Vol. 4 Chapter 31: The Doll’s Mechanism


I walked towards the ice mountain. Looking at the leader whose HP was reaching a low point, I melted a portion of the ice, and released his head from the ice.

“Alright, I know you’re currently linked with that doll, so you will only be in suspended animation at most. So, if you don’t want to die now, you had best tell me everything you know.”

About the fact that you will only go into suspended animation after fusing with a doll, I learnt it from the research documents of Smuu household. Although back then, I only looked through them for fun, I didn’t expect that I would be able to use what I learnt then.

Speaking of which, this doll has many uses, huh. Regular people wouldn’t know of the existence of these dolls, let alone the knowledge of being able to enter a state of suspended animation after fusing with one. As long as your head isn’t sliced off, you basically can’t die. The person who designed this really isn’t a simple person, huh.

But to use this sort of ability, the person fusing with the doll must undergo certain modifications. I wonder why these people would choose to become cyborgs. But, as someone who turned into an Undead Holy Angel from a human, I don’t have the right to criticise them.

“… An Angel’s wing… as expected… you’re someone from the Church…”

He slowly opened his eyes, but I didn’t expect his first words to be something like that.

Oh right, earlier, I used my Angel’s wing to recover my HP, and then, I forgot to retract them.

The Church… Speaking of which, while I was searching for information, I saw that the Church had some human modification research materials as well. Is human body modifications actually a technology that both the Smuu household and the Church are fighting for?

… If that’s the case, then I will fool him a bit.

“Oh, so what? Even if you know that, what can you do about it?”

He was stunned when he heard these words, but he then started laughing.

So strange. Just what is this guy trying to express?

“I don’t know… how you… knew about our training programme… but… since a monster like you was dispatched… then we’re really quite flattered…”

“Un~ Well~ If I were to tell you that I was just too lucky and somehow spotted you guys, would you believe that? This was all…”

“This was all God’s guidance? Hmph, only you followers of God would say something like that!”

I was trying to say this was all the choice of Steins;Gate. Why did you steal my line for?

“Cough cough, alright, let us get to the main point. Tell me the intel on Oyado. Otherwise, I will immediately gouge out the doll’s core.”

“Hehe… Is that so? Then listen up.”


“Even if I tell you, I will still die in the end! So, go to hell!”

After saying that, the doll’s head that was plugged into his chest was shot out into the sky like a missile! I turned and cast an Ice Shield, but I realized that thing did not attack me, rather, it flew towards the distance!

A black box?

They actually had a system like that installed as well? Such a thing wasn’t written down in the research documents I read!

30 Ice Arrows!

Blue trails of light flew after the doll’s head, but after flying a certain distance, all of them disappeared in an instant!

Crap, it went over my target range!

Watching the head as it flew away, I recalled the bow that Ms. Snow received back then. I took the bow out, and immediately pulled the bowstring.

A black and white arrow appeared at the bowstring. Predict, aim, release. A black and white overlapping trail of light cut across the sky, as the arrow flew towards the doll’s head.

From afar, I saw that the arrow scratching the side of the doll’s head. The head spun in the air a few times, before dropping into the forest.

Well~ It’s sort of settled, right?

I turned and took at look at Marl who was behind me, only to realize his head was hanged down, and his HP was already empty.

Is he dead? So his main body was the doll’s head, huh.

I looked at him as I pondered. Then, I waved my hands, releasing his entire body from the ice. I walked over to his corpse, sighed, and started searching it.

Kakakaka! After a series of noises, the doll’s casing was removed from the corpse, and it returned to its usual shape. But currently, it did not have a head, and looked very strange.

I held up the corpse’s hand. As expected, it was the same as what was written in the research documents. The index and middle fingers had a ring on each of them. After removing them, I threw the doll’s body straight into my ring.

But, after searching through his entire body, I did not find anything related to Oyado. Looks like their secrets are well-kept, huh.

I surveyed the surrounding houses, and after pondering for a moment, I shook my head.

Searching through all these houses? What a joke, there’s so many of them…

And at this moment, suddenly, in the distance, a red light was shot into the sky. When I turned to look, that direction was… Wasn’t it where the head flew to? That thing actually has some other mechanisms as well?

Hence, I quickly tapped on the all the speed buffs, spread out both of my wings, and flew towards that direction. In any case, there won’t be anyone else coming. After searching the area for so many days, I’m already pretty sure of that fact.

An accelerated flight felt just like a roller coaster, in an instant, I had already reached near the red pillar of light. As I decelerated, I looked towards the light, and realized there was a human figure at the center of the pillar of light.

“… Oyado!”

In the next second, I was able to immediately discern her identity from the clothes she was wearing. I dove in, and headed straight towards her.

“Hey! Oyado!”

I don’t know why, but she was hugging onto the doll’s head. A red glow was being emitted from the head’s eyes. The light that was released enveloped Oyado and the surroundings, as it shot through the skies.

Oh my god, just what the hell is that? I stretched my hands and tried to pull Oyado away from the pillar of light, but before I could even approach her, I received an electric shock.

Just what kind of barrier is this?

Or should I say, what kind of equipment is this? Why does a doll’s head have such a strange function?

While I was astonished, the red pillar of light slowly dissipated, as it went into Oyado’s eyes.


The doll’s head fell onto the ground, and it no longer shone.

I rushed towards Oyado’s side. Her eyes were expressionless as she stared blankly at the sky, and her eyes even had a red glow.

Slowly, her hair turned purple, and her eyes turned golden. Then, her eyes moved to look at me.

“… Big brother?”

“Oyado? Are you alright?”

“Un, Oyado is fine. But… I feel that a lot of things were forced into my mind… No… don’t, this… what is this!?”

Oyado revealed a fearful expression, then, her eyes turned white as she fainted.

“Oyado! Oyado!”

I shook her body, but she didn’t have any reaction at all. I helplessly gave a bitter smile, as I first picked up the doll’s head at the side, before carrying Oyado.

For now, I should let her rest. With this thought in mind, I walked towards the village.

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25 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 31: The Doll’s Mechanism

    • flame says:

      *Cough* play this visual novel *Cough* the anime is good too though~! I ‘ve seen the anime, movie & OVA way more then I’d like to say :p


  1. flame says:

    Small nit pick “I used my Angel’s wing to recover my HP, and then, I forgot to retract them.” Shouldn’t it be I forgot to retract it or something.. he doesn’t have both wings out and I don’t believe them can refer to one thing.Well there is “I dislike them” but just my to cents.. Lol this must be the work of S;G.. Scrya the committee of 300 is on to you!!!


  2. Kevin says:

    Hope this isn’t the start of the mind control arc most light novels have…really hate mind control arcs even of Oyado was just someone who just showed up….


  3. GonZ555 says:

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂
    and what happen to the head? “as I first picked up the doll’s head at the side, before carrying Oyado.”
    so he’s carrying oyado in one hand and a head in his other hand.. while walking to a destroyed village..
    yup not suspicious.. not suspicious at all..


    • Nordos says:

      Don’t forget that he unfolded BOTH of his wings.

      Though why doesn’t he revive the enemy with his bone wing’s ability? After all, that guy is lower leveled them him, he could at least have given it a try.


      • felipe says:

        in fir unique necromantic skil/magic (“corruption”) case the target need to be at least 10 lvs lower than the user, that guy was lv 15 and fir is lv 19


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