked below us.

Before we noticed, a weird creature that looked like a sprite actually appeared there. And in his hands was actually the opened padlock!

Is that guy trying to put on the lock!?

“I’m going to deal with that guy!” Ms. Snow said hurriedly.

“No! I will go!”

I immediately let go of Aliyah’s hand.

“Hurry and bring Aliyah out of here! Don’t worry about me! When I’m done with him, I will immediately chase after you guys!”


“Let him go. He likes to act cool in times like this.”

When I heard what Aliyah said, I helplessly shook my head.

Why would I make a move just to act cool? Will acting cool make me a living? The reason why I’m making a move… was because the dagger that sprite was carrying on his waist was flashing due to my Famous Detective skill!

I quickly flew towards his back, and used the hidden blade on my right arm to pierce directly into its body. Then, I swiftly grabbed onto the dagger.

The pained sprite threw the lock onto the ground. He tried to draw his dagger with his backhand, but realized it was no longer on his waist.


A weird language came out of the sprite’s mouth, and I couldn’t understand it at all. But he sounded really angry.

At this moment, I was finally able to see this guy clearly.

It wasn’t so much of a sprite, rather, it’s an existence that looked closer to a goblin. Even though his name, Orlando, was very subtle, which caused me to be unable to determine just what the hell it was, but, most of his information was in question marks, which meant that this guy definitely wasn’t someone that I should easily offend.

I quickly threw the dagger into my ring, and then…

“Ice Assassination Spikes!”

Three ice spikes immediately flew towards it!


He shouted out some gibberish, and then smiled coldly.

In the next second, that guy actually instantly avoided the three spikes, and his ghostly figure rushed towards me.

I was startled for a moment, and then, I threw an Ice Castle in front of me. Next, I used Ice Totem to shoot myself backwards.

The result proved that my decision was correct. Not a second later, with a single slap, he broke through my Ice Castle, and with his other hand that was covered with a black fog, he smashed it onto my earlier position.

Immediately after a loud blast, the sound of the ground corroding could be heard.

Oh my god, it’s actually dark magic? Just where the hell did this guy come from?

“Stop, descendant of the Undead Holy Angels. You’re not my match. Can’t you see that?”

Suddenly, this guy actually started talking in human language!

Of course, I already knew I wasn’t his match. His speed and strength was several times higher than mine. As long as he becomes a little serious, I will definitely lose my life immediately.

“Since you’re able to speak human language, then why did you use that weird language earlier?”

“Alright, it seems you’re not a complete Undead Holy Angel, and I thought you knew their language. Earlier, those two girls were still nearby, so naturally I couldn’t casually use the language of this land.”

The so-called ‘language of this land’ was the language of humans. As humans are the most prosperous species on the land, hence, the language of humans was known as the language of the land.

“Alright, what did you say earlier?”

“Why did you come back when you could have escaped with the two other girls?”

“Because I thought you were trying to put on the lock again, so I came back.”

“… Is it really not because you saw my ‘Dark Dagger’?”

Eh, I have been found out.

Under the gaze of his half-lidded eyes, I took out the dagger that I stole.

Side Quest: Darkness Rising
Mission 1: Deeply understand the information of the Demon Race.

When I saw this message pop out, I immediately broke out into cold sweat.

Fortunately, the quest came out by itself. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to bear stealing this dagger from this guy.

“Alright, I will return it to you.”

I threw the dagger over.

“Speaking of which, who are you?”

“I want to ask you this question myself. I thought you were a spy sent to the human realm by the upper echelons, but it seems like you’re not… But, you should be aware of your own identity as a Undead Holy Angel, right?”

“Of course I know that.”

In a situation like this, I can only continue speaking with him.

“But, I only know that I’m different from other people. I know nothing else other than that.”

“Since you have so much freedom, it means those humans have yet to realize your identity. Since that’s the case…”

His wrinkled face revealed a weird smile.

“Do you wish to understand, just what kind of existence you are?”

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41 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 13: Demon Race – Dark Sprite

  1. Emperor of da Cats (Actual Title) says:

    Damn I love how casual this novel/MC is lol.. Every other mc would have probably attacked him first, get beaten the shit ouf of himself and then maybe listen while simultaneously being prejudiced against him…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kortodo says:

    That Detective skill is so OP. He doesn’t have to think or pay attention anymore, just follow the blinking indicators like a well trained lab rat.


  3. mousefu says:

    Snow is an elf but in that world Elves are used as slaves by nobles wonder what’s going to happen when the ice empire finds out their savior was actually an elf.


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