Vol. 4 Chapter 37: Mercenaries in Disguise

Term Changes: Jirandur City’s 19th North Street  Jirandur City’s North Street, 19th Lot

Seems like I have been misreading that. I will change what’s needed in the previous volume and chapters when I have spare time~

A day later, three people, dressed like mercenaries, appeared at the entrance to Ice Empire’s Jirandur City. Obviously, these people were us.

Gabriel was dressed like a Combat Cleric. With his grey hair and white long robe, and the cross necklace he was wearing around his neck, he really looked the part. But that’s of course, after all, he was an actual Priest in the past.

Oyado was wearing an Assassin outfit. While wearing a set of light armor, two daggers were strapped around her waist. The black hair I dyed for her were straightened smoothly behind her head. Fortunately, those bandits prepared several different clothes for her, which made it more convenient.

As for me, I had a couple of choices. After all, disguising has become a norm for me. But for convenience sake, I changed my appearance to the look I usually have in the academy, but I was now wearing the grey light armor the bandits were wearing. After all, these armor have several cracks and scars, which shows that it has underwent many battles.

And I realized that my close-combat weapon skills were passable, so I carried a long sword behind my back.

“You really look the part.”

This was how Gabriel evaluated me. As to how I actually look, I don’t really know myself.

But… The actual situation was, when the three of us entered the city, the city guards did not even look at us at all.

“I already told you. This place is a chaotic border city. People such as mercenaries wouldn’t be taken much notice at all.”


Ever since I stepped into this city, I have already noticed the city’s situation. The walls of the city seemed to have been fixed up quite a few times, and judging from the color of the walls, they were fixed at different time periods. Should I say, as expected of a border city?

And the difference between this city and the empire city was like heaven and earth. Looking at the broken and old structures and buildings here, it basically felt like I was in a different era compared to the time when I was at the empire city.

Simple cottages, residences with severely broken walls. It felt like the city had just received a blow from a hurricane.

“Because we’re currently close to the border of the city, the damage here are rather severe. Once we head further in, the situation will be a little better.”

Probably because he noticed my expression, Gabriel explained.

“I guess, that North Street’s 19th Lot probably belongs to the inner city, right?”

“Eh? North Street’s 19th Lot?”

Gabriel pondered for a moment, and then he pointed to a street on the other side.

“The place you’re speaking of is there, if I recall correctly.”


The place he pointed to, was actually… a weapon store!

Hey hey hey, are you sure the address was correct? Such a torn-down weapon store… is actually the next stop the quest hinted? At the very least, renovate your place, damn it!

“Are you telling me the related place you spoke of is that place?”

“Well, that’s what it says from the intel I received.”

“Is that so…”

He pondered for a few moments.

“This is rather understandable. After all, what looks like the most impossible place to be a stronghold would probably have the most important secrets being stored.”

“I hope so. Then are we going to do now?”

“Well, even if you ask me, I don’t know either. In any case, we can’t possibly attack them in broad daylight. Even if we want to do something to them, we have to wait till later.”

“I guess so. Oyado, what do you think?”

“Big brother actually asked me for my opinion, I’m so happy~ Umm… I think that’s indeed how our current situation is. But, it’s not like we can’t do anything right now. After all, we can still slightly investigate them. It’s a weapon store, and since it’s open, we can naturally enter and leave that place freely~”

“You’re right. Then we should…”

“We can’t~ Big brother must at least change the weapon you’re currently carrying. Even though the set of armor you’re wearing is a normal product, but that long sword is actually a special product made by the weapon store, which is under the Smuu household. The sword has the Smuu family’s insignia, and it even has a hidden grid.”

After saying that, Oyado walked over to my back, and then pressed a button at the center of the sword handle.


The long sword’s blade moved forward, and the thing hidden in the handle was revealed.

“This is… a scroll?”

“Un. Actually, every weapon of theirs has a wind elemental mist scroll, so that the user can make a convenient escape if necessary.”

Oyado pulled the scroll out, and then placed it on my hand.

“Just like that.”

“If that’s the case, then I just thought of a good reason~”

I kept the scroll in my ring, and then laughed.

“Welcome, customers. What types of weapons are you looking for?”

Seeing the three of us entering the store, the store clerk faced towards us and asked.

“Haha, I broke my sword while I was venturing, so I wish to find a weapon to replace it. I’m a newcomer among the mercenaries, this time, I realized long swords don’t suit me, so I wish to find a better weapon to replace it.”

“Is that so? Then please be at ease. We have all types of weapons available in our store. We have replicas over there, and their weight and grip are hundred percent true to the actual products. Feel free to try them out, as long as you do not disturb the other customers… Haha, there aren’t any other customers right now, so please feel free to use them as you wish.”

The clerk laughed as he replied.

From his looks alone, he indeed felt like a good-natured clerk. But… by inspecting him carefully, I was able to see through his actual identity.

Male | 24 Years Old | LV 14 Doll User
[Neutral] [Compliant] [Smuu Household’s Servant] [Combat Doll User] [Household Doll User]

It’s a really normal introduction, huh. But this completely confirmed his identity, and this place was indeed one of Smuu household’s bases.

Since that’s the case…

“That’s good. Then we will be taking a look~”

Then, I headed over to the weapon rack, and surveyed the store.

Un… The entire space in the shop looks rather small compared to how it looks from the outside. Looks like the walls are rather thick. No wonder, even though the walls looked torn-down, I couldn’t find any breaches. Those torn-down scars are probably simply disguises.

Then… the floor was actually made of marble. Even though they’re cheap goods, but there’s a very thick and solid feeling when I step on it. A store which uses this much of marble, is definitely not a simple shop. And this sort of structure is probably used to hide a possible basement underneath the store.

But, the windows of the store even have magical formations set up. It’s impossible to enter this place sneakily without sufficient skills.

Well, we have probably gathered enough information about this place for now.

After thinking that, I picked out the replicas of a long sword and a short sword from the weapon racks. And then, I swung them around for a bit.

I don’t feel comfortable wielding them at all!

“Kid, you don’t seem to be interested in these things at all.”

“Un, I kind of feel that… these are inadequate for me.”

“Inadequate? You… Are you really a magician?”

The words he spoke were said softly, as if it was only meant for me to hear.

“Why do you say that?”

“If you feel that these weapons are inadequate for you, it only means that these weapons are already too light for you, and you require a heavier weapon to balance with the current strength you possess. But you’re evidently a magician…”

“Well, I already told you to treat me as a freak. But the heavier weapons you spoke of… How am I going to find one that balances with my strength?”

“For example, I have two crosses. The one on my neck is a medium for light magic spells, which can be compared to a magic staff. While the red cross I wield is a magic sword, and its heaviness is affected by the amount of mana I pour into it. Only when its heaviness reaches the balance point, will my attack have the biggest effect.”

“But when it comes to regular weapons, a heavier weapon would mean denser materials were used to craft it, right?”

“Un, you can’t adjust its weight freely. So you most probably… need a weapon that has a combination function.”

“Combination function?”

“Which means it’s a weapon that you can connect parts together, depending on your needs.”

“Oh? Dear customer, are you interested in Connect Weapons?”

The clerk seemed to have heard our conversation, and hurriedly said.

“Un, what types of Connect Weapons do you have here?”

“We have several types, but what’s popular are the combination between a spear and a large sword, and the combination between a dagger and a long sword.”

After saying that, he picked out two weapons from the rack beside him. The one on his left was a large sword, while on his right was a long sword.

He looked at my doubtful expression, and laughed contentedly. Then, he stabbed the two weapons onto the wooden board at the side, and pressed the buttons on their hilts.

The part between the large sword’s blade and its hilt extended, revealing a long spear handle. While on the other side, the long sword retracted into its hilt, turning into a dagger.

“Although it feels weird, it looks pretty impressive!”

Wasn’t the original objective to increase the weapon’s weight? But is there really a change in its weight with this type of transformation?

Even if that’s the case…

“Boss, get me one of each type of such weapons!”

How can I not purchase such cool-looking weapons!?

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