Vol. 4 Chapter 4: Imperial City

There’s someone following us, but he was not red-named. Looks like he’s someone the palace dispatched to protect the princess.

I turned and looked in that person’s direction, and smiled.

“What are you looking at?”

She seemed to have noticed my action, and asked.

“Nothing. I’m just fascinated by the buildings here.”

“Is that right~ Our Ice Empire’s buildings and structures are unique in the entire continent. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they’re very practical as well. But, the most beautiful structures are designed by the grandmaster. Those structures are basically at the pinnacle of art!”

“Is that so? Then let’s take a look when we get the chance.”



I looked at the surrounding people. They did not reveal any astonished expressions when they saw Princess Michelle. Rather, they were all carrying warm smiles.

“Princess Michelle, looks like you’re pretty familiar with everyone here.”

“That’s of course~ They are all good people~ They treat me very well, so I don’t use my authority to casually order them as well.”

“Next time, if you don’t casually use those bloody and violent torture methods to punish someone else, it would be better.”

“… As I thought, you hate that sort of thing, right?”

When she heard what I said, she turned her body to face me, and asked.

“That’s of course. Even if you have to punish someone, you must first assess the situation. If there isn’t any serious implications, then you should forgive them.”

“Fine, since you said so, then I will do just that.”

After leaving those words, she smiled, and then ran to the stall at the side.

“Hey hey, the princess actually changed her behavior after listening to a classmate of hers. What do you think is the reason for that?”

Aliyah nudged me from the side, and said.

“How would I know? She admits her mistakes, I guess.”

… Are you an idiot?”


“Alright, I give up~”

Aliyah shrugged, and then pulled Irlin.

“Let’s go and take a look over there~”

After saying that, totally disregarding Irlin’s opinions, the two of them walked over to where Princess Michelle was.

Hey hey, you girls are actually leaving me at the side? Geez…

Oh well, since that’s the case, then I should look for something that could be of use to me as well… But the grumbling noise coming from my stomach reminded me, I had not eaten anything since last night.

I looked at my surroundings, and decided. I shall eat all the food here once~

————– Dividing line that kickstarts the plot ——————–

The taste of this fried fish is amazing! And this fried meat, is basically heaven on earth! And this pancake! It’s too delicious!

I’m not sure if it’s because I hadn’t been eating outside recently, or was it because I was too hungry, but I was still not full after finishing an entire table of dishes.

“Aunt Laum, another two pancakes, please~”


Aunt Laum laughed, and walked into the kitchen.

“Wait for a bit, it will be done soon!”


“Young man, you can really eat, huh. You totally don’t have the build of a knight, but you don’t eat any less than one at all.”

The one talking to me was Maer, who was in-charge of welcoming customers, and was Aunt Laum’s son.

“Not really, I simply do not let go of delicious food.”

“Hahaha, when I saw you appearing with our princess, I thought you were some sort of royalty. I did not expect that you were the same as our princess, and could actually joke with us.”

“Umm, I’m not royalty. I’m a State Magician.”

“State Magician…”

His eyes were opened wide, as he stared at me as if he was looking at a monster.

“Impossible! Those State Magician guys basically don’t crack jokes at all! And they are all uncles who are above the age of 40! No matter how I look at it, you’re not even 30, right?”

“That’s of course. I’m not even 20 yet, but…”

I took out my State Magician insignia and waved it about.

“I’m indeed a State Magician.”

“Oh my god…”

Maer’s eyes were white from shock.

“Really, it looks like anything can happen in this time and age, huh.”

“That’s right~”

After saying that, I swallowed down another pancake.

‘Fir! Hurry and get over here!’

Suddenly, this message popped out in my chat window, and the person who sent it was naturally Aliyah.

It can’t be… I only ate for a short while… And there’s already someone courting death?

Just when I was thinking this, suddenly, someone rushed into the restaurant.

“Magician, the princess and the rest were… By the Duke family…”

“I knew it would be a plot like this! There’s no need to say any further!”

I left 3 gold coins on the table, ate my last piece of pancake, and immediately headed over to the girls’ positions by following the mini-map.

As I thought, the moment I approached their positions, I could already hear Princess Michelle’s voice.

“Hendrick! Scram! I already told you, no matter what, I don’t wish to ever see you again! And now, you actually dared to show your face in front of me with so many henchmen!”

“Hmph! If I don’t avenge myself for what happened before, how could I ever forgive you! Look, when I heard you returned, I did not expect that you actually dared to leave without any knights escorting you. See how I’m going to deal with you today!”

“With so many witnesses here, you actually dare to challenge the power of the imperial family!?”

“Hahaha, what a joke. If they dare to utter a single word, I will make sure they will never ever say anything again in their lives!”


Although there were many guards around, but I could still see their names.

Hendrick, LV 14 Swordsman, LV 2 Magician, Ice Element, Evil.

In the midst of the crowd, I confirmed the target’s name, and smiled.

Target locked on, time to act!

“Umm, do you mind doing me a favor please?”

I walked up to one of the knights and asked.


The knight looked at me in disbelief, and then turned to look at his companions.

“Oh right, let’s not use the word ‘please’ after all. You guys… fly away~”

Three Ice Totems immediately erected off the ground, and three guards were sent flying before they could even react!

The surrounding people all stopped moving, and looked towards me.


“Who are you!?”

Princess Michelle and Hendrick called out at the same time.

“I must say. Aliyah, is it really fine for you to simply stand at the side and watch?”

“Tch, aren’t I giving this chance to you? That guy doesn’t plan to do anything to me anyway, so why do I have to care about him?’

Aliyah said with a disdainful look.

“You’re really heartless~”

I shook my head, and spoke to Hendrick.

“Aren’t you looking for Princess Michelle’s knight? That knight is me. So, is there anything I can do for you?”

Hendrick donned an attire filled with gems and jewelry, and he looked like a typical local tyrant. Especially that unhealthy-looking white hair basically made him out as a drug convict who just came out of his poison den.

“You? A Magician?”

He laughed, and then waved his hand.

“Eliminate him!”

The remaining five guards immediately rushed towards me.

LV 17, 16, 19, 18 and 15 Knights. Are you guys kidding me?

“Ice Meteor!”

A wave of cold wind blew past, and the five approaching knights were immediately frozen on the road. Of course, they still kept their original running postures.

At this moment, the three guards that I sent flying fell ruthlessly onto the ground. The three of them only had a drop of HP left in their HP bars.

“Don’t worry~ I did not kill them. However, if anyone else were to act against us, then I can no longer guarantee your lives~”

I smiled as I walked over to Hendrick. Currently, his face was entirely pale, as he kept retreating backwards.

“You… What are you planning to do!? Your current action, will incur the wrath of the nobles, do you know that!?”


I laughed.

“Just like what you said earlier, as long as I ensure that the survivors are forever silenced, then, wouldn’t that solve everything?”

“You… Are you planning to kill me…?”

“That will depend on your behavior. If you scram now, I can still let you off.”

“I… I…”

Hendrick grinded his teeth in frustration, as his gaze alternated between Princess Michelle and me.

“Did you not hear me telling you to scram!?”


At this moment, suddenly, a dagger pierced into my chest!

“Hahaha, your opponent is me!”

My HP bar dropped close to the very bottom in an instant! I hurriedly teleported to his back.

Yueyan, LV 24 Assassin, has the neutral alignment, and belongs to the Fierce Wolf Mercenary Guild.

He was dressed entirely in black, and there were even magic symbols inscribed on his clothes. Looks like it’s those inscriptions that prevented my attack warning from hinting.

After looking at the important bits of information from his titles, I helplessly revealed a bitter smile.

“To think there’s an assassin as well. Things are getting complicated.”

Then, I grabbed onto him. Before he could even react, I used my hidden blade and stabbed it into his back.

Even though it only reduced his HP by a fifth, but these 100% Bleeding, Poison, and Corrosion effects should be enough to deal with an Assassin like him.

Then, I spread out my Angel’s Wing, and my HP was instantly fully recovered.

“I already told you. If you had scram earlier, I would have let you off. But now… even though I don’t lightly kill people, but since you wish for me to die, then, if I don’t at least punish you, you wouldn’t learn your lesson, right?”

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  1. Inbetweenaction says:

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