Vol. 4 Chapter 24: Fallen Angel

Although I immediately accepted the duel request, I’m frustrated at what’s about to come.

She’s a LV 38 Fallen Angel, about twice my level. How am I supposed to fight her?

Walking along the pathway heading towards the arena, I kept pondering on this question. Although I have a lot of ideas in my mind, but I keep feeling they would all bring about terrible consequences.

Looking at Ms. Snow beside me, currently in her hands was a new bow, and she was happily inspecting it. Geez, I’m over here working hard to obtain my equipment, but you managed to obtain one without any effort. This is so unfair.

Although I really wanted to tell her, since you got a new weapon, let me borrow it for now. But, when I realized the cold hard truth that I had never used an actual bow myself, I completely lost confidence in my accuracy.

Looks like I have no choice but to fight her straight-on, huh? For the sake of equipment, looks like I have to use all my strength today.

“Alright, we’re here.”

Opening a large door, a black arena that was about three times larger than the one in my academy appeared in front of us.

The inscriptions on the walls… Why do I feel like it’s a colosseum made for animals to fight? It’s probably my misconception.

“Alright, let’s duel! Allow me to witness the so-called special abilities an Undead Holy Angel possess!”

“You actually have the galls to say that? Your abilities are much stronger than mine, don’t you think there isn’t any fairness in this duel at all?”

“Fairness? As people of the demon race, is there even a need to talk about fairness?”

This reason is good, but is it really alright to say that so righteously?

Oh right. You’re a demon. Although I’m not sure if I’m one as well, but for now, I will just regard myself as one.

And when she said those words, she had a very cheerful expression. She’s really… pissing me off!

“Alright, since that’s the case, then let us battle!”

After saying that, I spread out my wings.

Recovery spells, ready! Strongest magic spells of every type, ready! I placed all the skills that I might possibly use at comfortable positions, and walked onto the duel ring.

“Oh, as expected, you’re really an Undead Holy Angel. You have the same bone wing as a Zombie Dragon.”

Colina grinned. With her pair of black wings spread open, she fiercely rushed up into the skies.

Her agile figure circled around the sky, and then, turned into a black shadow as she headed straight for me!

“Accelerate! Extreme Shadow! Strong Arcane – Elf of the Wind!!!”

A stack of 30%, 100% and 150% Dexterity buffs piled onto me, which make up a total bonus of 550% Dexterity. (1.3x2x2.5=6.5) Although half of my MP bar was emptied just like that, but it’s best to be have the ability to dodge her attacks for now.

The effects of the buffs were very evident. Currently, I couldn’t even feel my weight at all. With only a slight force, it felt like my entire body could move extremely quickly!

But facing the incoming Colina, I bent my body, spread out my pair of wings, and my body flew across her with wind-like speed!

Ever since I learnt these arcane spells, I haven’t really tried out the buff-type spells, like this ‘Elf of the Wind’ spell for example. Hence, the result was, after ruthlessly accelerating to high speeds, I realized I only used a single second to reach the other end of the ring. Fortunately, I have engaged in many battles in this period of time, and my reaction speed increased quite a bit. When I realized I was about to hit the wall, I hurriedly turned my body in the air, and managed to forcefully stop my body before banging into the wall.

“Not bad. Your flying speed is really fast… But, you won’t simply use it to dodge, right!?”

After saying that, she stretched out both of her hands, and aimed them at me.

“King of the demonic gods who worship darkness! I shall give you the darkest of night and endless glory…”

“Your chanting speed is too slow!”

Before she could finish chanting, I had already flown right in front of her, and I slashed the tachi I was wielding at her abdomen!

Although I felt that it wasn’t right to attack a Magician before she could finish chanting… but, I won’t be able to learn the spell even if I hear the entire incantation anyway. So would I bother waiting for her to finish chanting before attacking her?

Obviously not! Even if my morals permit it, I won’t ever allow it!

But, as I expected, she wasn’t someone that could be defeated so easily.

With a black flash, a pair of black claws appeared on her hands, and my attack on her abdomen was blocked with a cross!

“Damn it, you bastard…”

From forcefully stopping her chanting earlier, it seems she received some backlash. The fresh blood leaking out of her mouth and her HP dropping by 5% proved this point.

“Sorry, but we’re currently fighting against each other. So, sorry about that.”

“I guess you’re right. Ha!”

She suddenly grabbed onto my tachi with the hand behind her. I tried pulling it out of her grip, but realized she was holding onto it firmly. And at the same time, her other hand came clawing at me from below!

As expected, I’m not good in close-combat at all…

“Ice Shield!”

My ice shield was just formed, and her claws struck onto it fiercely!

Obviously, my ice shield shattered in an instant, but it managed to buy me about half a second worth of time.


With a familiar metal clashing sound, her claw struck onto my dagger after breaking through my ice shield. I felt pain surging through the part of my hand between my thumb and index finger, and when I lowered my head to take a look, I realized it was actually being teared apart!

I quickly used a recovery spell to heal myself, and the wound closed up speedily.

“You’re actually able to dual-wield? And you can use recovery spells as well? Looks like you’re quite tough.”

“You’re not bad yourself. After all, since you’re strong, I have to use all of my strength.”

“I will take that as a compliment.”

“I don’t mind! Ice Totem!”

The ice totem that appeared between us blasted us towards opposite directions! After a loud bang, I realized I had already reached the other end of the ring.

When I raised my head to look, the ice totem before me was suddenly sliced into half, while Colina was moving quickly between the two sliced pieces of ice totem and was rushing towards me!

You’re kidding me!

“Arcane – Unnatural Cold Flame!”

White flames with the illusory figure of a flame dragon struck onto Colina’s body, and her body was quickly covered in flames!

Colina stopped and tried to extinguish the flames, but realized the flames were actually burning even more. A layer of ice-cold fog slowly emitted from her body.

“What the hell are these flames!? It’s… actually… cold…”

As she said that, her entire body turned into an ice sculpture, which kept her original posture.


I won?

I turned to look at Dark Chill who was outside the ring. But, she did not say anything, and was simply looking at me with a smile.


At this moment, I heard a loud explosion, and I was sent flying away.

While I being sent flying, I saw… at the position where Colina was frozen, a gigantic black pillar of energy appeared!

“Fir… right? Hahahaha! Let’s fight with all we got!!! Hahahahahahaha!”

Colina walked out of the dark pillar. Black flames enveloped her entire body, and her pair of eyes was emitting out a weird red glow.


Oh my god, are you Morgana?
(t/n: LoL reference.)

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54 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 24: Fallen Angel

  1. bakaleaf says:

    hahah told you so

    fir you’ll be eaten alive there

    lets hope god well save you again this time hahaha

    even if he survive it well be just another girl added in his harem haahaha

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    • Countrymage says:

      Those might have been included in the books he scanned back at the vault after the tournament, but he still won’t use them unless they look icy just to maintain his image as an Ice Mage.


      • defiring says:

        Mushoku Tensei? + No I meant, he has the powers but he’s not using them even though his life is on the line, is hiding his powers that important? Does he prefer dying (potentially forever) over using them?


      • zhertz says:

        i cant seem to be able to reply to defiring so ill reply here~…

        he meant Close Combat Mage~

        besides..Mushuko Tensei main element is earth….then goes fire but fire spell… is nuclear so earth is his main..


      • Countrymage says:

        @zhertz Rudeus was first certified as Water mage and he still focused till around 10 yrs old, it’s after that he switched to Earth magic with a nuclear option in case of emergencies…


    • Newbeavetean says:

      Well, she was already surprised about him using recovery magic and dual wielding. Wouldn’t it be more surprising for her, if Fir uses ALL his abilities and blowing his cover at the same time, about his class?

      Liked by 1 person

      • defiring says:

        It’s still unnecessary risks, if they figure out he can use all attributes, the only thing that’s going to happen is that he’ll win and he’ll get magic books for his other attributes + He’s in the demon world, they’re not going to banish him for it and say he’s going against their religion or whatever


      • Newbeavetean says:

        True, but if I was him though I’m not. I would probably use it as a very very last resolve, don’t want those trump cards exposed. Besides, Undead Holy Angel race already gave him tons of trouble. I doubt he would think of adding more fuel to it and it is just a duel.


  2. jalog100 says:

    Mis hijos donde están mis hijos
    Morgana with la llorona skin this is the third Chapter since the picollo decided cross the street
    There is a lot of traffic
    Thanks for the Chapter


  3. alusarle says:

    I don’t understand this:
    “She suddenly grabbed onto my tachi with the back of her hand. ”
    …”with the back hand”?
    …”with the other hand”?

    Thanks for the chapter.


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