Vol. 4 Chapter 52: Tragic Victory And New Team Members

“Ultimate Arcane – Unnatural Cold Flames!”

Using an Ice Totem as a boost, I rushed towards the side of the gryphon. With a swing of my Blasphemer, countless white flames fell onto the gryphon’s body. Unlike regular flames, these cold flames do not need any sort of mediums, as they are completely products made by magic. The moment they make contact with the target, they will quickly spread and burn.

Not long after, the white flames had already enveloped half of the gryphon. Probably because it was stung by the coldness of the flames, the gryphon threw its preys to the side, and began to flap its wings to disperse the flames.

But will flames like these be easily extinguished?

The guy who got hit by this spell the other time turned into a block of ice in the end, so enjoy it while you can!

But compared to that time, this gryphon’s level is much higher than mine… Hopefully, the effects will be the same.

But in times like this, things will always go contrary to one’s wishes. The gryphon suddenly flapped its wings heavily, and, in an instant, its large figure flew high in the air!

When it reached a certain height in the sky, it slowly began to rotate its body. After adjusting its position, it accelerated its rotation to its maximum speed in an instant, and its entire body turned into a golden tornado as it rushed towards the ground!


If one gets sucked into this tornado, that person will definitely be torn into pieces!

Just when I was worried about Sai and Domitius who was recuperating on the ground, two shadowy figures rushed towards them and brought them out of the area of impact.

An instant later, the golden tornado smashed onto the ground, and the entire space turned into rubble. I activated all three of my speed buffs at the same time, and began to run to the back. Finally, I was able to escape the attack range before the tornado sweep me away. Although a part of my light armor was torn and blown away, it wasn’t the time to fuss about it.

I turned around, and the giant golden tornado was still spiraling. Although its strength was dwindling, it still shouldn’t be underestimated!

The tornado finally dispersed, and the gryphon with mocking expressions stood at the center of the earlier position of the tornado, as it stared right at me.

My earlier attack had actually only reduced its HP by 4,000. This isn’t good at all.

The nearby forest and the roads at the side were all thoroughly wrecked, and what remained were scattered pieces and ashes. There were completely no resemblance of how the place actually looked like a couple minutes ago.

Too frightening! If this bastard was released in a city, that city will definitely turn into a graveyard, right?

“Hey, are you guys alright?”

As the gryphon were still staring at us, I asked hurriedly.

“Still alive, I guess. Kid, you…”

The one who spoke up was Odin. Currently, he was holding Sai up by his shoulder, as he leaned against the tree at the side.

Sai’s armor had several scratch marks on it, and was severely deformed. Looks like when he was held by the monster earlier, the damage he received was not light. I couldn’t actually see the situation under his armor, but seeing his current weakened state, he’s definitely suffering from bone fractures and internal injuries.

“I didn’t expect that you would be so powerful. Seeing your battle techniques, you don’t seem to be posing as a warrior… Are you a Magic Swordsman? But you did not use any magic to reinforce your sword, so what are you…”

“Well~ Every mercenary has their secrets, please don’t mind about it.”

I shrugged, and then, I had no choice but to take the light armor off, and changed into a convenient magician’s robe.

“I really am not used to wearing armor~”

“Stop idling. I will provide you guys with some treatment. Those of you who still possess enough strength, pull that monster’s attention away from us!”

Gabriel walked out of the sea of trees while carrying Domitius, as he said as such.

The spear Domitius was holding was already snapped apart, and only half of it was left.

This is really a desperate situation, huh…

“Alright, alright. Then I will leave it to you, ‘Dad’ ~”

Then, I surveyed my surroundings.

“Oyado, what’s your strongest skill? Is it able to kill that monster with a single strike?”


Oyado suddenly appeared right in front of me.

“That monster’s skin is too thick, and when it turned golden, it’s defense increased. Earlier, while I was attacking it, it felt like I was cutting an iron wall.”

“Is that so…”

Then this is rather vexing. If even Oyado, who deals the most damage, can’t do it… Although my strongest spell is really formidable, even though I don’t need to bother about its casting time, I still require more than 10 seconds to charge enough power to execute it. Also, adding to the fact that I can’t move the moment I start charging, if I were attacked in the process, I will be…

Do I really need one of them as bait?

No, although Oyado’s speed is great, she can’t hold aggro, as she constantly disappears after she attacks.

As for Dale… Forget it. If he’s not high enough, his glider will be completely useless, and he seems to be the slowest among the three of us.

Looks like we have no choice but to attack it head-on!

“Dale, we will count on you for rear support. Oyado, initiate surprise attacks whenever you get the chance!”

“Kid, are you planning on using a sword?”

Putting Sai down, Odin smiled as he walked over with his heavy mace.

“No, I’m going to use a katana!”

After taking out my katana, a blue light flashed, and a layer of ice enveloped its blade.

Ice Sword Summon! Ice Armor Summon!

And then, at the same time, a set of blue armor enveloped my entire body!

“As I thought, you’re…”

“Cut the crap, that bastard is already getting impatient!”

After saying that, with a Charge, I rushed straight towards it.

As if it was ridiculing us, the gryphon released a roar. The mouths of its two heads opened widely, and countless fireballs continuously flew towards me!

Hmph! If I’m hit by a single one of them, then I would have wasted all the years I spent playing games!

Elf of the Wind!

A green light flashed, and the approaching fireballs seemed to have slowed down. As I easily bypassed all the incoming fireballs, I headed straight for its legs!


Its claws, which carried the smell of fresh blood, struck towards me. Taking the blow head-on… I don’t have the guts, nor do I possess the strength to do so. After all, this bastard was much stronger than me. If I try to go toe-to-toe with it, I will definitely be the one to fall!

But attacking it directly wasn’t my objective in the first place!

“Arcane – Unlimited Millennium Frozen River!”
(t/n: Changed thousand years to millennium~)

Seeing the gathering of ice magical particles, the gryphon seemed to have realized what I was trying to do. It spread out its wings, and with an angry roar, it began to ascend to the skies. But, the lower half of its body was instantly frozen, fixing it to the ground.


The eagle-head cried out as it used its free arm to quickly smash onto the ice. Although it was an Advanced-grade magic spell, my opponent was a high-grade monster, so the spell would still crumble under its attacks!

But this was already enough!

I smiled as I took aim at its mouth, before shooting an ice arrow, with something attached to the tip of arrow, towards it.

“Super Arcane – Smashing Tremor – Earth Shatterer!!”

Odin had already reached its belly, and his body was clad in a deep red aura. With a swing of the mace in his hands, the red aura encompassing him, as if turning into an energy bullet, smashed onto the gryphon’s body!

Compared to before, this time, all the energy in his attack was concentrated at the top of his mace, which sent the gryphon flying! It’s body which was more than dozen meters in size was actually pushed towards the sky!

“Railgun Salvo!”

Immediately after, a giant ray of electrical light struck accurately onto the gryphon’s body, and the gryphon, which was struck to the skies earlier, was once again sent flying!


It’s HP finally dropped to less than a quarter, as its body heavily fell onto the ground!

But its body suddenly turned deep black, and then, it leaped off the ground, standing on only two of its feet!

“Hey hey! It even has a 3rd phase!?”

“That’s right, that’s why you should have dealt the finishing blow earlier on.”

Suddenly, someone patted on my shoulder.

“Eh? Who are you?”

The person who appeared before me was actually someone with long black hair… A man?

Bai Yueguang…
(t/n: 白月光: White Moonlight)

These two words appeared above his head, and then, he suddenly disappeared in front of me. In the next moment, he actually reappeared behind the gryphon!

“Arcane – Iaido Slash!”

The moment he said that, a deep cut appeared at the gryphon’s right leg, and blood began to gush out!

“Lock-on ~ Arcane – Windpassing Deathshock~”

The after-image of an arrow flashed past my eyes, as the arrow accurately shot towards the newly opened wound!

With a cry of agony, the gryphon finally collapsed onto the ground.

“Haah, really, you guys… Why do you guys always have to find trouble?”

Suddenly, a female figure appeared behind the gryphon, and the weapon in her hands… was actually a halberd! And the gryphon on the ground… was actually in a paralyzed state, and could no longer move!

“Arcane – Dance of the Green Dragon!”

The halberd in her hands swung about at an incredible speed, and the HP of the gryphon on the ground dropped greatly with every hit!

The gryphon had about 30,000HP left earlier, and now, it only had about a drop of HP left. Seeing this, I hurriedly pressed on the remote control in my hand.

“Guuaa… Roaar…”

The gryphon let out its final cry, and then, it slowly stopped struggling.

Battle Ended.
Killed: LV 40 Gryphon
EXP Gained: 10,000
Bonus EXP Gained (Killing a High-level monster): (40-20) X 100 X 1 = 2,000
Total EXP Gained: 12,000
You leveled up! Current LV: 21
You leveled up! Current LV: 22

Final Blow Reward: Hidden Weapon

Title Unlocked: [Assassin]
Effects: When attacking an oblivious opponent with a hidden blade, hidden weapon, or a dagger, damage increases by 1000%.

Realized Skill: Awareness
Effects: Indirect Assassination. Allows user to indirectly poison or trigger a hidden weapon on an opponent within a radius of 20 meters, without being noticed.

“Aaaaah! You actually kill-stealed!”

The man with the black long hair rushed towards my position, and pointed at me.

“Obviously, you’re the one who was kill-stealing, right!? Acting all cool with your sudden appearance, what are you thinking!?”

“You guys were obviously at a disadvantage! You were basically courting death, seeing that you guys didn’t even know how to deal with it at all!”

“You’re the one courting death!”

“Little Bai, is this an acquaintance of yours?”

A tall woman with short purple hair walked over while leaning her halberd against her shoulder. She took at me as she asked the man beside her.

She has pretty good looks, but her height… should be more than 180cm, right?

“Looks that way~ Hey~ Little Bai, did your memories return?”

Holding onto a bow, the girl who black shoulder-length hair walked over from the side as well.

“I don’t know this guy at all! He actually kill-stealed…”

“Hey hey, obviously you were the one who wanted to steal our kill!”



The woman with purple hair slapped the guy who was called Bai Yueguang with her halberd.

“Calm down!”

“Wait a minute!”

I stretched out my hands to stop them, and then, took in a deep breath.

“Who the hell are you guys?”

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  1. Thisfuckingguy says:

    So is there any reason that even after getting a whole library worth of forbidden/super spells/skills that the main char still uses the same few spells?
    Clearly he didn’t care about not revealing his skills since he did use the frozen fire thingy.


      • e94allen says:

        Sometimes pause is required such as “you, you, you, you” especially if same word is said repeatedly in the sentence.
        Sometimes it is not needed but sometimes it’s better to have comma(s) in it.
        Some are required and some are optional. The key is to know which is which and rest of it are up to person’s style and taste.


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